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  1. Omg! HCG diet! I did that and they had us max out at 500 calories a day. And the stupid shots! For me, in a nutshell, I'll never be a lean protein and one bite of broccoli person. BUT I am now a 1 taco (real taco not taco bell) makes me full and happy for hours. No cravings. No denying food groups. Before, I could eat many tacos before being full and happy. Or deny myself any tacos and think about them until I was ravenous and head hungry and stomach hungry. For me, the surgery gave me my brain back. I'm able to make much better choices. I find I automatically skip the carbs most of the time because I am loving the "guts" of the sandwich much more than the filler (bread) . So a tiny portion of what I love once in awhile re-set my mindset of either being super strict/ super glutinous. I had no in-between before and now I do.
  2. Sweettoothless

    Dehydrated And Low Blood sugar

    You just have to find a drink you don't hate. Your taste buds will be weird at first. This is a rough time and there are so many changes but it will get better. I had to keep fighting the panicky feeling that I'd never be able to drink more than an ounce of liquid at a time. I hated diet sugar after surgery and still do 18 months later. Try throwing in a few chunks of frozen fruit into your water. You can't eat them since you are liquids still but I found and still find that having just a hint of taste makes drinking the water constantly so much more bearable. I am always recommending Fairlife milk, I promise I don't own stock in the company! It is lower sugar and higher protein so you can get 11g of protein as well as 8oz of liquid at the same time. Also beef broth was my jam. Get the "Better than Boullion" brand that comes in a jar, it tastes much better. Sometimes sipping a warm liquid feels more doable. And you are not whining, merely venting. Which we all do. So don't let anyone shame you into not getting things off your chest. Sometimes it is helpful just to talk about it.
  3. Sweettoothless

    Post Multivitamins

    You will get used to it. I used to freak out about the idea of having to swallow pills 3x a day forever but now it is just part of my routine. I set up a pill tray that is for people who take meds 4x a day but I use each spot for a full day. Thay way i set up a month at a time all in the one tray. And i use 3 or so different brands of multi just in case one is better than others. I have the ones sold here and a couple from the vitamin store and Amazon. I have a separate big tray for calcium and magnesium that I keep in my night stand so I can take them in the morning and before bed to space them away from the multi.
  4. Sweettoothless


    Google how much protein you can absorb at once. I can't remember but I think it is 20 or 25 so loading up on 40g at once won't be as helpful as spreading it out. I hate protein shakes but I like Fairlife milk, it is high protein (11g per measuring cup) and low sugar. And you can add a bit of flavorless protein powder to bring it up to 20g. That's the only way I am able to get mine in.
  5. Sweettoothless

    Tell me your WORST Halloween candy!

    I am not that into sweets anymore but I still love cinnamon bears. Maybe because they are more spicy than sweet. I'm actually looking forward to Halloween this year without all the temptations. Unless I decide to give out flaming hot cheetos......
  6. Sweettoothless

    Recovery time for RNY Gastric Bypass

    I think it is vastly different for everyone. I have found I have been blessed with being able to bounce back really fast after surgeries and childbirths. Don't hate me though because I do grow kidney stones and cysts/ fibroids like it is my job. It probably depends a lot on how long you need pain meds so you can drive. If you needed 3 weeks after gb surgery it is likely you might need the same.
  7. Sweettoothless

    I think I made a big mistake

    It seems too early for them to give you pain pills instead of liquid pain meds. Maybe you aren't digesting them and they could be irritating you. You can drink fairlife brand milk (high protein, low sugar) and it counts as liquid AND protein. I hated protein water at first because it tasted like syrup to my new tastebuds but later I could drink it diluted with citrus juice added to use them up. Definitely go to the doctor and just take the angle of wanting to find out what is wrong so they don't think you just want more meds.
  8. Sweettoothless

    where's the status update button?

    Some things I think you might have to access on a laptop or else I am extra lame in not figuring it out on my phone!
  9. Sweettoothless

    Weight loss and blockage

    Can we get an update @honestjuls How are you?
  10. Panda make sure you go to your monthly weigh-in with your doc or wherever you have been going if it is required to do x amount of monthly weigh ins because many ins companies demand they be CONSECUTIVE monthly appts. My pcp stressed that to me. And some months for me were wonky due to my docs vacay schedule or mine. Like making my july appt and then 2 weeks instead of 4 later doing my August appt.
  11. Sweettoothless

    Stalls after surgery

    Before surgery I would (during all of my nutty super low carb/ low carb/ potato diet/ soup diet, etc) eat a weird day and that would get things going again. Like a 1 day fat fast (google it, basically you eat avocados or other healthier high fat food) or a cheat day. It is very hard to be super disciplined and keep it to one day only. I haven't tried anything post surgery because I have sworn off all of my old habits and diet mentality. I just tell myself I am in it for the journey not the destination and keep trudging along. Or have an active day doing out of the norm for me activities.
  12. Sweettoothless

    Pre op diet pain.

    Oh and best of luck to everyone! Good days are up ahead! After a few months of feeling odd things heal well (for most people) and small portions become your new normal. From all that I have read it seems the pre-op phase is the most difficult.
  13. Sweettoothless

    Pre op diet pain.

    I didn't have to do any pre-op diet at all except the day before was just non sugar drinks and non sugar jello so I commend you all for your dedication! Something that helped me enormously after surgery was using a shaved ice maker. You could eat it plain or drizzle sugar-free gatorade or even clear protein drinks on it. You just feel like you are eating and it is so satisfying plus you are getting some liquids in. I had one from wm for years but they also sell them for around 20 on amazon.
  14. I had minimal prep work before surgery, not even the liquid diet everyone enjoyed! I did have a quick ekg that I didn't even know I needed, it wasnt in the check list paperwork. I got it a few days before surgery when I had an intake appt at the hospital which was a blood test and loads of questions.
  15. Sweettoothless


    I got mine 2 weeks early on the day after surgery and then got it several times over the next couple of months. Cysts and fibroids roared their ugly heads so I wound up getting a hysterectomy a few months after my bypass. Not caused by the bypass but I was feeling so happy otherwise that I didnt want to spend a couple years dealing with lady troubles. And I was done with kid having and probably not too far off from menopause anyway.

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