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  1. nicole99

    Weight gain!!

    I’m lactose intolerant, so other than soy or lactose free products I don’t have much else, I feel as though my calorie intake is just so low, I understand our portion sizes become much smaller but I feel as though I’m a new born child with how little my body can handle
  2. I am currently 11 months post op and sitting at 56kgs and pre op I was 102kgs. I find that no matter what I do or what I try I can’t stop the weight loss and I’m starting to feel and look unhealthy. Has any had this issue and tried any shakes or supplements to help gain a few kgs, because my food consumption is so low there is no chance of myself gaining a few kgs back that way
  3. nicole99

    Marijuana Use Post-Op

    I smoked about 3-4 weeks post op, found no difference to how my body tolerated weed pre op
  4. nicole99

    Still uncomfortable

    I am 11 months post op, to say this has been a difficult year would be an understatement..I have found post op I have struggled a lot more mentally than physically. I’m 20 year old and lived my whole life over weight. I was 102kg pre op and now 11 months later I am sitting at 56kgs. Astounding difference I’m aware, but I can’t seem to stop losing weight. When I sat at 70ish kgs I was so happy and comfortable with my body but now I can’t seem to feel the same way. I look extremely underweight and unhealthy, I’m struggling to fit into size 6 clothing and it’s so disheartening to feel the same way about myself before I did the op. Does anyone feel the same? Does anyone struggle with not being able to stop losing weight, and reaching a weight size with is much much below your target goal? How do you deal with this, any tips?

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