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    Severe mood swings

    I didn't feel that way BUT I was already on antidepressants when I had my surgery and I have heard many people talk about having similar feelings. Some people feel even worse and completely regret their surgery. I think depression, anger, sleeplessness, etc. are also quite common during the pandemic, especially for women. I don't know if you are open to this but my insurance is offering many options to talk to a therapist online via Zoom. You might find that helpful if it's something yours offers. I would think someone with bariatric surgery experience would be best. Maybe your surgeon's office can recommend someone? Feel better! You're doing amazing.
  2. JessLess

    Best Decision?

    I've been really happy with the decision all along. I'm 1.5 years out. At first, when I was dropping a noticeable amount of weight each month, I was just super happy. I'm very wary of regain and just do my best to exercise and eat healthy, low calorie food every day. A lot of people say they wish they had had it sooner, but I wasn't really ready any sooner. I'm also glad I waited until there were some relatively long-term outcomes on the Sleeve.
  3. My surgeon wanted me to have a sleep study but insurance denied it so I never did it, we just moved on.
  4. JessLess


    Are you a dietician? Not sure why you are telling people what they should or should not eat when a lot of bariatric patients are successful with Keto, which is high fat. I wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't tell people not to either.
  5. Can you switch doctors? He's wrong. Is we could lose weight with diet and exercise we would have. Only 5% of people can keep it off long term.
  6. JessLess


    Your employer needs therapy.
  7. JessLess


    I had a drink fairly early, 3 months out. Joke's on me, I don't get a buzz from alcohol anymore, just a wicked hangover.
  8. Hi! It could be water weight or constipation, yes. How many calories are you eating a day? If you have a deficit, meaning you burn more than you eat, it's probably a temporary fluctuation. How's everything else going?
  9. I had thought about it for years, but when my PCP recommended it, I went to a highly recommended WLS program, met with my surgeon, and started seriously learning about it.
  10. JessLess

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Ugh, that guy! Haha Yeah, I agree about there being no such thing as maintenance. I'm always going to be on a diet or healthy eating plan, or whatever you want to call it. I don't plan to ever stop counting calories and being vigilant about not gaining. BUT I had plenty of confidence when I was fat because I am more than my weight. If I didn't accept myself as a fat person, I never would have lost the weight.
  11. JessLess

    No bowel movement

    I took a lot of Colace (stool softener) after surgery. Maybe 1-3 a day for the first six or so months. That and being really hydrated helps a lot. I hate cramps from laxatives. Now I eat three prunes at breakfast EVERY morning and that's it. Works perfectly. Good luck!
  12. My program paid for me to attend some webinars from My Hungry Head since we can't meet. I wondered if anyone else had done them? They seem a little low level to me so far. During the first Zoom meeting, I fell asleep with my iPad on my head. Good thing my camera was off!
  13. JessLess

    Concussion/weigh gain/weight loss pills

    I've taken Phentermine several times. Most notably, the last time I lost 80 lbs and gained 70 back before I decided to get WLS. You can't take them for more than a year, and when you stop, at least in my case, you get much more hungry than you did previously. They are also speed, so sleeping can be challenging. There are some newer ones out, but I don't know as much about them.
  14. JessLess

    Low Blood Pressure

    @WInston223322I have a telemedicine call with my PCP coming up shortly. Thanks!
  15. JessLess

    Vsg and diet pills???

    You can't stay on most diet pills long, and in my experience, when you go off, the hunger comes back twice as strong.
  16. JessLess

    Low Blood Pressure

    I'm going to check my salt today, at least from Baritastic. I switched to Cirkul water, which has electrolytes. I think just getting up slowly will really help. Thanks, all!
  17. JessLess

    Low Blood Pressure

    @darcyjae, yeah, I think you are right. I haven't heard back from my PCP or surgeon but I have FIVE doctor friends on FaceBook (!?) and they all said more fluids, more salt, move slowly but it's not a big deal.
  18. JessLess

    Low Blood Pressure

    I messaged my surgeon and PCP so I should get some information shortly.
  19. JessLess

    Ate Pulled Pork

    I'm not eating pork or raw fish until food inspections are re-instated. https://www.eater.com/2020/3/23/21191632/fda-routine-food-surveillance-inspections-suspended-coronavirus-covid-19-pandemic
  20. JessLess

    Pandemic Check In

    I've been doing exercise classes on Zoom with a live teacher and other students. If I pay for the appointment, I'm far more likely to actually do it.
  21. My surgeon had me on Ursodiol (300 mg.) to prevent gallstones and Omeprazole (20 mg) to prevent stomach acid for 3-6 months after my sleeve surgery. She was outstanding. If your surgeon won't prescribe them and has no medical reason not to, I would talk to your PCP, if you have one. I have had no issues with my gallbladder or acid.
  22. JessLess


    Over an extended period of time, the difference in weight loss is about 5%. So I'm not sure what you're talking about except anecdotal information.
  23. JessLess


    Can you usually lose 15 lbs. in a month and a half? I feel sorry for you that you're so upset, but I don't really understand it. If it was the worst decision you've made in your life, why are you unwilling to talk to a therapist about it? I'm sure you could get a teleahealth appointment with one after the weekend.
  24. JessLess


    If you don’t like a lot of “breakfast” foods, or they don’t fit in your plan, no need to eat them for breakfast. Maybe a quesadilla with fat free cheese and a small, low carb wrap? I really like lox and if you skip the full bagel with it, it’s high protein, low calorie.
  25. JessLess

    help during Covid 19 stay home

    I get up, shower and put on workout clothes in the morning, increasing my chances of working out later. I've been doing Pilates class via Zoom and then running my dogs around the neighborhood, which helps keep us all sane. I try to keep a lot of "good" snacks around like string cheese, Greek yogurt Built Bars, etc. so when I go for a snack it's not junk. My goal for the pandemic is maintenance. No need to put more stress on myself, but that's just the way my brain works.