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  1. ~ChinaDoll~

    after 55lbs lost

    From the album: new one

  2. Just stop in to say hello, you r going to do great and look outstanding :)

  3. ~ChinaDoll~

    Me @ 199 4

    You look GREAT.... There is nothing that can stop you now. Great J.O.B
  4. ~ChinaDoll~


    You rock!!!
  5. Girl my baby has my name on his nick name on his nack and my full name on hes check from shoulder to shoulder, i have a butterfly with his name on my back and his name solo on my thigh. once my tummy goes down I am going to get another tattoo on my waist line. I just love the way they look on my body

  6. Aloha,


    So sorry that my reply is late, but yes i work out and i do eat vary healthy so how r thing's going for you.

  7. Congrat's on ur apprvl. I am so sorry for the delay in my reply, but hunny u r going to do great just stay focused and everything wll turn out great.

  8. Thank's for the comment, you look great ma......

  9. Hello,


    Thank you so much for the comment and you r doing an outstanding job, The great thing about the lap band is that since it is a slow process it gives your body enough time to go back unto it's original shape, My stomach and arms basically my hole body reshaped its self. the only thing that i don't want to lose is my bottom LOL so don't worry the same will happen for you, if you have any more questions feel free to ask. take care

  10. Thank you so much for the comment, I am so sorry for the late reply. thanks take care

  11. Hello,


    Thank you so much for the comment, you look great 2. It feels wonderful to be out of the 200 right...

  12. Aloha lovely,


    Girl it was a slow process, but after my 4th fill the wght just started coming off, I Just can not wait until i get to my goal. The truth is I work out a lil and eat vary healthy and that's it. thanks for the comment :)

  13. ~ChinaDoll~

    love me 2

    I love the shirt, girl you look outstanding.
  14. ~ChinaDoll~

    vacation DC 4 /09

    lovely picture, girl keep going don't stop . love the hair
  15. thank's for the comment, you r doing a great job. just do not lose focus :)

  16. ~ChinaDoll~


  17. thank's for the message and you are doing really good, girl keep it up....

  18. you r so beautiful and you have lost a lot of wght, keep up the good work
  19. ~ChinaDoll~


    Ma, you look outstanding !!!
  20. ~ChinaDoll~


    allllll how cute..... :-}
  21. ~ChinaDoll~


    This is sucha cute picture, welcome to lbt
  22. Aloha, and welcome to lbt... happy to have found you page, I think that you r going to do just fine. If you have any ? please ask.. :-}

  23. ~ChinaDoll~

    Me in my bathing suit Weight: 245

    I think you look hot :-} u r going to look outstanding after surgery good luck ma !!!
  24. Thank you so much for the comment, I have lost 70 lbs since the last time i posted. My family r ok with the hole process, I plan on geting down to a size 8 which is my true goal. God Bless 2 u and ur's

  25. ~ChinaDoll~


    From the album: lita journey

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