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  1. New&Improved

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    Well I struggled to lose weight for years until I had RNY bypass and now my whole metabolism has changed.. I no longer put on weight and I lost weight really well so I'd look into the bypass as it changes more than the sleeve?
  2. New&Improved

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    You really need to log all your food and drink work out what you're eating.. Is it too much sugar or carbs or is it too much sodium? Are you drinking enough water? Are you sleeping properly? Or is your genes holding you back? Something is not right... I had bypass so that helped me I lost all 150+lbs and in maintenance now 9 months post op....
  3. New&Improved

    How did you pick your doctor?

    Research and talking to the surgeon; and the fact he teaches other surgeons all over the world..
  4. New&Improved

    Year and half post surgery

    So sorry to hear you've been through so much.. I had bypass as well but only 9 months post op but my blood work has been good thus far.. Keep positive you'll get to the end eventually, I'm now in maintenance.. It is possible
  5. New&Improved

    Weight loss after surgery

    I lost 100% as well I was lucky I don't have a big regime just ate very strictly
  6. Well I've not had band but I did have RNY bypass and all my blood work have been fine. My hair issue wasn't loss of hair just that it grows slower. Dumping only happens if you eat like junk food which we shouldn't anyways.. My weight loss has been amazing and even surprised myself... No complications here but I am only 9.5 months post OP. Maintaining well
  7. New&Improved

    Feeling so weary

    You are just ready to make a change and have a better life...
  8. New&Improved

    Full liquids starts tomorrow!

    Find a really good quality protein powder that you will enjoy
  9. New&Improved

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    If you want to change something do it nobody else can do it for you. Take responsibility for yourself and your choices. You can do it if you put your mind to it. Weight loss is 90% mental
  10. New&Improved

    I’ve always wanted??!! What are yours?

    Travel more. Start a family. Get married.
  11. New&Improved

    So True.....

    Yes it's not just a diet it's a whole new way of life.. a lifestyle
  12. New&Improved

    Out of surgery

    Still can't get over how America ltd you leave the same day or even the next day...
  13. New&Improved

    Mini gastric bypass surgery

    I had the regular BYPASS was sore a few days but now over 9 months out with no complications..
  14. Wow okay most ppl are on liquids just before and after surgery
  15. Not me.. lol I'm glad I lost my man boobs.. totally gone...
  16. Are you going to have surgery? If so you'll be on liquids
  17. New&Improved

    Weight loss after surgery

    You'll hear ppl talking about stalls being very common
  18. New&Improved

    just a little encouragement

    Yes definitely.. I don't even recognize myself
  19. Not really maybe some walking just ate low calories and like no carbs or sugar for months; I personally was not hungry for months and lived off shakes and yoghurt... Lost like 20lbs a month on average
  20. Are you not staying in the hospital??
  21. New&Improved

    Surgery day

    Welcome to the RNY club 🤞
  22. New&Improved

    just a little encouragement

    Excellent work... I also had bypass and loved it and 9 months post op and lost all my excess weight 🤪
  23. Pick yourself up and get back on track you can do it
  24. New&Improved

    Worried about never reaching goal.

    Well I'm a man and much taller but I still made my goal and even went below my goal within the first year... But I had RNY bypass.... It is possible you just have to be vigilant...