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    Non Scale Victories

    I forgot to mention the greatest NSV -- my latest BP at the doc was 110/73!!! I was floored. The meds help, too, but it hasn't been that low EVER.
  2. HokieMan98

    Non Scale Victories

    I’m pre-op right now, but down >30# from HW. Been walking a 3-mile route most mornings. It had become so enjoyable. Walking is so easy now. On nice days I agree to go outdoors. My smaller belly allows me to be umm, closer to my partner during, umm, playtime. But seriously, there is a greater level of physical closeness, and that's important as we start this journey together. I mostly wear jeans, sneakers, and long-sleeved Ts. I had to get dressed up to deliver a training the other day. OMG! My dress clothes were so much more comfortable. I wasn't all sweaty when I arrived to meet the host. That was a huge confidence booster. During the presentation I had everyone stand up and do some movements. I barely broke a sweat! I'm so excited for the surgery and for this progress to continue. My WILW (When I Lose Weight) List is getting longer and longer. The first thing is riding ALL the rides at ALL the amusement parks. This is my favorite thread, and I'm so excited to read it every day.
  3. HokieMan98

    Pre Op quitting smoking cannabis

    Jessica, I was a frequent weed smoker, too. Having marijuana in your system can affect how you respond to anesthesia. I stopped smoking probably 6 months before I got scheduled for a new job, but I told my program coordinator and the psychologist. They sent me for a test, and it came back clear. It delayed my scheduling meeting by a week. ALWAYS be honest and transparent with your healthcare providers. I thought they were full of crap when they said it could interact with anesthesia. I did some research of my own and found that they weren't lying. At the very least, do a couple of home urine tests to ensure its out of your system before surgery. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for this note Green. I was just reflecting on the number of people who are obsessed with the quantity of food. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people ask, "when will I ever be able to eat a regular size plate of food?" It really baffles me, and I was quite confused until I met with the dietician. She said the most long-term successful person she's seen carries a 1/4 cup measurrle everywhere, and uses it to gauge all of her food.
  5. HokieMan98

    Hello Gay Sleevers

    Gay and married here! I’ll be sleeved at Kaiser Richmond on 12/5.
  6. HokieMan98

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    I forgot to mention that my procedure is the gastric sleeve.
  7. HokieMan98

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Hi Folks, I am scheduled for 12/5/2018 surgery date. My surgery and program are through Kaiser in Northern California, at the Richmond Medical Center. In the midst of all of this, I am applying to PhD programs and searching for jobs. I'm thrilled for the next part of this journey. SW: 308 / CW: 282.6 / GW: ???