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  1. I finally was approved and have my date! April 1st is the big day! I’m so excited! Starting my preop diet today and I’m a bit nervous about it! Any advise! Foods & tips?
  2. Tomorrow is the big day! I must say it’s been a journey so far.. I can’t wait to join the looser’s bench tomorrow!
  3. binfinite

    Submitted = Still waiting

    It seems it’s been on my mind since January I’m nervous but happy! I’m sending positive vibes your way your date is coming soon! @justmetj
  4. Well I finally got the psychology approval which took the longest to come back for some reason and found out everything was submitted to insurance on 02/20/19.. omg I can’t believe how much I’ve been stressing over this.. It seems like thoughts of this take over most of my day.. I’m trying my best to be positive and I am so looking forward to this new journey in life. I’ve even eaten all my fairwell foods cause I know after this I’m done! I’m working on a mental change now as I know this is a must in order to be successful. I can even tell the difference going from Keto to crap. I’m excited to get back on track! I wonder how long this approval will take. I’ve seen so many different ranges. I’m sure hoping it’s quick and even more hopeful for a yes! I’ll take a slow yes over a quick no! I know most of everyone has been through this before and I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received from you guys! I can’t wait to join the cool kids club lol! Many blessings & continued success to all! And If your like me waiting I guess we just gotta keep hanging till we get to the other side!
  5. binfinite

    April surgery date

    4/1/19 here! Congratulations to you!
  6. binfinite

    April surgeries?

    Congratulations 🎊 I’m April as well! 4/1
  7. binfinite

    April Sleevers

    April 1st as well!
  8. binfinite

    April buddies?

    Thank you!
  9. binfinite

    Submitted = Still waiting

    Just an update I finally got a date! April 1st! Omg I’m excited
  10. binfinite

    Changed mind about WLS?

    I as well thought about it years ago & decided not to go the wls route. Did great too! Lost over 80lbs & now I sit with over 100 added.. yep as stated yo-yo dieting. I was in the gym for at least 2-4 hours a day 4-5 times a week. I’m going for the surgery! It felt truly great getting the weight off & watching myself shrink. Now my work schedule and time is not the same. It seems this additional weight makes everything harder. I’m older, time is not on my side and getting sleep is not going well. I know a mental change is a must to be successful either way! But I’m hoping that having a smaller stomach will be an added help. I’ve seen and read many of the post on how years down the line you can sabotage your wls if your not mentally prepared. I’m personally tired of the dieting and want to just eat to live. No longer living to eat. No more fad diets or dieting period. Just better choices and getting what I need to live and be healthy.
  11. binfinite

    The waiting game....

    @gradycat I’m trying my best!! Got a lil off track but I’m picking myself up & ready to go! Just so ready to move forward. Thanks for the positivity I need it! 😃
  12. My last appointment was with the psych doctor on 2/6/19... It’s officially been a week since that appointment.. Last step I was advised was submitting to the insurance company for approval. I called the office that Friday & this Monday 2/11/19 to see if things were submitted yet but was told they were still waiting on the paperwork from the psychiatrist. I can’t lie I’m already going crazy wanting to see if things have even been submitted yet.. let alone approved.. Im telling myself to calm down & wait.. I’m trying to at the least give it 2 weeks but geeeezzeee Why does the waiting seem so long? I just want to know the verdict but then idk how I’m gonna take a denial.. I’m trying to stay positive and so far so good it’s just the waiting is so frustrating.. I’m nervous, excited and scared all at once.. Thoughts of getting that call for approval, setting the surgery date, starting my pre op diet, to the losers bench, to baggy work pants, to smiling again, to onederland... oh my.. lol But it’s still just the beginning.. Glad I’ve made it this far & praying it’s not all for nothing.. The waiting game seems so long..
  13. binfinite

    YAY! Less than 100 to go!

    Congratulations 🎉 super exciting
  14. binfinite

    hope I don't chicken out

    Good luck on your journey I as well can understand.. I hide from myself now.. smh and can’t believe things have gotten this way! But we’re here for a healthier happier life!
  15. binfinite


    I totally understand! I’ve just finished all my appointments and waiting on approval as well I have not told anyone other than my spouse who wishes I would not go through with surgery however supports my decision. Personally I’m just going by the day. It’s no need to tell anyone if I’m not approved right lol? When it comes down to it, it’s your personal information! If you feel like sharing great! If you don’t great! Most of all you have to do what’s best for you! After all we are all just trying to live a better healthier life. Good luck to you on your journey & many blessings!
  16. binfinite


    You guys look great! Can’t wait to reach your side of the field! 👏🏽 congratulations 🎊
  17. Hello all newbie here! I had my first consultation with the dr 01/17. I have 2 appointments tomorrow for the nutritionist & a heart / cardio test? And 2/6 is the psych exam. Surprisingly it’s not much to do! I’m sooooo hoping for a quick & easy approval as I have put this off for years only due to the feelings of others. This time I choose me and what I need! I have bcbs of Illinois with my employer although I live in Texas. Type 2 diabetes diagnosis last year and Edema never had these issues before.. smh. As well I’ve been very private about this.. I brought it up before and omg the lectures I’ve heard due to being successful at loosing weight before when I was much younger with more time on my hands.. Anyway no one is positive. I don’t know anyone close that has had this done before so I’m kind of alone with it. The one person I told doesn’t like it but understands but just isn’t as interested as I’m like omg I hope this works out! Anyone else have the same insurance? Anyone else alone in this situation? Any advice, tips? I just need something to keep me from thinking of this daily! Smh help
  18. Update! Made it through the cardiovascular, nutrition & chest x-ray appointments today and then right back to work!! Needless to say it’s been a busy, long day! 1 more appointment left for the psychiatrist on 2/6/19 and then to submit to insurance. Omg I so pray this goes through! My out of pocket has already been crazy!
  19. binfinite

    3 down 1 to go!

    @frustr8 thank you so much! That’s the appointment I’ve been kind of worried about to lol thanks for the advice I need every bit I can get!
  20. binfinite

    I know I'm not the first but....

    Congratulations! 😁
  21. binfinite

    New & Nervous

    Omg I’m so happy for you! Congratulations please keep me posted on how your doing! Do you have a date yet?
  22. binfinite

    Anyone get a March date yet?

    Hello! I’m a newbie hoping for a match date!
  23. binfinite

    New & Nervous

    Yes this helps a lot thank you!

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