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  1. Does this ever really happen? I'll be honest, I'm tired of the "restriction" 2+ yrs out. What I mean is I hate feeling full and I always have, even pre op. I didn't think this would affect me so much. Even when I eat til satisfaction only, it's like the food eventually stretches and fullness ensues and takes a long time to "digest." Now I just lean on things like shrimp, salad, eggs that don't cause much of the sensation. Sounds crazy but am I the only one that can't get used to the restriction. Will it ever go away? Has it ever gone away for anyone? Sure I can eat good amts of unhealthy foods but that's not even what I'm looking for. Is my health better? No. I really did not have much in the way of chronic medical problems to begin with. But my mental health is/has been in the toilet. Some might say well you'll wish you had the restriction when it's "gone." I doubt it because mental health is priceless and I've lost that. Thanks for any input.
  2. Thank you so much for answering. Yes, I think you understand what I'm saying. "I know there are degrees of restriction feeling I like and degrees of restriction feeling I hate." i.e. Restriction with 4oz chicken is miserable and I feel weighed down with the fullness. 4oz of fish, and I'm good to go. But I always end up looking at food thru that lens. I'm sure it stems from initial months post op when it "hurt" to eat anything even tomato soup. Salad is ole faithful for me then/now as it's not nearly as offensive lol "I lost that feeling over the last few months and I wanted to get it back myself..." So have you lost restriction or "lost the restriction you hate?" You're right, the last year did not help and being an essential worker during Covid does not help but I'm still kicking. Actually off to the gym in a few 🙂
  3. Thank you for answering. I'm less worried about regaining because I'm generally "food avoidant" at this point and I don't drink my calories. But I won't be cocky about regain cuz it can happen to anyone. I am getting back on the therapy bandwagon as we speak 🙂
  4. Canrue

    Mental health deterioration.

    I'm sorry you're going thru this. I would definitely look into therapy ASAP (bariatric counselor preferred) to help you thru. Dont just settle for amyone. Exercise will help release "happy hormones" also, this might be limited to just light walking at your stage. Side note: My mental health deteriorated significantly post op as well. I'm still not back to myself sadly (2yrs out). I wish ppl talked about this more.

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