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  1. Chuck Clasik

    Before and After Pics

    124lbs gone total and 78 since surgery date of 12/10/18. Getting there.
  2. Chuck Clasik

    4 days post op chest pain

    I indeed had that as well. Cold fluids produced it much more than warm ones. I would ask my wife to pat me on the back to help get those burps out. The gas was something else. It should pass in the coming days. Good luck on your journey.
  3. Chuck Clasik

    Food Before and After Photos

    It was scrumptious!! I knew I’d never finish it. But! Lunch!!
  4. Chuck Clasik

    Food Before and After Photos

    Was good!! Chicken Breast Club and home cut fries. Air fryer work!! The bun is Schmidt Smart Buns.
  5. Chuck Clasik

    Food Finds!?!

    I found these. Very good!!
  6. Chuck Clasik


    I’m starting to see the big differences. Felt it for a while, but now how a visual! Loving it. My wife has lost a good bit too!! She eats what I eat and it’s also helped her.
  7. Chuck Clasik


    By the way. Started the journey on July 12th 2018. Sleeved Dec 10th 2018. And the journey continues for life!! Thanks all.
  8. Chuck Clasik


    Indeed!!! We have 2 and one on the way grandkids to stick around for!!
  9. Chuck Clasik


    Thanks. My Starting weight was 457, Surgery day, 412, now 333. Feeling great.
  10. 82lbs down in all, 38lbs down since sleeve. 12-10-18 Started at 457 now 375. A good ways to go, but I can see and feel the difference!! Good luck to you all!! Clasik
  11. Chuck Clasik

    Happy with my decision!!!

    Down to 355!! 102lbs down. Getting there.
  12. Chuck Clasik

    shocking the system

    Between BP and Bariactricfoodsdirect I’m covered. We all have things we love!! I just find alternatives to them. I love BBQ sauce. So I found some with no fat, and only 2 carbs that is boss!! I won’t ever knock no one, I just do me.
  13. Chuck Clasik

    shocking the system

    My NUT said something similar to the fact that an occasional cheat can help reset and boost your metabolism. I don’t know one way or the other. I stick to my plan and have plenty alternatives to the bad foods that I just love. I wish I could find them locally, but will order online forever need be.
  14. Chuck Clasik

    Food Before and After Photos

    It was good!! But definitely more than I could handle. Was my first restaurant outing since my surgery. Asked for no cheese or croutons.
  15. Just wondering if any of you developed dry eye and irritation after surgery? Not sure if it’s related at all. But mine have become truly bothersome. Just wondering.
  16. Chuck Clasik

    Any of you develop extreme eye dryness??

    I keep a big tub of Shae Butter. I love that stuff.
  17. Chuck Clasik

    Any of you develop extreme eye dryness??

    Eyes back to normal. Don’t know what that was about but I’m glad it’s over!! On to getting slim!!
  18. As I continue on in my post op phases, it’s crazy to me how different the plans are for the phases. Like I’m day 19 post op and doing the blended purée phase that lasts two weeks. I see some folks, same timeline, already on to soft foods. Some things that folks are allowed to eat, I’m told to never eat again. I figured there would be more standardization in this. Boy was I wrong!!
  19. I had my surgery on the 10th, just hit Soft Foods Monday. And it’s sooooooo nice to be able to chew my food!! Good luck on your journey!! My #VSG family.
  20. Indeed!! My original NUT left to be a PA. My new NUT has different views from her. Many avenues, same end point.
  21. That thinking may be correct. But with me weighing and measuring, I get a much better idea of the portion sizes of the foods I eat. I can nearly eyeball the portion sizes now. I get very close each time at this point. The more I measure and weigh, the better I get at it.
  22. Wow!! I just left my 4 week follow up and I got the complete opposite of everything your nut said. I was told to measure and weigh everything. Which I’ve been doing faithfully, mostly to better track my foods just goes to show the level of differences in this. It’s amazing. I wish you well in the journey and hopefully, things turn for the better for you.
  23. I moved on to softs today. My wife fixed a scrumptious meatloaf and I made mashed cauliflower. It was heavenly. Just being able to chew something was awesome. I was able to eat 2oz of the meatloaf and and a little under a quarter cup of the cauliflower and was nice and full.
  24. I’m all over the place with it. I’ve done soups. One of my favs is meatloaf and gravy, over mashed cauliflower. I’ve done chili and tuna and crab salad. I’m ready to chew something!!! Starts tomorrow. Yay.
  25. Exactly!!! For instance, in my plan, it says to avail potatoes, rice, breads, but yet have in an example meal, mashed potatoes, and a slice of toast. 🤦🏽‍♂️. My surgeon cleared me for caffeine after week 2!! It’s crazy.

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