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  1. MeaganMB


    How much pop corn can I eat at 4 months post op?
  2. When it comes to meals, should I be focusing on the weight of my food, or the volume of it?
  3. I am 3 weeks post op.. I’m starting to worry myself about getting enough protein, nutrients, calories, and water in a day. I’m scared to consume too many calories, but I want to get enough.. what are your alls suggestions? (I’ve been on solid foods for a week)
  4. Is it okay to eat nuts post op? I’ve transitioned to everything else fine, but I didn’t want to try nuts until I heard from you all..
  5. I just got cleared by my surgeon to move on to the soft foods stage.. I’ve picked up a few things from the store, but I’m curious to know your favorites! What have you all eaten during this phase?
  6. MeaganMB

    Just Sleeved

    I had my surgery on the 9th.. and I am feeling the EXACT. SAME. WAY!
  7. Thank you guys! I am full of questions and worry lol it’s been so helpful to be a part of these forums.
  8. MeaganMB

    Pickle juice 3 days post op?

    I don’t see any undisclosed sugar in dill pickle juice and I am physically unable to drink enough to affect my electrolytes or sodium. Just wanted a few sips to ease the craving.
  9. It is only in the muscle under the incision my stomach came out of, but it is definitely still sore. Is this normal?
  10. I am craving pickle juice so bad! Is it ok for me to have?
  11. I haven’t slept all night.. I am so excited to get this done, but I have never had surgery, and the unknown is worrying me. I’ve cried on and off the past 24 hours. Is this normal?
  12. MeaganMB

    January 2019

    January 9th!!
  13. I got my final approval and surgery date today!! January 9th!!