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  1. Hi,

    I'm a newbie just getting started with Texas Bariatric  Specialist. I just wanted to ask how was experience with Dr. Reddy and his team ? I will also have to travel to San Antonio for my surgery if everything goes well. How was your experience with the hospital ? Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your journey. 

  2. TXMom*3

    December Bypass Twin?

    Dec. 21st is mine!!! [emoji119][emoji847][emoji7][emoji320][emoji319] Gastric Bypass Sent from my Moto E (4) using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. I GOT APPROVED!!!! Anyone else having surgery as there Christmas Present?! Surgery Next Friday! Leaving for the Hospital Thursday! Have a 5 hr Road Trip, do cleanse at the hotel Thursday night and a 3 day stay, be home Sun. 23! Anyone else have surgery out of town?! Also What did you pack?!!?
  4. Hi I Have United HealthCare Choice Plus in Texas! My Dr. Scheduled Surgery for Nxt Fri. Dec 21st, BUT I'm STILL waiting for an Approval from Insurance!! Dr said if I dont have an answer(by Surgery date), from Insurance they will have to Cancel Surgery! It was submitted on Nov. 30, Pending for 11 Days now! Ive been calling Everyday for an Update but said it can take up to 15 days! How can I get this expedited?! Anyone Approved LAST MIN?! I'm completely Stressed OUT! 😕 Thanks
  5. TXMom*3

    My Texas Sleevers

    Hey, when they submitted to UHC what was your Stat(BMI), and how many days til you got an approval?! If you dont mind me asking....Mine is still pending on Day 10(wkend included)! 😕 I'm Anxious Do you now if they count weekends or just business days? I'm super nervous, Dr scheduled me for Next Friday, but said if I dont get an answer by then surgery is cancelled! Thanks
  6. TXMom*3

    Self pay

    Oh ok Thank... Did you do your surgery at the Southwest General Hospital? Also, Were you told you HAD to buy their Bariatric Advantage Kit at the Pre-Op Class?! Asking because I have preop tomrrw and was told that I Have* to buy the Bariatric Advantage Kit *($300) at the class or they will cancel/Reschedule surgery.... 😕 (I really dont have the extra funds due to the holidays) Ive seen a few ppl that have been through them, but they said they weren't forced to buy it....just asking! Did they give you a Binder for stomach, or do I need to buy one before?! Thanks!
  7. TXMom*3

    Self pay

    Hey, I'm also going through Dr Patel...Pending Insurance .. will know something any day now. How was your experience PreOp /Surgery/Postop?! Thanks
  8. TXMom*3

    My Texas Sleevers

    Hey Y 'all …. Anyone go through Texas Bariatric Specialist in San Antonio, TX?!? (Dr Patel/Dr Reddy) Also, Anyone have United HealthCare Choice Plus, in Tx? What was your Experience with either or?!!? Thanks
  9. TXMom*3

    United Health Care Insurance

    Hey, do you have United healthcare choice plus? im waithing for approval still just asking cause I wasnt told I needed 5+yrs just the 6 mnth!?
  10. TXMom*3

    United Health Care Insurance

    Looking for UHC Choice Plus, Tx people and if you were Approved?!? How long after submitting were you Approved? Anyone have United Healthcare Choice Plus in TX? Anyone get Approved with BMI over 40+ and no comorbidities?! (my BMI is 43)* !
  11. TXMom*3

    United Health Care Insurance

    HI, I waiting on Insurance, its day 8 pending status.. what insurance did you have? im in tx I have UHC choice plus...
  12. Question Attached I Have United HealthCare in Tx
  13. Question Attached! Lol I have United HealthCare in Tx...