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  1. ScorpioC_RnY

    Weight Loss After Surgery

    What did you to break your stall? ScorpioC_RnY
  2. ScorpioC_RnY

    6 days post op . I need help!

    Oh how this was me two weeks ago. I had the same pain on my left side and wondered if it was normal. It was.... I walked in the house as much as possible but when I needed to rest I did. I found myself having to take my pain meds at least once a day. Now I have no pain, off all pain meds and getting very well. Just remember its a part of the process. Hang in there!!! ScorpioC_RnY
  3. ScorpioC_RnY

    Weight Loss After Surgery

    You're my surgery twin!!!! I been stuck at the same weight for almost a week on tomorrow. I been cleared to do cardio now I guess I'll incorporate that as much as possible. ScorpioC_RnY
  4. ScorpioC_RnY

    You will get hungry

    I totally understand you. Seasonal depression is REAL. I am going through this right now myself. Best of luck. We will get through this. ScorpioC_RnY
  5. ScorpioC_RnY

    Anyone with leaks?

    Yikes! This my second surgery; sleeve to bypass on Nov. 5th. Glad you are doing better and got pass that moment. ScorpioC_RnY
  6. ScorpioC_RnY

    Anyone with leaks?

    What caused the leak, if anything; and how did you realize you had a leak? I’m scared. I thought I was halfway safe from the leak stage going on week 2. This is frightening!
  7. ScorpioC_RnY

    Anyone get bypass surgery for gerd?

    I did the BRAVO testing. My doctor just wanted to do it for solid evidence just in case my insurance required it. My insurance didn't require any testing or anything like that. Once my doctor office submitted their recommendations they sent an approval back within 5 days saying " approved because it is medically necessary. I have CIGNA ScorpioC_RnY
  8. ScorpioC_RnY

    Anyone get bypass surgery for gerd?

    I had GERD really bad after vsg. I was sleeved only 18 months before I had to revise. I had revision surgery on Monday November 5th, a week ago; Sleeve to bypass. ScorpioC_RnY
  9. ScorpioC_RnY

    Tomorrow is my day!

    This is what you have prepared for. You got this!!!!! ScorpioC_RnY
  10. ScorpioC_RnY

    GB Surgery in December!

    Everybody and their surgeon is different. Both surgeries I was given Simethicone(Gas X) in the hospital with my daily meds and PRN. Along with the gas X I bought myself & walking my pain was manageable. I would see what the surgeon recommend and go from there. ScorpioC_RnY
  11. ScorpioC_RnY

    Anyone with leaks?

    How much did you loose with your first surgery?
  12. ScorpioC_RnY

    Anyone with leaks?

    My weight loss had completely stopped after 8 months post VSG. Hopefully, converting will solve my gerd issue and kick my weight loss into full gear again. I’m ready to get back into the gym and working out. Not to mention I’m already sick of this liquid stage. I guess I’m more bored with the choices than anything. It’s only so much you can do😊. I’m ready for an egg, cheese or something. I’m getting where I don’t like the taste of Greek yogurt anymore.
  13. ScorpioC_RnY

    GB Surgery in December!

    I was converted on Monday, 11/5/18; sleeve to bypass due to GERDS. I don't have too much advice because I'm newly revised. I can say everybody experience is different. I woke up with a lot of gas pain. Gas X helped a lot. I was up and walking the same day. The hospital staff managed my pain very well. I still have a little pain on the left side of my stomach. It feels more like a pulled muscle now, than it does pain. ScorpioC_RnY
  14. ScorpioC_RnY

    Bypass booked 2 weeks before Christmas

    You should be up and feeling better by then. My surgery was scheduled for the day after my birthday. Therefore, I could not celebrate like i wanted. That was fine too; I knew what needed to be done ScorpioC_RnY
  15. ScorpioC_RnY

    Anyone with leaks?

    You may need to contact your insurance provider and ask what are their requirements for revision surgery. My doctor thought we would have a lot of issues getting approved but, we didn't. The process was quick and easy with approval on first try. Mr doctor just knew we would have to challenge the insurance company. We all was surprise when they approved me and we didn't have to put up a fight. They approved with the reason stating that the surgery was medically necessary. ScorpioC_RnY

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