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  1. Yeah I found one surgeon who does the DS or the revised BPD DS and that was 500 miles away. He said that is reserved for the Super morbidly OBESE or people who failed with previous surgerys. So yeah not very common anymore very severe malabsorption issues
  2. I've been reading and researching all different surgeons and the different surgery's available plus reading numerous pages on this website before I even start the process but I've spoken to 2 of the top surgeons in my state in Australia and it seems all they require is 2 or 3 consultations and maybe a dietitian appointment but it doesn't sound like there's any mandatory people to see, also I prefer to do my own research than paying for nutritionist or dietitian or any psychologists to try control my decision. The only prerequisite in Australia is that we wait out the initial 12 months membership before they will pay for the surgery but even then I'll still be out of pocket about 4K for the gap. I've been told I'll have to do a 2-3wk liquid protein diet before surgery and possibly monthly check ups pre-surgery but seems like they allow us to take charge of our destiny. In my state there's only actually 4or5 actual surgeons to work with anyway and I've chosen the one that chooses not to charge for all the "added extras" and basically leaves that up to the individual if they want to see psychologist or any dietitian once they have surgery because that will be out of pocket for me anyway because I ONLY got the insurance for the surgery because in Australia we have public Medicare which covers general doctors and medical issues like I've never paid to see a GP in my life So yeah I'll be trawling this website religiously whilst I wait out the months needed to get the surgery! i think I've narrowed it down to 2 local surgeons and I'll have to make an appointment soon to see exactly what they have to say
  3. Mikeyy

    The Pains Of Eating

    Consider yourself lucky. While you're not hungry you can lose most weight just make sure you get your protein and water and you're fine
  4. Mikeyy

    Sleeve revision to bypass

    Very very common
  5. Keep your eye out for better protein. I've found proper whey protein isolate 24.5g protein per serve
  6. My BMI is between 42-43.5 but still want to get rid of at least 130-140lbs and change my metabolism and my life going forward. I'll be 35 this year.
  7. You have weight to lose
  8. Mikeyy

    Post your progress pics!

    200lbs in 8 months amazing!! Getting a real nice body happening
  9. After months of research and discussion I finally decided to tell some family about my plans. I had to explain the surgery in detail to my mum, she is only mid 50s but very old school and doesn't even have a FB lol But after I explained everything she was just so happy. She feels anything I can do to help myself get healthier and live longer is great she fully supports me, I've dealt with my weight about 20 years out of 34 so far! My sister is on the fence she always been healthy fit 5ft10 150lbs, and is gluten free & organic never had any issue with her weight so took a little more discussion but think she's okay now I'm fine anyway I live alone very independent. I'm close with most my family but still choose to do things myself. I feel sad for those who have judgmental families! So that's a happy moment for me just gotta keep waiting, here in Australia we have to wait until we've been a member 12 months before health insurance will pay most of the surgery, I'll still have to kick in about 4K which I'm saving up! Anyway that made my day Thank you for reading. Mike
  10. Yeah tracked my favourite history back to the 1700s in England and Scotland
  11. Mikeyy

    Sleeve or Bypass?

    There are plenty of alternative meds it's only affecting some SLOW/QUICK RELEASE Medication... I take 9000g of potassium everyday for my life and I've found an alternative just by speaking to local pharmacist!! If you're having surgery you only want to do it once and do it right! If you read you will see so so many ppl being made to go from sleeve to bypass!!
  12. Chinese is full of MSG carbs salt sugar rice lol
  13. Mikeyy

    EGD done, still getting sleeved

    Reflux and sleeve? Bad combo
  14. Mikeyy

    Sleeve or Bypass?

    wow I'm curious how long did it take to lose 167lbs? Well done!
  15. Ice will melt. You can walk without asking. But yes be more vocal
  16. Mikeyy

    Upper GI

    The bypass has been around for decades and is the BEST surgery for weight loss and long term management. The surgery has been performed 1000s of times so there's no reason to be worried. Having the VSG is like doing half the surgery why not give yourself the best chance at success with RNY? Why so many people have irrational fear of surgery. Have no surgery die of obesity related issues or take a little risk in order to save your life? No brainer!!
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    Tell your husband at his job sites he need enjoy the use of be technology and tools to make his job a little easier? Then why would you not invest in some help and a tool to make life easier in the long run? You still have to put in the effort and everything but surgery is just like a fancy new tool to make things a little better and easier to manage. I don't understand people who talk against surgery, what if his knee went out would you expect him to keep living with the knee or get a new one to me his life better, it's exactly the same thing surgery is new technology and makes your insides work better to fix your body inside and out
  18. What a joke you have to be careful with some therapists who don't understand the weight loss issues. But yes as mentioned above tell them what they want to get the surgery then move on and if later you feel you need help then see a different therapist our goal right now is get this surgery at all costs
  19. Mikeyy

    Sleeve or Bypass?

    BYPASS is regarded as the best long term success. Higher weight loss overall. Better control of eating due to dumping meaning eating bad food makes you feel ill the rerouting of your system may seem drastic but there's 1000s of people who have changed their lives and the surgery is proven but still need to be ready to change your whole life and eating better!!
  20. Yeah he was one of the highest weights on the show... Sad but you can't survive obesity forever
  21. Very true, we need to do the best we can for our body and our new digestive system. I'm still months from getting surgery but already looking at protein powder and stocking up on tuna and the like whenever they are on special I've already picked a couple of small air tight containers for small meals and stuff when I do get my surgery as we have to eat small. I'm getting more conscious of fruit and veg prices these days and looking forward to a new way of life, I have max 140lbs to lose clean eating is the way there's no use going through all this surgery just to come out and do half arsed job. Make sure you're ready to commit to A NEW life!
  22. Mikeyy

    Total Stall at 2 months post op

    There are many ways to exercise even using your arms and weights or lifting your leg up and down but yes you need more water!