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  1. I have just started feeling this way 5 weeks out. It’s like I haven’t had anything that tastes good since before the pre-op diet and I made a homemade chili and ended up eating it way to fast. I am also afraid I’m eating too much. I can eat about 3oz over 30 mins, 3-4 times a day. I’m getting about 50g of protein and 500 calories.
  2. HoneyBeBrave

    Everything tastes gross! Help!

    Thanks for the advice. I really like the okios triple zeroes.
  3. HoneyBeBrave

    Everything tastes gross! Help!

    I’ve been living off sonic ice. I have seen some people say water tastes bitter but for me it just makes me feel nauseous.
  4. I have had a number of complications including cdiff after surgery so I am behind on the food progression. Cottage cheese didn’t work well and the only thing I can stomach the thought of is yogurt. I have tried tuna, canned chicken, and gauc. Pre-surgery I would have gladly eaten it all but post-surgery it all grosses me out. Does this pass? Do I need to force myself to eat stuff so I can get past it. I can also no longer handle anything sweet. And the protein drinks aren’t working very well for me. Any suggestions?
  5. HoneyBeBrave

    Fluids after surgery

    Thanks for the feedback. I am 6 days post-op and notice I can tolerate a little more with each day. I’m still struggling to get in fluid and protein. Did about 30oz of protein and another 30oz of water yesterday.
  6. Am I ever going to be able to drink more then an ounce or two of water? Or will I always have to sip?

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