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  1. This is a great question!! I was wondering what to do if I ever get the flu and am vomiting!! Now I know to call my doctor immediately. Thanks!! Terri
  2. Hi! I also have had hives - (not since being banded) and found a terrific anti-itch cream suggested by my allergist - it is called Sarna. You can find it at the pharmacy - it is over the counter and really helped with the itching. I also take xyzel once every day and have not had an outbreak of hives. Good luck to you - get Sarna - it really does help when no other cream did for me! Terri
  3. tmfritts


    GOOD LUCK SHANNON!!!!! We'll be thinking about ya and looking forward to your story!!! Terri :thumbup:
  4. Me too! I only sleep on my side - I was shocked and not just a little annoyed that I wasn't told by my dr! Terri
  5. tmfritts

    May 29th - Preop Completed!

    Good luck you two being banded tomorrow!!! Let us know how it goes!! Terri :scared2:
  6. tmfritts

    My banding story! I did it!

    Magdaline - I am soooo impressed with your progress!!! Five miles!! Wow - you put me to shame and you have lost a lot already!! Way to go! Isn't this site great?!! I just love it! :scared2: When I asked about adding the ticker to my profile, someone told me about this site, so I am passing it on to you! Good luck! I know you go into "Edit Profile" and you go into the "signature" part to add the ticker. Let me know if this works! Terri (Ticker TUTORIAL (WITH PICTURES!)) http://www.lapbandtalk.com/f5/ticker...ictures-41782/ (Ticker TUTORIAL (WITH PICTURES!))
  7. tmfritts

    post banding stomach problems

    Hey Gwen - glad to hear you are doing better! At this time in my recuperation a baked sweet or regular potato sounds heavenly!! Actually, I am doing fine on the liquid diet, only have 1 more day until I can do pureed foods. Yipee My nutritionist also told me about the meat tenderizer and warm Water. I agree, sounds terrible, but it sounds better than food being stuck all day! I also heard that pineapple juice helps with stuck proteins! Sounds better than Adolfs Meat Tenderizer any day! A lot of people in the chat room talk about using on-line food diaries and say they are wonderful! Of course, I can't remember the names of any of them at the moment, but will pass it on to you when I ask them all tonight! Take care! Terri Did I know you are in Los Angeles? I'm in the Valley - near Woodland Hills.
  8. tmfritts

    New guy

    Congratulations! Walk! Walk! Walk! Gas-x works for the gas! Terri
  9. Thanks Salsa - It is nice of you to go into other threads and give tips and information for us newbies to being banded! Terri:wub:
  10. tmfritts

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    WOW!!! You guys are doing great!!! I was banded yesterday and I think I am the only person who has gained 2 pounds since surgery yesterday!!!!! :cursing: Hopefully it is just all of the fluids from the Ivs in the hospital! Terri
  11. Hey Lexy - was banded yesterday 22nd. Yipee!! I found a great Protein drink at GNC called Isopure. Each bottle is 20 oz. of liquid with 40 g of protein. I have to drink 85 g of protein per my nutritionist, so I am drinking 2 bottles of this each day and filling in with other Proteins. It kind of looks and tastes like cool-aid. Not bad - especially if cooled. Hope all continues to go well with you! (and me!!) Terri :cursing:
  12. tmfritts

    Home from being banded!

    Janette - sounds like you are doing great!!:cursing: I go in on the 22nd and can't wait. Good to hear stories like yours!! Helps ease the nerves.! Terri
  13. tmfritts

    May 22nd!!!!

    ONLY 2 MORE DAYS!!! Never heard of the antiseptic showering - not even for any of my other surgeries. I would think that they would clean the area with antiseptic in the operating room!! Is this an HMO???!!! Trying to save money!!! LOL!!! Anyway - start my liquid diet tomorrow and stocked up on all my other supplies for the days following. How exciting and nerve wracking!! Terri :cursing:
  14. tmfritts

    In memory of Denyell

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. What an amazing person you must be to take the time to post this information during such a sad time. Thank you.
  15. tmfritts

    Tomorrow is the day!!!

    GOOD LUCK YOU TWO!!! I'm being banded on Thursday - Yipee!!! :scared2: Terri

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