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  1. Finally hit my first major goal. 100lbs gone in 100 days Feeling great 👍 Feeling confident. from 322lbs to 222lbs my next goal is 200lbs then see how I look and feel might even get to 190 yet 😀 Thank you everyone.
  2. Superman84

    Hospital bill prepaid?

    I paid my gap 2 weeks before surgery but insurance covered most of the costs..
  3. Superman84

    Side by Side Saturday!!

    Before and after. Still got 20-30lbs to go...
  4. Superman84

    8 weeks from VSG surgery

    6 weeks out still only around 500kcal a day...
  5. Superman84


    High protein diet causes dry mouth even dry lips. early on I had to use lip gloss as my lips got so bad.
  6. Started my journey at 43.9 bmi Currently just made it into the overweight category at 29.9 after 15 weeks But I feel bmi is a vague scale based on what my doctor and dietitian says for my ideal weight I may not even get into normal bmi. currently at 220 my ideal goal is 190 which is 25.7 so it's weird...
  7. Superman84

    Male Before and After Pictures

    Thank you all for your kind words.
  8. Superman84


    It took me a few days before my bowels did anything and even then it was only liquid for the first like 2 weeks.lol.
  9. Superman84

    Male Before and After Pictures

    100lbs gone progress photo. 35 male. HW 322 CW 222 GW 185-200
  10. Superman84

    Before and After Pics

    100LBS GOAL HIT. FELT LIKE SHARING MY BEFORE AND AFTER..(bit shy to show face) HW 322. CW 222. GW 185-200 Thank you.
  11. Superman84

    Regained weight with SIPS

    If sips didn't help I feel there's underlying issues to deal with not more surgery.. I don't think there's anything more intensive than sips
  12. Superman84

    I think this might be a fun topic

    What's the wrap made of.. be careful
  13. Just curious if anybody has first hand experience with those resistance bands you can buy..? I'm looking at a pack that has multiple bands all different resistance rating and you can hook them to your legs or feet or even under the door.. I don't get out the house much so looking for something that will help me without my core and my arms and belly area? Do they actually work? Do they actually make a difference? Tell me your stories Summer has just started here DOWN UNDER! I've just hit the 100lb goal but still hoping to lose another 20+lbs by the end of summer!! Need help toning under my arms mostly but generally need to gain some strength and muscle tone Thank you. Mike
  14. Superman84

    Resistance bands anyone?? Help!?

    Well I've got some small dumbbells as well
  15. Superman84

    Resistance bands anyone?? Help!?

    Thank you
  16. Superman84

    Today is the day!

    Yes I slept like the whole first 24hrs post surgery..
  17. Superman84

    December Surgery dates???

    Very lucky to be able to have all that...I was on shakes only..
  18. Superman84

    100 DAYS = 100LBS :D

    Follow the rules 'religiously'. Do not go off track at all. Keep focused on your goals. Go into every day with 150% determination. Look at every struggle with optimism. Keep your mental health in check. Sleep well every night. Do not let others influence you. It's not about the destination it's the journey. There's always gonna be another mountain I'm always gonna wanna make it move Always gonna be an uphill battle Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose Ain't about how fast I get there Ain't about what's waiting on the other side It's the climb
  19. Superman84

    100 DAYS = 100LBS :D

    Cheers everyone
  20. Hey there need some advice from actual fitness people or those who were able to have some kind of success to tone or tighten even a minimal percentage of your loose skin? I'm currently 96lbs down and still plan to lose 25-35lbs. Throughout my journey I've really been concentrating on protein and fluids and losing weight pretty consistently at 1 lb a day. Time had flown by and I've just noticed my arms underneath are sagging and a little around my breast/chest area.. I'm admit my fitness and activity level has been low the whole time.. I suffer from social anxiety don't leave the house much... Anyway my BIG question is: is there any chance of me joining a gym or getting a decent piece of equipment or doing strength training which will make any difference at all to the skin under my arms? Like even a small amount? Like if I really start doing weights or dumbbells? The skin isn't a big deal but if I plan to go to the beach eventually after losing the 120-130lbs ? Or should invest in some special cream or one of those body wraps... I know this has probably been asked before? But I plan on starting something soon to help build muscle and if that helps I do not know. I am in no way a fitness person..... Thanks everyone....
  21. Superman84

    Please Help (Insurance Question)

    Um you better double check because some people I know had to start the diet from the day they started applying for the surgery. They may not take old information. A friend of mine had to do 6 weigh ins exactly one month apart and could not miss one then had to wait to submit that information.