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  1. Don't worry, it'll be fine - words of wisdom from the truly crazy, having had my lapband done in Mexico! And this was BEFORE I discovered LapBandTalk to be able to talk to other people who had done it! Ya, I was scared and excited, but mostly I knew I couldn't continue walking the path I was on. So, yes, scary, but definitely worth it!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm not new to LapBandTalk but I've been away for a very long time. Since being banded I've lost 60 pounds and am still another 75 away from my goal weight so . . . a long long way to go. I left LBT during one of the unpleasant exchanges that took place and I'm hoping things are better now. I could really use y'alls support right now, my weight loss has stalled and I've actually put on a few pounds - yep, I'm eating around my band. Sigh. I don't need a fill, I'm one of the unlucky ones who get massive swelling with each fill so its very very hard to get any fill and not have to take it right back out. As it is, I get full on a small amount of food, but I continue to eat, or wait awhile and then go back for more. (:help:) I know most of you vets have heard this story before. A little encouragement and maybe some similar-but-with-a-happy-ending kinds of stories will help me to get back on track. It's good to be here again, hopefully some of you will remember me and give me a little of your strength and motivation. Thanks for listening, DonnaB
  3. DonnaB

    Breast Augmentation

    Dr Rumbaut doesn't do plastic surgery but he strongly recommends a plastic surgeon in Monterrey - his wife and (if I remember correctly) daughter had plastic surgery performed by this surgeon. Next time I talk to him or his office I'll be sure to get the surgeon's name and post it for anyone interested. If Dr. Rumbaut trusts his wife and daughter to this surgeon, that's a pretty strong recommendation as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I saw this on AOL today and thought it was very interesting. I guess Gaultier realized there's a whole segment of women the fashion industry is ignoring. Is it altruism or is it greed? Frankyl, I don't really care as long as it gets people talking about what body shape and size means in the western world. I am a little miffed about the reporter's desired for a happy medium - in the form of a size 10. Hmmmm. Here's a link to the article: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2004070003-2006460207,00.html I hope no one minds, I posted this on www.Band2gether.net too.
  5. DonnaB

    Pills and the Band

    Just be sure that if you're crushing pills that they can be taken that way. If you crush a 'time release' pill you get the full dose immediately and it can be dangerous. If you're not sure if it's ok to crush YOUR meds, talk to your doctor before you do it! As for me, I take Biotin, Flax Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Nexium every day. I only wait a few seconds between each pill and haven't had a problem . . . so far. I also take a multi-vitamin every day but it's liquid so it doesn't really apply to this thread!
  6. Gorgeous pre-band - smokin' hot one year post-band! Thanks for the pictures, nothing is more inspiring. Here's to many years of uncomplicated bandiversaries! Cheers.
  7. DonnaB

    How To Eat

    Sorry to highjack your thread kmwwmk. Deb, you're probably going to need a slight unfill. If you can't get down clear liquids without foaming, sliming, or PBing, you're too tight.
  8. DonnaB

    This is very long, but I need some advice

    I don't even think it's necessary for you to move. Just stop the 'give and take' that comes with real friendship. When you have to talk to her, just don't give her any personal information - stick to the weather and current events. If she tries to give you personal information, don't be drawn in, just give it the old 'isn't that nice' and change the subject back to the weather. She'll catch on. Maybe you ARE meant to learn something from this user, but it may also be that she was meant to learn something from her dealings with you - like how NOT to treat people if you want to maintain their friendship. There are plenty of nice, caring people in the world - time to find a few of them and leave this "friend" behind. Best wishes.
  9. DonnaB

    Pills and the Band

    I've never heard about waiting 15 minutes between each pill. I take them one at a time, but only wait about a minute - two at the most - between pills. I've never had a problem. You said the first couple bites from your lunch went down fine but then the bite with beef and cheese gave you the 'golfball.' It doesn't sound to me like the problem was from your pills - sounds more like the beef got stuck and had to come back up. I think maybe your PB irritatated and caused some swelling that didn't allow you to eat anything else. Obviously you should follow your doctor's orders, but I'm wondering how many people here have heard about the 15 minute between pills rule that your doctor gave you. Mine said to take pills with a little food to make them go down easier, but nothing about time between pills.
  10. Just be sure to do your research, find a local aftercare physician BEFORE you are banded, and no matter what, DO NOT USE LOPEZ! Best wishes on your surgery and on your weight loss journey.
  11. DonnaB

    A Mexican Mess!!!

    Lopez strikes again. I wish there was some way to warn people about him. I wonder if other Mexican lap-band doctors can do anything about him. He's making them all look bad and they're, no doubt, losing business because of his malpractice - not that they're hurting for business but still . . . It seems like people's worst fear of Mexican surgery come to life with Lopez. I wonder if he's actually even a doctor! Lyndseyjill, I'm so sorry you're going through this and I hope you get relief from your infection very soon, and that you'll find a local doctor to help you out. I'm in the D/FW area and am using Dr. Jayaseelan at Medical City Dallas for my fills. I'm not fond of Dr. Jay but I really really like his PA Arlene. I'm not sure if Dr. Jay will take on a Mexico patient with complications, but I know he see's Mexico patients for fills because I had my surgery done in Mexico! Dr. Maese (cardiologist) does fills for Mexico patients in Ferris (south of Dallas) and in Frisco (north of Dallas) so you might look into seeing him. Best wishes and please let us know how you're doing and if you found a local doctor.
  12. DonnaB

    Will no one be the wiser

    I'm just past the 6 month mark and eat ALMOST anything without a problem - just a lot less of it. It's not a big deal at all. At least it hasn't been for me. Best wishes.
  13. DonnaB

    What, if anything, do you collect?

    I collect movies. I have hundreds and hundreds of movies. Old cheesy ones, new ones, serial films, box sets, bootlegs, and, God help me, I've started in on TV series'. Somebody save me from myself! I have a smallish (about a dozen) collection of angels. I bought two very ornate miniature shoes for my curio cabinet. My MIL saw them and now gives me one every year, either for Christmas or my B-day, and they are UGLY shoes! FUGLY shoes! Shoes I wouldn't want in my closet in a box, much less in my curio cabinet!!!! Ahhhhhhh. I collect Halloween stuff like crazy! I'm a costumer and it started with just costumes, but now it's accessories and props - I have a pinch toed coffin (padded and lined with, ruched, red satin) leaning against my dining room wall because after my husband built it for Halloween 2 years ago (!) we realized we didn't have any place to store it! What were we thinking? This year we're building an 'iron' fence to put around our 'graveyard'! OMG, I'm the crazy Halloween lady! Eh. Oh well. LOL I collect Christmas ornaments of all kinds - Radko and 'old fashioned' natural material ornaments especially. I think I may have to break down and buy another tree this year or decide which ones to use and which ones to leave off - there's only SO much space on a tree! Even hanging ornaments 'deep' in the tree I'm out of room. Have been for a couple of years, but that hasn't stopped me from buying new ones almost every year! Royal Albert tea cup/saucer sets. I have a dozen in different patterns and I've stopped looking at them. Eventually I'd like to purchase a full set (with accessories) of the 'Lady Carlisle' pattern. Fabric! OMG, it's a total obsession. I can't go to Wal-Mart without going to look at what they've got on the cheap table. If it looks like something I could make a great costume with - I buy it! I haven't made a costume in about a year, but I keep buying fabric! What is wrong with me? Don't anyone dare answer that! (Obsessive/Compulsive). *sigh* "Hi, my name is Donna and I'm a pack rat." (Said in unison) "Hi Donna."
  14. DonnaB

    Eating Solid Food is Very Painful

    There are a lot of reasons you might be getting the golfball feeling. Are you eating too fast? If I don't wait between bites I have this problem. Are you taking too big of bites? Tiny TINY bites, pausing between swallowing and taking the next tiny TINY bite may help. Are you chewing your food well enough? Even a tiny bite can hurt if you don't chew, chew, chew to goo before you swallow. Don't try to swallow tiny amounts of a too big bite. Take the tiny bite and chew it all very carefully before you swallow any of it. It sounds very simply, but I've found it's the hardest thing to do. Are you watching television or trying to do anything else while you're eating? You should be concentrating on your eating, without any kind of distraction. The second I am distracted by something I take too big a bite or I don't completely chew and BANG, I get the golfball feeling. I hope this has at least given you something to consider. Best wishes with the problem and let us know how you're doing.
  15. DonnaB

    Game: This or That

    Margarita Work or School?

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