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    newbegjo1219 got a reaction from Leeya97 in United Healthcare - question about the 6 month supervised diet req.   
    Yes it united health care oxford, i am also in new york and went through the same process at first i thought it was forever but it did go by quickly. I found an amazing center in LI NY Bariatric Center and they have been great, so looking forward to joining the losers bench this month 13 more days to go.
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    newbegjo1219 got a reaction from Leeya97 in United Healthcare - question about the 6 month supervised diet req.   
    I have uhc oxford and i was approved and i did gain some weight over the 6 months, but not too much. I am currently doing my pre-op liquid fast
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to Deblearn in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Was sleeved 12/4/2018 and hit a 70 lb loss on Tuesday! Am trying to hit 75 lbs by My April 12th doctor appointment. I don’t see a big difference, but I feel it! Looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

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    newbegjo1219 reacted to DanaC84 in January surgeries?!   
    I hope both of you recover well from your gb surgeries! I had mine out years ago and the recoveries from both it and wls seemed very similar but I sure wouldn’t want to go through it back to back!!

    I just had my 1 month post op visit with my surgeon and nut! I was dreading it because I thought I should’ve lost more but it was such a mood booster! My surgeon did a swallow test so that was awesome to see my new stomach! I was convinced he had left too big of a pouch because I don’t have the restrictions a lot of people complain about. But nope, little sliver of a banana! As I was walking out of the room he said I’m no longer in the morbidly obese range!!!! Woo hoo!!
    Also had a nice long chat with my nutritionist. I told her I’ve been sticking to 500-700 calories. She felt my body may be in starvation mode at that level so to up it to 800-1000. I’m scared to do that but I’ll try it for a week and see what happens but will most likely keep it closer to 800. Or rotate higher calories some days and lower the next. Who knows, right? We all have to figure out what works best for us.

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    newbegjo1219 got a reaction from DanaC84 in January surgeries?!   
    Thanks i am going to work harder on my water intake....hopefully things will get better, today makes it officially one month since my vsg...was hoping for a loss
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to CurvyMom in January surgeries?!   
    I think the same thing at times and then remember this is a process and won't happen overnight. Doesn't make it any easier, I know!
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    newbegjo1219 got a reaction from AngieG1976 in January surgeries?!   
    I having mines tomorrow also just got my check in time....emotions all over the place
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    newbegjo1219 got a reaction from Frustr8 in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Congrats as well!! Looks like we have the same surgeon, i scheduled for surgery next week so anxious and nervous at the same time. How was your recovery
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to jasmineinmymind in January surgeries?!   
    I’m up tomorrow morning. Very anxious!
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to CaribeRidge in January surgeries?!   
    Mine is tomorrow too. Today I am really hungry but I also did ok on the liver diet. This weekend I've been "nervous cleaning" Particularly during food commercials. I keep getting up and cleaning, sorting, organizing away.
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    newbegjo1219 got a reaction from AngieG1976 in January surgeries?!   
    I having mines tomorrow also just got my check in time....emotions all over the place
  12. Congrats!
    newbegjo1219 reacted to SteveT74 in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    I added a p.s. in my response to you above--but then you posted this. I am all for the green smoothies like the ones Dr. V talks about on YouTube. Also, if you're not able to eat 750 or more calories in real food a day, it would be hard to meet your Protein goals without the shakes (so shake away!). For better or worse, I can definitely eat 800-1000 calories a day at this point and was just cleared for solid foods without restrictions (except for raw veg) at this point.
    Since today is my one month surgiversary, it's a good day to answer this question. On 12/17 (surgery day), I weighed 232.5 and this morning I weighed in at 210.2. That's a 22.3 pound loss in exactly one month (or an average 5.5 pounds per week). Of course, I had a one week stall when I hit 222 and another 4 day stall when it hit 214--so it's all bits and spurts. However, during this same time period I also gained 4.5 pounds of lean muscle (according to my BIA scale). My body fat percentage has dropped from 28.6% on 12/17 to 23.2% today. and my waist is down six inches!! I went from size 42 dress slacks to size 36 in one month!!!! I actually am wearing a fitted shirt today!!!! I didn't think I would ever wear a fitted shirt again in my life!!! More importantly, I really feel great!!
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to SteveT74 in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Hey Lolo, I am jettisoning shakes (to a point)! While they are really important for getting your protein in right after surgery (when it hurts to eat anything), they are still processed foods. Most of them are made up of some combination of soy or whey protein, which is ok--but this processed protein triggers a significant insulin response. I am able to meet my protein goals with whole foods as part of my regular intake, so the shakes are no longer necessary for me. That said, I still have my shakes handy. If I am having a day where I might be missing the mark on protein--or right after a workout (if I don't have time to eat), I may have half a premier shake. However, to the extent I can avoid them, I will. I was doing this on instinct, but my surgeon actually recommended that I cut them out at my one month follow up yesterday--so, great minds must think alike. I told him what and how I have been eating and he's totally on board. Apparently, he's been eating Keto for a few years.
    P.S.--when I say I am jettisoning shakes, I mean the premier shakes and muscle milk stuff etc. If you're doing healthy shakes with kale, etc. in a blender, those are great. I am not having those personally at this point, but not for any particular reason. Maybe I'll go that route in the future.
    It's hard to do a true Keto diet after WLS. If you're doing Keto correctly, you're eating close to 1,500-2,000 calories a day with 60% or more of those calories coming from good fats (hopefully). With that many calories, you can still meat your protein goals. Also, people who are successful on Keto also mix in intermittent fasting, where they will skip breakfast and go 18-20 hours without eating and have maybe 4-6 hour window of opportunity to eat. That won't work for someone with a sleeve (at least within the first few years following surgery). We can't consume that many healthy calories, so we need to make sure we are hitting our protein goals first. We can then consume the rest of our calories in the form of healthy fats. On most day since surgery, my macro will look something like 45-55% protein, 45-55% fat and 10% or less carbs. One month post-op, I am eating between 750-1000 calories per day of protein and good fat foods. Good fats will get your calorie count up, but neither sleeve nor keto require real calorie counting. I just keep track of calories to make sure I am not going off the rails and to set a limit (I don't want too much of a good thing, if ya know what I mean).
    I have been doing a little intermittent fasting--but not as long as most Keto adherents. I am usually asleep by 9:30 and I am up somewhere between 4:30 and 5am to hit the gym. I don't eat before my work out (you burn 20% more fat doing cardio in a fasted state in the morning). I may skip breakfast altogether and wait until lunch to eat (or I might have a small high protein snack after my workout, if I am really hungry--which I am usually not). I consume most of my calories between 12pm and 7:30pm. I also make sure to him my Water goals--which is important no matter what diet/lifestyle you follow.
    This is as close to Keto as I can safely get at this stage in my recovery. It's working for me. I feel great and blood sugar is great for the first time in years. I am still only 3 weeks into "Keto" or should I say "Bariatric Keto", but it's awesome so far. Since I have been in ketosis (which happens to a lot of WLS patients anyway shortly after surgery), I am losing weight at a very rapid pace (for me). I have loads of energy now. I do feel hunger, but I am satisfied quickly. I enjoy the foods I am eating a LOT. Moreover, the diet I have been following is doctor approved for me. I had my one month follow up yesterday with my surgeon and I went over my diet and workout regimen with him. He cleared me for all activity and had no issues with my diet choices at all. Cutting out processed foods and carbs and eating a high protein,, high fat (good fat) diet melds is like rocket fuel for your VSG in his opinion (with the modifications I described).
    I am not sure what you mean? In terms of age, I am 44. I am doing full 60 minute spin classes 5 days a week (with 2 in a row on Wednesdays (5am and 6am classes). I am probably overdoing it, but I feel really good after my classes. I have also just been cleared by doctor for all activity--no restrictions. So, I am going to start weight training again, starting tomorrow morning.
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to Abbey M. in January surgeries?!   
    Don’t be scared ladies. I have my surgery on January 7 and I was so nervous before I almost made myself sick. I am now only 10 days postop and I can honestly tell you that it wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as I was making out to be in my head. I’m doing awesome, I have no problem drinking fluids, and honestly just feel really great. The first two days I was in a little bit of pain but only took Tylenol and that took care of it. I’ve already 31lbs since January 3 (the start of my preop diet). So I guess what I’m saying is don’t be nervous, it really ain’t no thing 🙂
  15. Congrats!
    newbegjo1219 reacted to SteveT74 in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    I haven't read much on Paleo, but I have been essentially following a ketogenic diet since surgery. I am eating less than 20g of net carbs per day, between 90-150g of Protein a day and around 30-40g of fat per day. Following a true Keto diet would require that increase my caloric intake, in the form of good fats, and probably maintain my current protein intake or even reduce it a bit. As a one month post-op VSG patient, that's not going to work for me--so this is the best I can do at this point in time. Nevertheless, I have been in ketosis for about 2.5 weeks (which is the point of keto, right???). It got me out of my first big stall and I have been on the happy train since. Also, I am probably eating more calories that most VSG patients that are 4 weeks post-op since I am having a great recovery.
    Liquids go down like pre-op, so I have been able to hit the gym hard and without any discomfort. I am working out about 2 hours each morning before Breakfast (on a fast), which burns 20% more fat than after eating. My workouts have been most moderate to high intensity cardio. I am just starting to add strength training--slowly and gently--into my routine. I had my surgery on 12/17 and I am currently consuming between 750 and 1050 calories per day (most often between 850 and 950). I am eating some foods, like avocado, that are high in good fats (but are also high in calories), along with smoked salmon, eggs etc. I have cut back on protein shakes--trying to get my protein from whole foods. I weigh out all my food on a scale so I can input my food intake into MyFitnessPal app, which I use religiously. I don't trust myself to guestimate (that used to get me into trouble in past diets--like Weight Watchers). MyFitnessPal isn't perfect, but it gives you a very good idea of your caloric and nutrient intake and you can review your macros to make sure you're on track. I do get very hungry at nights--which was a big problem for me pre-op (and appears to remain a problem). I have been drinking apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons, mixed with 8oz of Water and a little lemon juice and splenda (quarter packet)), which seems to kill the hunger and is supposed reduce insulin sensitivity.
    As for results, I am now down 21 pounds since surgery (12/17) and 32 since my pre-op diet (12/3). I have also gained 6.5 pounds of muscle (mostly in my legs from Spin Class)--according to my BIA scale. Although my total numbers lost won't blow anyone away, I was a low BMI patient (had lots of nasty co-morbidities)--so those are impressive for me (I think). I am really thrilled though, since I have gone from wearing a size 42 (which were snug) on 12/3 to a size 36 pant as of today (and they look nice on me!!!). That's 6 pant sized in 6 weeks. This is the thinnest I have been in at least 12 years and I am just getting started. I still have 40 pounds to go, but I honestly feel I can get there for the first time in my life!
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to melimel35089 in January surgeries?!   
    I just started my liquid diet today let’s see how it goes! Surgery 1/21 this coming Monday eek!
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to CurvyMom in January surgeries?!   
    I just started two week pre-op today. My surgery is at the end of the month- 1/30. I feel like I am bringing up the tail end here since everyone else is already having surgery this month or just in a few days. Impatiently waiting LOL
    Good luck to everyone this week and next! I'm sure in a few days I will be a hangry mess...today I will be fine because I am still full from all of the food I ate yesterday haha.....ugh
  18. Congrats!
    newbegjo1219 reacted to KayC12019 in January surgeries?!   
    I am doing good a little pain in the large incision but over all not as bad as I expected to be. I eating ice chips and tired from the medication.
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to JWied1 in January surgeries?!   
    That is great news! My surgery is a week from today. I’ve lost 13 lbs so far and I have not cheated once. Very excited for the new me!
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to KayC12019 in January surgeries?!   
    Surgery twin!
  21. Congrats!
    newbegjo1219 reacted to LadySin in January surgeries?!   
    I'm at the hospital in bed now. Waiting to get this thang started.
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to BeefCake19 in January surgeries?!   
    I am six days gastric sleeve post-op and still in the hospital. I ended up being one of the rare cases where I had internal bleeding and almost died about 12 hours after surgery. They had to go back in, suction out all the blood, and re-cauterize everything. I also needed three blood transfusions. I’m finally off the IV fluids as of today, and if my hemoglobin levels are steady tomorrow morning, then I finally get to go home. Any other horror stories, or am I the only unlucky one?
  23. Congrats!
    newbegjo1219 reacted to Abbey M. in January surgeries?!   
    I’ve already lost 17lbs since surgery day :-) 30lbs total from pre op diet until today :-)
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to NewKimm in January surgeries?!   
    Im three days post op too. yesterday I ate 3 popsicles, 20 ounces of Premier Protein, 10-15 ounces of chick fil a unsweetened tea mixed with diet lemonade. I haven’t met the 64 ounce goal but I’m trying. Just slowly sipping. No big gulps or drinks.
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    newbegjo1219 reacted to Mindyd2006 in January surgeries?!   
    I had my surgery on the 10th. Overall everything is going pretty good except I’m super tired. Anyone else exhausted?

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