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    OK, I bet I'm going to get super judged for this but... is there a reason you can't smoke a j?
  2. JessLess

    Post op 5 days HELP

    If you can't keep down liquid and get dehydrated, please go to the hospital. You'll need IV fluids. How to tell if you're dehydrated. I hope you feel better really soon!
  3. JessLess

    home meal kits?

    I eat a lot of Healthy Choice Power Bowls. They are just frozen meals that are low calorie and low carb. No subscription!
  4. Thanks for the update from Mississippi. Some people think things will improve when the weather gets warmer, so I was wondering how things were going in states where it's already warm. In Boston, all kids are out of school through April and most religious institutions are closed. The Boston Marathon has been pushed to the fall. I agree it's going to be a huge hardship for parents and anyone who gets laid off.
  5. Hospitals in Seattle (the US epicenter) are canceling elective surgery. I would assume some other hospitals will follow suit in a week - 2 weeks.
  6. JessLess

    Caffeine post op

    I managed to get off of it for a few weeks and felt pretty dead. I started with maybe 1/3 cup three weeks after surgery and now 1.5 years out, I have 1 cup a day.
  7. I don't think so. IN THIS WAY I think it's like the flu.
  8. This part never came about. I ordered them all online and they are all back-ordered. I've been washing my hands a lot and staying out of large crowds while still running errands as usual. Hoping my dad's nursing home isn't quarantined and that we can drive down and visit him.
  9. @GreenTealael, yes, there is a state of emergency in MA. Biogen is headquartered four miles from my house.
  10. No, he has late-stage Parkinson's disease, is blind, in a wheelchair, can't eat solid food, and has dementia. I can't lift him to take him to the bathroom. He and my mom are in State College, PA and I'm outside of Boston. It's an 8 hour flight or drive. I had been planning to drive down but I suspect they will be under quarantine as soon as there is a case in State College (where Penn State is).
  11. The issue here is doctors can't do anything. They don't have tests or equipment to protect their staff and other patients if you come in. Hospitals are asking people not to come in for the same reason.
  12. Sorry, @GreenTealael, thoughts and prayers are not enough, I want peer-reviewed, evidence-based science.
  13. I just want accurate scientific information and tests for everyone with symptoms.
  14. JessLess

    Recreational Drugs

    That, I haven't heard about. I have heard of boric acid and laundry detergent.
  15. Do I sound like I'm panicking?
  16. Well, worrying won't help, but I do think the situation should be taken seriously. In my opinion, not worrying, stocking up, and practicing social isolation from crowds is probably the best thing you can do. I'm much more concerned about my dad in his nursing home. I'm in Newton and there have been cases in Wellesley and Lexington, which are very close to me. Biogen, where most MA cases started, has their office in Weston and I used to work in that building! It's about four miles from my house.
  17. JessLess

    Recreational Drugs

    One of the more common adulterants is baby laxatives.
  18. JessLess

    Recreational Drugs

    One problem with doing coke is you don’t know what it’s cut with, and that could also make you sick. I’m not a prude or even anti-recreational drugs in particular, but with this surgery I think an occasional drink if you’re not an alcoholic or an occasional toke, if it’s legal where you live and doesn’t make you ravenous are pretty much the reasonably safe options. I now get drunk from one drink, so be very careful driving.
  19. JessLess

    Vsg or rny and why?

    Yes. I have lost almost 90 lbs. and am still losing very slowly a year and a half out. The only thing, and I would hardly call it a complication, is mild constipation, so I eat 3 prunes every morning with breakfast. It works. I'm thrilled with the whole experience. I can't say LESS complications because I have only had the one procedure. I would have had either.
  20. JessLess

    Vsg or rny and why?

    My surgeon recommends the sleeve to everyone under normal circumstances unless they have GERD. If I had GERD I would have gotten a bypass. No complications, very pleased.
  21. I'm pretty excited I started losing again after a three month or so stall. I got the sleeve a year and a half ago. All I did was lower my calories from 1,500 to 1,200 by stopping most snacks and I started doing more pilates. So without doing anything dramatic or particularly challenging, I'm now losing about a pound a week again. Very exciting!
  22. JessLess

    Apple cider vinegar gummies

    Just an FYI, he's a chiropractor. By law, unlike "protected titles" such as nurse or physiotherapist, anyone can call themselves a doctor or a neurologist.
  23. JessLess

    Hospital bag

    I brought way too much. I felt like crap and didn't use most of it. I did use chapstick, my toothbrush and toothpaste, a hairbrush, and deodorant, and my phone and headphones. I didn't shower there so all I really needed was a baggy outfit to wear home.
  24. JessLess

    Apple cider vinegar gummies

    Check out this article about detoxing in The Guardian, a newspaper I find extremely reliable. I think the concept of detoxing can be a bit of a scam.