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  1. So this morning I stepped on the scale and saw 179.8. I haven't seen such a low number in 15 years! Of course, I keep thinking 2004 was just 5 or 6 years ago so there was a double WHAAATTTT?? moment for me. I'm over the moon! Had RNY on November 28, 2018 and have lost 96 pounds so far. I truly can't believe it. It's a constant journey of mind and body changes. Still struggling with my "FAT" mind but I'm working on it. Here's to finally kicking this weight issue in the nuts!
  2. irol888

    Rate of weight loss

    I learned to not compare my weight loss rate to others. I know! Its hard to do! But this is your journey and you're doing fantastic!! Remember, another person losing a ton of weight fast may have started at a much higher weight than you. I had RNY on Nov 28, 2018 and was concerned that I was slowing down - 2 to 3 pounds per week. My nutritionist did a check on my muscle mass vs. fat and I'm retaining muscle which means I'm doing it right. You're doing great! Congrats!
  3. irol888

    Getting so nervous.

    I felt exactly like you with the same fears before my RNY. But the moment I had it, I never looked back. If you follow your doctor's orders, you'll do fine! I remember reading before I had the surgery people saying the only regret they had was that they didn't do it sooner. I couldn't imagine then but now I TOTALLY GET IT! Good luck and know that you have a lot of support.
  4. irol888

    Pounds lost

    I'm 6 months post op RNY and have lost 83 pounds so far. Finally in Onederland and haven't seen these numbers since 2003!
  5. irol888


    I'm 6 months post op RNY. I've been currently enjoying a couple of vodkas on the weekend. It goes right to my head so I have to make sure I'm not driving and/or at home. I log it into my food journal so I can see the 100+ calories and that makes me ensure I don't over do. I stay away from any sugary juices or mixers. Nutritionist said I can mix with club soda every once in awhile. I still feel uneasy since I do like to have a cocktail every once in a while.
  6. irol888

    Dumb Insecurity

    I thought the same exact thing 6 months ago, post op RNY. This is where we change all our previous thought patterns. Trust the process! It's going to work! I remember asking my nutritionist, "What if it doesn't work for me?" She put her hand on my arm and just told me to keep up the good work, eat right/exercise and finally trust. I never trusted anything as much as I do this process. It will work!!
  7. irol888

    Two days out

    It's the hardest time, first few weeks after surgery. I had my RNY on 11/28/18 - just hit 6 months post op. I remember that first week SO vividly! I cried, I stomped my feet, I even felt a bit of regret. But all that was quickly replaced with joy and a sense of accomplishment once I started to see my body heal and lose the weight. You can do this!! Believe me!! Trust the process and you will succeed!
  8. irol888

    When did your weight loss slow down?

    I'm 6 months post-op RNY (surgery was on 11/28/18). I'm just starting to slow down a bit. Was losing 10-15 pounds per month, now about 7-8. Averaging about 2 pounds per week. But my nutritionist told me I will slow down and that's ok. Time to stop worrying about the number and trust the process! Only regret is that I didn't do this sooner!!
  9. irol888

    After Revision to Bypass

    Matt - You are AMAZING! So many changes and rockin' some great looks!
  10. irol888

    2011 to 2018.jpg

    Just AMAZING!!!
  11. So I'm 19 days post-op RNY and doing great! Just started to eat more solid foods after my visit with my surgeon. He said I'm right on with weight loss - 30 lbs total (13.8 pre-op/16.2 post op). Learning to add in foods and not get all crazy seeing the daily calories rise from 400ish to 700 per day. My old mind says "Oh no! Now you're going to gain with that increase. This process won't work for you!" Then my new mind kicks in and logic prevails. It's funny how our old "diet" minds are always there with illogical thoughts. This is as much of a mental journey as it is a physical journey. Anyone else find themselves with inner voices doubting?
  12. So funny! I noticed the microwave time difference yesterday! Also, I’m finally now getting used to the wait time for drinking before and after meals. Small changes!
  13. irol888


    So today I am meeting friends out at a restaurant for the first time since my gastric bypass. I'm nearing 4 weeks post-op and tolerating solid foods and doing really well getting my protein in each day. I'm preparing before I go to the restaurant and going to drink a protein shake before. Planning to order grilled chicken skewers (thai dipping sauce on the side and may be too sweet to use). I want to order the arugula beet salad but not sure about tolerating the arugula since I hear salad isn't doable until after 6 months? Any info?
  14. You are a ROCK STAR!!! Fantastic! I'm nearing 4 weeks post-op
  15. So, I’m 3 weeks post-op RNY. I made a dinner a few nights ago with a scrambled egg, 1/2 slice of high protein toast and a Morning Star meatless sausage. All within the realm of good food. However, I made the mistake of not waiting long enough after drinking some water. I finished not even half before the pain hit. That was the first time feeling the restriction. Ouch!! But it was a needed lesson! Follow the guidelines and no drinking 1/2 before/at least 1 hour after!
  16. Hi! I’m 54 and just had RNY on 11/28/18 - a little over 3 weeks ago. I’m doing great! With all the pre-testing, the Dr and team will make sure your a candidate for the surgery. Age is just a number!
  17. I had RNY on 11/28 so just passed my 3 weeks. I learned the lesson too! We all have to feel it to know it’s real. Congratulations!!
  18. irol888


    I am SO glad to hear others talking about this! I had RNY on 11/28 and since then, I've been having really vivid and almost symbolic dreams - one of a ghost sitting on top of me and I told it to go away. Perhaps I'm getting rid of things "weighing me down"? lol Every night is at least one crazy dream.
  19. irol888

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome! I just had RNY on 11/28 and am feeling great! Congrats!!
  20. Just had RNY on 11/28 and will be starting Week 2 - Pureed foods. My diet guide from the surgeon and nutritionist lists scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt and pureed soups. Any ideas for good pureed soups - either to buy or recipes? Should I be really careful of fat grams, carbs, etc.?
  21. So I've been chugging on through these pre-op diet days. I'm in day 7 and all of a sudden, I feel emotional. Sad, anxious. I think it may be a bit of PMS but I also imagine it has something to do with change in diet. Believe me, I'm motivated with my eyes on the prize, RNY scheduled for 11/28. But this sad feeling came from nowhere. Anyone else deal with some emotions during the pre-op diet phase?
  22. So, I waited until today, Day 3 of the liquid pre-op diet, to post. Yesterday was awful. Total lack of concentration at work, perpetual headache, hunger....Then today. It's like a switch went off. I feel energized, positive. Still a bit of a headache but nothing like yesterday. I can do this!! How did everyone else do on their dreaded pre-op diet? Did you ever want to cheat? If I had been asked that question yesterday, I think I would have answered differently. Today, I know I can stay on course. I need to do this for me. Cheating would only be hurting myself and this whole journey is about finally loving and respecting myself! WHOOHOO!!
  23. irol888

    Pre-Op Diet Emotions

    Be kind to ourselves. I think that's the real key! Thank you!!