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    Dr Baranov

    I had surgery January 14, 2019. I chose Dimitri Baranov because he was, without question, the best possible surgeon. His bedside manner, demeanor, compassion and personality, were just a few of the reasons I would never go to anyone else. He 100% goes above and beyond for his patients and there is no doubt his patients are his top priority. His staff are amazing as well. From the receptionist to the nutritionist, you will not find a better candidate.
  2. Dranee77

    Dr Baranov

    Ok so after rereading your post, I saw that last sentence again. Haha. I’m praying you won’t and if you do, hopefully you can just rent one or borrow one. 🤞🤞🤞
  3. Dranee77

    Dr Baranov

    Are you sure you definitely have sleep apnea? If you don’t, then you won’t need a cpap. If you do, I’m wondering if you could possibly rent one or borrow one because it will most likely go away after surgery and weight loss.
  4. Dranee77

    Dr Baranov

    Hi, he does require a sleep study, however I had to have one a few months prior to making the decision to do the surgery and that was sufficient enough. You’re insurance should cover everything pre surgical that he requires I would think. I am doing awesome. I’m coming up on 7 months and have lost 101lbs as of last week.
  5. Dranee77

    Dr Baranov

    Hi, Dr Baranov does require some weight loss, however, he only required me to lose 10lbs and I actually lost more. I thought I wouldn’t be able to either, but he gives you a super super easy diet to follow and it just came off. Your insurance might make you lose more. My process was very easy and simple because my insurance company didn’t require any specific weight loss. He is the best around, I can promise you that. You won’t find a Dr with the dedication and bedside manner he has. His staff is incredible and always happy to help. Good luck and let me know if you have more questions.