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  1. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Deep Armpits

    I don't know about the sweating part, its probably from weight loss but the no shave part is definitely from my arm lift! I actually love that part. I just had a breast lift last Monday and 2 ugly biopsy scars on my left breast are now gone. It's amazing how they can move skin and tissue around!
  2. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Deep Armpits

    One of the benefits to arm lift surgery-I don't have to shave anymore. That skin was removed! I also don't sweat in my armpits anymore!
  3. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Loose skin in 30s

    I like your sharpei puppy reference! That's the one I always use too. So, I just got my sharpei puppy back taken care of last Monday, along with a breast lift. Next step...thighs!
  4. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Am I worth it..

    You are so worth it! No matter the cost! My insurance paid for my Gastric Bypass surgery but I am paying for 3 stages of plastic surgery so that I can feel the way I was mean't to feel! I spent my whole life taking care of others, now its time to take care of me! Because I'm worth it!
  5. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Loose skin in 30s

    In your 30's you have a much better chance of having some elasticity left in your skin than I did in my 60's. I'm in the process of having all my loose skin removed. The plan is a 3 step process and I just did step 2 last Monday. Only thing left is thighs. Not sure when that will be done yet.
  6. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Bypass or Sleeve

    It is a life changing decision and so worth it! Good luck with your journey!
  7. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Bypass or Sleeve

    I had HBP and was on 2 medications. I was pre-diabetic with a hA1C 0f 6.3, unmedicated because I refused it, severe GERD-took meds but nothing really helped, GI doc said only thing that was going to help was weight loss and he was right. I think I probably had undiagnosed sleep apnea but refused to get tested. I had other issues too but they aren't on your list. I had "exercise induced asthma." Good reason not to exercise, right? I made the decision to have RNY gastric bypass for these reasons-I knew 4-5 people that had the sleeve and were not successful maintaining their weight loss, my insurance only pays for one surgery and I wanted to make sure I gave myself the best chance I could to be successful, my reflux was so bad the sleeve was ruled out. My doctor recommended the DS but I decided on the RNY GB. I left the hospital on a 1/2 dose of one of my BP meds and it was discontinued at my first post-op visit. My only meds now are my vitamins and calcium. I have lost 114% of my excess weight and will be 3 yrs post surgery in October. I follow the rules I was given and track my food still, mostly to make sure I'm getting my protein. I made a decision to change my lifestyle and my relationship with food and it has become my new normal now. I don't miss sugar or carbonated drinks and those were my main "food groups" before. I eat healthy foods but not to the point of addiction! I feel like a new person! Good luck with your choices!
  8. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Breast Augmentation after weight loss?

    I just had breast lift on Monday but no implants. My doctor did the method where they use your own tissue-the tissue that would be cut away in a lift-and reshape your breast. I haven't seen them yet but I have peeked into my binder and they look pretty good. The big reveal is tomorrow when I go for my post op appointment.
  9. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Plastic Surgery Financing: What did you choose?

    Last year I had 360 lower body lift and brachioplasty. The money for that came from savings account. On Monday I just had breast lift, back lift and scar revision on left arm. In about six months I hope to have a thigh lift and anything else I decide I need. None is covered by insurance. I bought a condo almost 3 yrs ago but never sold my house that I owned because I wanted to wait until the value went up just a little more to make sure I had the money for my surgeries. I sold the house this past April, made lots of money on it, paid off the condo and put the rest in the bank to use for my surgeries. Since my doctors office doesn't take personal checks, I put the entire cost on my bank credit card and got 1% back. I paid off the entire amount as soon as it posted online and got the message "This is more than you usually pay." Yep, it sure is! I also called customer service and informed them I was going to make this charge so they wouldn't lock my account.
  10. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Two year anniversary

    Congratulations! You look fantastic!
  11. Lynnlovesthebeach

    What are you looking forward to ?

    While in the weight loss stage I never realized something that would eventually become something I look forward to. And that is comments and conversations with people that don't know my weight history! Yesterday I went to "Preadmission testing" for my second round of plastic surgery scheduled for Monday. As the nurse directed me to the scale she made the comment "let me make sure this is at zero, but you are so tiny you probably don't care what it says." My response was, "oh yes I do care, that's why I'm wearing my lightest weight dress and flip flops!" I then told her my story about when my doctors offices changed their scales from pounds to KG and the first time I weighed it read 110 KG! I was devastated and all I could think about was darn-that's how much I should weigh in pounds! That mean't I weighed 2.2 times as much as I should! Her comment was, "Well, if you hadn't told me that, I would never guess that you ever weighed a pound more than you do now! And just so you know, you look really sexy in that dress!" I have to admit...times like that make me feel so proud of the hard work I put into this journey!
  12. Lynnlovesthebeach

    15-year-old with a BMI about 40. ESG

    If he has never tried any other method for weight loss you may want to try something like Weight Watchers. I did it for years before I finally had surgery and saw that the younger kids were actually pretty successful. That would give you an idea of how dedicated he is to changing his eating habits and lifestyle. Sometimes that's all kids need is to eat right and exercise. Whatever decision he makes is going to be a lot of work and I wish him great success...and you too as you direct him through this.
  13. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first

    I had the loose skin removed almost a year ago and no longer have to shave armpits and the scars turned out great! I also don't seem to sweat there anymore...another bonus.
  14. Lynnlovesthebeach

    3 and a half weeks post op

    I bet your doctor means 10 miles per week. I usually walk every morning on my days off from work and do 4-5 miles. I have figured out that is my comfort zone and any more than that I get bored! The most I have done in one day is 6.6 miles and I quit because I was bored and had stuff to do not because I was I was tired!
  15. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Derma Rolling Loose Skin?

    She is young and just had a baby. Her skin would probably go back to normal without any treatment. Not the case with weight loss patients! As others said-the only option for us is plastic surgery. Don't waste your money on all that other stuff, save it for plastics! Just remember-"if it sounds too good to be true...!"
  16. Lynnlovesthebeach

    VSG revision to Bypass 5/27/21

    Because you feel great you think it won't work? I don't know if you had it or not when you had your VSG but now they do nerve blocks with the surgeries to block the pain. That could be the difference between then and now. I had absolutely no pain with my gastric bypass and felt great after the initial first few days of feeling tired from anesthesia.
  17. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Losing weight when you’re disabled

    I did very little exercise while in the weight loss phase because I needed a hip replacement and could barely walk. I had my hip replacement when I was about 130 lbs ( 2 yrs ago today!) I can now walk as far as I want to and have no problem maintaining my weight at 108 lbs. I had the gastric bypass. I walk every day and have no problem doing 6-7 miles.
  18. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Lady parts/large mons

    Since you said you will need plastics afterwards, rest assured the plastic surgeon can take care of that for you. When you have a tummy tuck it also includes a mons lift. I found it to be quite impressive afterwards!
  19. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Flappy tummy

    When you go for doctors appointments have them document how that extra skin affects your quality of life, or any rash you get...that's what you need for insurance to pay for a panniculectomy...then when the time comes...have it surgically removed. In the meantime, Spanx or any kind of compression garment can help keep it under control. Congratulations on your progress!
  20. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Anestesia coverage

    I would check to make sure it is coded right by the billing department. You probably had general anesthesia. There is no way they could of done the surgery otherwise. Not sure how they could pay for surgery but not anesthesia! Sounds like a clerical error!
  21. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Getting Sleeve and Spouse/Family support

    That's exactly why I didn't tell anyone at work. They didn't need to know because their opinion didn't matter to me. As a matter of fact only one family member (my brother) knows I had surgery and that's because he took me to the hospital. They all just think I finally got serious about a diet and reached my goal. Since everyone lives miles away from me I'm good with that! As a matter of fact, I'm flying out to Vegas later today to see my son for the first time since I had plastic surgery 7 months ago and I'm not sure how I'll explain my super skinny arms and abd tight as a drum. Oh well, maybe I'll tell him if he asks!
  22. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Tips and tricks?

    Follow ALL the instructions they give you and don't worry about how fast you are losing. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Just know the first couple of weeks there will be some pain or discomfort but it does get better everyday. This is a lifestyle change! Use your tool the way it is designed to be used and you will be successful. Don't go back to your old bad habits that got you here in the first place. Also, I never say "I can't have that." I'm an adult...I can have whatever I damn well want! Instead I say (to myself) "I choose not to eat that." To someone offering me something I know I don't want, a simple "no thank you" works just fine! Good luck with your journey. It is definitely worth the effort!
  23. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Excess Weight Calculation

    My surgeon's office uses the weight from the first office visit. My highest weight ever is actually higher than that so when people ask me how much I've lost I tell them "It depends on what starting point you use, but it's a lot." And then I never tell them a number! From my highest weight ever I've actually lost 134 lbs or about 55% of my total weight and about 110% of my excess weight!
  24. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Hospital Stay

    I got to my room at 6 pm on day of surgery, went home at 2 pm the next day. Recovered at home alone.
  25. Lynnlovesthebeach

    Skin removal surgery

    I had lower body lift and both arms done last Aug 25. It was tough for the first few days, The arms were painful but the lower part not so much...I had a nerve block for that. I only used one dose of narcotic once I got home. The combo of gabapentin and robaxin on a round the clock schedule is being used more and more post op for pain control and has been effective for me after my RNY, my hip replacement and now plastic surgery. I was in surgery for 12 hrs for all 3 procedures and spent 2 nights in the hospital. I recovered at home alone except for my brother would come over every day at lunch time and bring me food and change my arm dressings. The first 2 weeks I didn't do much except sit in my recliner with my arms elevated. After that, recovery became much easier. I had 4 drains for my LBL and I managed them myself and even was able to wrap my own arms and then get into my compression garments once I got them. My brother drove me to my first post op appointment but after that I drove myself to my weekly appointments. I have now scheduled my next surgery, breast lift and back lift and scar revision on left arm, for Aug 2. I'd love to do it sooner but that's when I could get enough time off from work. My third surgery will be a thigh lift and scar revision on right arm, hopefully in January (depends on work schedule). I wouldn't change anything other than wishing I had done it all sooner! My arms are 10 inches smaller and my hips are 33 inches! I wear a size 2P and will probably be a size 0P after I get my thighs done. I never dreamed I'd have this kind of success when I was at my highest weight a few years ago! Good luck with whatever decision you make and you can do it alone with a lot of planning and determination!

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