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  1. I had my sleeve done on 3/7, and have been thrilled with the results. I'm already down 60 lbs. I did not go to Blossom Bariatric because I got approval from insurance to have it done locally, but it's kind of an emotional roller coaster because they don't submit the request for approval until two weeks before your scheduled surgery (after you've completed the 3 mos. of prep required by insurance [and that varies per carrier]). But if I hadn't gotten insurance approval, I would definitely have gone the Blossom route. I ended up liking my clinic more than I did initially. The nurses are great and handle any issues I have pronto. The problem I had was with the Patient Navigator who just doesn't communicate very well. Like many of you, my surgery went off without a hitch. It was much like the gall bladder surgery (laproscopic) that I had done a million years ago....I was nearly good as new once I got home from the hospital. Almost zero pain--nothing some Tylenol couldn't resolve.I was hesitant to travel to Blossom Bariatric because I had no idea what to expect right after surgery and couldn't imagine dealing with an airport and flying home afterward. (I'm allergic to TED stockings.) The out-of-pocket max on my insurance is only $2500, so my cost was less than half what it would have been through Blossom. I say all this in case someone is reading this thread who is considering Blossom Bariatric. If you need a self-pay alternative, they are probably about the best, and among self-pay options the least expensive. (I can't imagine going to Mexico for the procedure. I know that quite a few people have raved about it, but I'd be scared that the border would be closed and I wouldn't be able to get out!)
  2. I am unclear about the cost quote given with respect to insurance. She said that was the quote with my insurance, and it would never exceed that amount, even if insurance declined coverage post-surg. You get the quote in writing, and with the $500 down payment, you're ready to schedule. I have decided (at least for now) to go to a local bariatric group; however I won't know for three months (after I've gone through all the prep procedures [with their out-of-pocket deductibles] and weigh-ins and classes, etc etc) whether insurance will approve my procedure. I had to bulk up by a couple of pounds to get over 40 BMI (and at the first weigh-in, they used an incorrect height to calculate my BMI). I'm not wild about this particular local group--not particularly good about followup and communication. For example, they scheduled me for an endoscopy mid-December. When I showed up, I was told I had to pay a $900 copay/deductible for the procedure. Afterward, I kicked myself black and blue because I should at least have postponed it for two weeks so it would count toward my 2019 out of pocket max. It just seems to me that someone should have given me a heads up about that cost. (God knows how much the sleep study will cost me.) So I have to master the art of changing all of my eating habits, exercising daily, but NOT LOSING ANY WEIGHT until my final weigh-in for insurance approval. After that, it'll be full steam ahead. If insurance doesn't approve my surgery, I'll be back in touch with Blossom Bariatric.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I've never had blood pressure problems, but if they were to slap a cuff on while I was talking to the know-nothing insurance people, it would be plenty high enough to qualify! But seriously, good to know the ins and outs of sleep apnea and acid reflux After looking through the symptoms for each, it looks like I could have both. I'll talk to my PCP at my next appointment and get a scrip for an acid reflux med. and a cpap mask.