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  1. I've been using the same playlist for 60-75 days now and while I like most of the songs I feel like I need to incorporate some new ones into the mix as well. I prefer up-temp dance type music, but also have some old-style gangsta rap on mine as well! 😀 Here's part of what my playlist looks like, share yours with us: The Real Slim Shady - Eminem Pump It - Black Eyed Peas In Da Club - 50 Cent Fergalicious - Fergie Hotel Room Service - Pitbull Hot in Herre - Nelly Grillz - Nelly Air Force Onces - Nelly Tik Tok - Kesha Atomic Dog - George Clinton Boys are Back in Town - The Busboys
  2. I'm sitting here this morning reminiscing and I can remember three times in my life when men, two of them my boyfriends at the time and the third one my boss, told me I was "big" and needed to lose weight. At that time I weighed about 160 which I would kill (not literally) to weigh now. I wasn't fat then. I was just on the bigger side but nice and curvy. As I am sitting here drinking my coffee, I am realizing that I've NEVER told anyone they were fat or suggested that they need to lose weight. It's not my job. They have mirrors. They know if they're big. It's their business. So I wonder why some people think it's okay to tell other people about their weight. And I really would have thought it would have been women to point out being fat, but in my case it was men. It made me come to this thread to ask you if anyone's ever told you you're fat or suggested you lose weight? Oh wait, I just remembered another one, again a man, a co-worker who told me "You know you're getting kind of big, right? You need to lose some weight." So how many times have you been told you're fat?
  3. You can have coffee. You can have any food you want eventually after a while, only in smaller portions, but the whole purpose of the WLS was to use it as a tool to change your eating habits permanently. It's not the solution, it's a tool.
  4. GradyCat

    How long are you missing work?

    True, you could do a desk job after a week but a more physically demanding job would take several weeks because of the 10 lb weight lifting restriction and the bending over repeatedly.
  5. GradyCat

    Incision pain

    What you're describing sounds perfectly normal. Why are you so afraid of a leak? Didn't they "leak test" you before you left the hospital?
  6. GradyCat

    Recent Injury Rant

    Awwww man, sorry about your injury. That sucks. You were just getting a groove. Take care of yourself.
  7. GradyCat

    New to all of this

    The pre-op liquid diet is only stressful if you let it be that way. It's a new way of life. The sleeve will give you back new life and new opportunities and health. Isn't that worth 2 weeks of a liquid diet? I didn't have any trouble with it. And I had no pain or gas problems after the surgery either.
  8. GradyCat

    Sleeve Leak?

    No leaks here.
  9. They look really good. No odd or unusual discoloration.
  10. I never had any poop issues after the sleeve, but it seems like they said to take Colace if you did.
  11. GradyCat

    Nausea and fatigue after eating

    Just to clarify . . . are these foods you tolerated AFTER surgery? For example, BEFORE surgery I could eat tortillas. But post-surgery my body won't tolerate them. I get the "foamies" if I eat certain foods like tortillas. That's where you throw up mucus/liquid but no actual food. It's your body saying it doesn't like the food you're trying to eat.
  12. GradyCat

    Drinking & burps

    Perfectly okay to drink as much as your body will tolerate. Also sugar-free popsicles count as liquid, so enjoy those in different flavors. Also Gatorade Zero (sugar-free) is a good alternative. Yes, burping is normal. You've got a lot of air in your stomach from where they distended it to do surgery.
  13. I never had any gas or gas pain post-op, but I walked a LOT up and down the hospital hallways all night long. I heard walking was the best remedy for it.
  14. GradyCat

    Numbness and tingling

    What did the ER say? I never experienced this post-sleeve. That doesn't sound normal. Call your bariatric surgeon and try to get in to see him/her. How far post-op are you?
  15. GradyCat

    Swimming post op

    I think it's like a month. Most specifically wait until after the incisions are completely healed.
  16. Your calories sound right in line with where you should be right now and the serving sizes seem appropriate. Follow your surgery center's recommendation on macros for protein, etc. Congratulations on your surgery. Keep us posted on your progress.
  17. GradyCat

    Thinking of backing out

    My anxiety and depression are actually better post WLS (sleeve) 3 years ago. I've never heard of them worsening due to WLS. I take two daily medications for depression and anxiety (as I did before WLS) and it's all good.
  18. Just say, "Thanks for noticing. I've been eating right and exercising and trying to get more healthy."
  19. That's WONDERFUL! I take cruises a couple of times a year and most people think you gain a ton of weight on cruises because there's food available 24/7, but on vacation I limit myself to the 3 meals a day and no snacking and I almost always end up losing weight or if not, staying the same weight.
  20. It's only two weeks of your life. You can do it, we believe in you. All good things come with a price and this is the price.
  21. GradyCat

    You are all my buddies

    Oh absolutely we're here for you. There is so much good information and experience in these threads and forums. You'll be able to reference them as you go through the phases of your journey.
  22. GradyCat

    Over night stay at hospital. Yay or nay

    I spent two nights in the hospital after WLS sleeve. I was never in any pain at any time, just nauseous for 24-30 hours. They had to keep me overnight one night to do the "leak test" the next morning to ensure there were no leaks. Then I guess the second night was so I could get rid of the nausea and start intake of liquids.
  23. Do yourself a favor and wait until school is out so that you won't rush back to work and rush and healing process. You'll be tired for a couple of weeks after surgery.
  24. I'm on a permanent re-set. I drink one or two premade lactose-free protein shakes each day and eat primarily protein the rest of the day within my portion controlled sized. I've lost 30 lbs of regain recently but still need to lose more. I use GNC Lean Shakes 25 g protein in Swiss Chocolate flavor.
  25. GradyCat


    Everybody loses weight at a different rate, so try not to compare yourself with others. Also, stalls are inevitable. It'll all work out.

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