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    help during Covid 19 stay home

    I get up, shower and put on workout clothes in the morning, increasing my chances of working out later. I've been doing Pilates class via Zoom and then running my dogs around the neighborhood, which helps keep us all sane. I try to keep a lot of "good" snacks around like string cheese, Greek yogurt Built Bars, etc. so when I go for a snack it's not junk. My goal for the pandemic is maintenance. No need to put more stress on myself, but that's just the way my brain works.
  2. Can you go meet with your original surgeon to talk about a plan? Congratulations and good luck!
  3. JessLess

    Bostonians, are you there?

    @rjeannotte79, Dr. Partridge did my surgery as well, and I've been very happy with it and her office. I had the sleeve. Since the pandemic, I had gained about 5 lbs. I think it was due to moving around less throughout the day, even though I am exercising, and also from snacking. Since I became more aware of it, I lost 2 and hope to keep slowly losing even though I am pretty much in maintenance.
  4. JessLess


    Weighing yourself daily can be very frustrating. Eat a huge meal, lose a pound. Cr*p out an elephant, gain two. Scales just aren't a super accurate depiction of day to day health and weight, they're just an easy one to use. I also suggest speaking to your surgeon and considering talking to a therapist. Good luck and feel better!
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    There are a lot of people on here who post about why ther choice is the gold standard, the best, etc. What I’ve gathered is most people who follow their plans have success and few complications with either surgery. My surgeon recommends the sleeve unless people have GERD. I think I would have been happy with either, and the sleeve was the right choice for me. It’s really a matter of personal preference. If your surgeon isn’t guiding you, you may want a second opinion just to get more information to help you decide.
  6. JessLess

    21 y/o guy never able to have alcohol again?

    I’m a year and a half out. I used to drink whiskey and now even one drink is too much alcohol for me and I get a killer hangover. I started drinking wine, which I didn’t used to like that much, and one glass of wine every week or two is perfect. World’s cheapest date.
  7. JessLess


    I wanted to find a pilates thread but they were all old. I did Pilates for the first time as recommended by my doctor for my back. For the first five minutes, I was like, this is so easy! How am I going to get a workout doing this? After the class, I was so out of it I got lost driving home. I was a mile from my house. So... for those who do pilates, how often do you go? Do you think it has contributed to weight loss? My back feels nice and stretched out now. We'll see if I can walk tomorrow.
  8. So while we are sheltering in place and cooking at home here in Massachusetts, I wanted to get Thai food delivered as a special treat. And I ordered what I used to order pre-surgery: Steamed vegetables and chicken. But one of my friends was talking about bubble tea today and I wanted one. And the coconut soup looked so good. And since I'm not going anywhere, I got a shrimp roll in rice paper for tomorrow. The food came! So exciting! I made it through the soup and half the bubble tea before I was DONE. I totally ordered like I never had surgery. I guess I have food for the rest of the week now! Just curious if anyone else has done this.
  9. I got my sleeve 1.5 years ago. No complications. It was a great decision.
  10. JessLess

    I'm Bored...Quarantine

    I get up and shower, get dressed and put on a little makeup every day. That seems to help. If I don't have a cleaning project in mind, I do Zoom Pilates with my friend who' a teacher, which is awesome. Then I walk the dogs. I'm also on "help" groups for my neighborhood on NextDoor and Facebook. Yesterday I helped four people file for unemployment by answering their questions. I've taught people how to order food online and picked up medication for my brother-in-law who has cancer. Doing things for other people really makes me feel better and less bored.
  11. I go over almost every day. Breakfast: Scrambled egg + Lox, Three prunes, coffee with milk Lunch: Healthy Choice Power Bowl, one of the chicken ones Dinner: Homemade chicken soup w/ veggies Snacks: Built Bar, 1/4 cup of cashews That put me around 100 grams. If I start every meal with protein, I go over most of the time.
  12. JessLess

    Ever forget you had surgery?

    Yeah, I didn't eat it, just ordered it.
  13. I did personal training with a guy who owned a CrossFit franchise for awhile to get the idea... in private. I'm sure a lot of them offer it.
  14. Did you lift weights before? Either way, go for it, but it will be a lot easier if it's something you used to do. If you haven't I would start with a trainer (if you're not social distancing) so you don't hurt yourself. There are a lot of weight training classes too.
  15. Well, if you have bipolar disorder, you were likely born with the predisposition for it, and for many, a stressful life event and can trigger the onset of the illness. What is stressful to one person may not be stressful for another. So I suppose it could have triggered what was already there. Good luck getting him treatment.
  16. It's a separate issue. Your husband probably needs to be hospitalized until he can be stabilized on medication. If he won't agree to go with you and he acts like he could put you or anyone else in danger, get out and call 911. It has nothing to do with the Gastric Bypass.
  17. I also have depression and chronic back pain. My doctor convinced me to try Pilates for the back pain. If that's something you might want to try, there are a lot of free Zoom classes right now.
  18. I used to weigh daily, now more like every four days. I'm not bothered by normal fluctuations but I don't want to gain during the lockdown. The scale actually provides very little information about health, but it's one of the easier things to do. If normal fluctuations do bother you, I'd recommend doing it a lot less often than I do.
  19. JessLess

    Recreational Drugs

    Oh so not worth it.
  20. JessLess

    Recreational Drugs

    Lots of people do cocaine and don't get addicted. You should seek some help for passing misinformation, Nancy Reagan.
  21. JessLess

    can someone just tell me

    I highly recommend pot if it’s legal where you live and DOESN’T make you hungry.
  22. JessLess

    can someone just tell me

    Why do you want to do cocaine? I have a gastric sleeve and was also told no NSAIDs. I have chronic pain and take Tramadol, Tylenol, and Flexeril.
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    Sorry, @slowandsteady, does accurate medical information make you sad? I used to work for the peer-reviewed Journal of Sexual Medicine, the highest cited journal on the topic. What's your expertise in this area? Are you a doctor?
  24. The seriousness of the coronavirus is beginning to concern me in Massachusetts. The U.S. does not have nearly enough tests and IMHO our government, which has been underfunding science, does not have a good plan to combat it. About 20 major universities have asked students not to come back after Spring Break. I'm healthy, but my husband and parents are older and have compromised immune systems. My father is in a nursing home. I have a few thoughts, and I'm curious about what you think, and how things are in countries besides the U.S. As more tests become available, I think there will be a sharp increase in cases over the next several weeks. In the U.S. some people have been asked to self-quarantine. The period seems to be for two weeks. I would avoid all unnecessary visits to the hospital. I'm not sure what I would do if my surgery was in the next few weeks. I'm keeping our house stocked with 2 weeks of food as recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Keeping all my medications in stock Washing my hands carefully and often I also have purchased small amounts of these things, although I'm not sure they will help: N95 Masks, rubber gloves, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer. What do you think? What are you doing?
  25. JessLess


    Once you have talked to your surgeon about this, your primary care doctor, a urologist, or an endocrinologist are all capable of diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction. Get an appointment with one of them.