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  1. DelawareWoman

    Insurance said covered but....

    I'm still in the appeals process. I've called my appeals person twice and yet to get a call back. I'm making very small payments on the bills so they dont go to collections while the appeal is taking place. I was told by one person it was approved and by another that it is still under investigation so still no answers. They have until the 16th to make a decision I am told.
  2. DelawareWoman

    Insurance said covered but....

    Nope. When I showed up at surgery I was even told I owe nothing. Everyone told me I was covered. Insurance. Accolade. Drs. Then I started getting bills a month later.
  3. DelawareWoman

    Insurance said covered but....

    Independence blue cross blue shield.
  4. I had my surgery on 3/12/19. I watched my insurance carefully because I'm slightly obsessive about numbers. I had called my insurance several times prior to surgery and was told once I met my out of pocket I was fully covered. Out of pocket was met in January. April I start getting bills. I call the insurance company who keeps patching me through to a company called accolade who says I am fully covered and they don't know why the drs office is saying I owe coinsurance. They will send a note to the insurance company. I have called the drs offices and the insurance company and accolade weekly since April about these bills and started making $10-20 payments so I don't get sent to collection. I just get a call today from Accolade who tells me it's not medically necessary and I owe 30%. I said that is not what I was told the numerous times I called. So they sent me to the insurance company to file an appeal. They are going to pull transcripts of my phone calls and hopefully they will pay the balance of the bill. I owe over $7000 for a surgery that I had because I was told it was 100% covered. And the $7000 is for OUTPATIENT. I work two jobs and am a single mother. I don't have $7000. Anyone have any experience with this?
  5. DelawareWoman

    March 2019 sleepers

    I get bariatric choice with iron off amazon. They cover all the bases except calcium citrate. THey are about $15 a month. Calcium citrate I am still looking for a good one. I tried barimelts and ewww.. I was taking a pill but was told that I want a chewable or melt. Still trying to find something I like.
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  7. DelawareWoman

    Anyone from Delaware?

    How is everyone doing. Surgery for my sleeve was 3/12. SLOOWWLLYYY losing. I lost about 20 on the preop diet and only 16 since surgery. I even was lucky enough to gain once I got off liquids and relost that. I just had my appointment for my 6 week. I am cleared for veggies and the gym. Anyone near Wilmington want to go to PF with me about 830 on Tuesday and Thursday nights or Saturday mornings? LOL I hope all are doing well. Sherry
  8. I’m 5 weeks post op. 3/11 sleeve. I’ve lost maybe 14 pounds. I’ve lost 5 inches in my waist. I lost 10 the week after surgery. Gained back 5. Relost that plus a few more. I haven’t lost anything in a week. I eat about 600 calories a day. 80+ protein 10 carbs max. I don’t go to the gym but I do work two jobs. I only get about 6000 - 7000 steps a day on average. I poo MAYBE once a week. I’m not sure what to do. Do I up my calories to 800? I go to the dr on 4/24. I’ve got a lot of questions for him. I was losing more before surgery. Help!
  9. DelawareWoman

    March 2019 sleepers

    I'm at 4 weeks also but I'm allowed to have seafood and shredded chicken in addition to cottage cheese, etc. I tried to do refried beans a couple weeks ago and I thought my stomach would never shut up. It didn't seem to like it too much. Cottage cheese sits a little heavy too which is a shame cause I normally love it. I can't wait til I can add in some veggies. I don't have any room for them but I'm dying for a kids' bowl at Poke Bros and the base is either salad or brown, white, or sticky rice. I've toyed with the thought of asking for no base but I don't know if they would do that or not. I'd love to try a smoothie but I'm scared. LOL
  10. DelawareWoman

    March 2019 sleepers

    @mstressb69 I tried to add you but it said I can’t find the member. Is that the email you use for Baritastic?
  11. DelawareWoman

    March 2019 sleepers

    @vosstheboss I made one the other day. Just inbox me if you’d like to be added. There are three of us hanging out in there now.
  12. DelawareWoman

    March 2019 sleepers

    I’m on Baritastic. It won’t let me set up the group unless I invite someone. If you want to pm me the email you use there I’ll invite you and set it up.
  13. DelawareWoman

    March 2019 sleepers

    I used to but I’ve only been doing Baritastic lately. I need to start back up
  14. DelawareWoman

    March 2019 sleepers

    I’m tired of it. I drink it or fairlife Can’t wait for purée.
  15. DelawareWoman

    March 2019 sleepers

    3/12 here. Doing great. Just started eating black bean soup and yogurt and protein drinks yesterday after 3 days clear liquids. I have no pain most of the time. I’m able to do laundry. I get tired easy. I take a few naps now and then. How are you?