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  1. DeeberLee

    skinny shamed!

    I certainly can emphasize with you. My brother told me to "eat something." He asked me if everything was okay at home! I agree with you, when I was fat no one said anything. I'm eating healthier, exercising without pain and now I'm too thin! Geez!
  2. DeeberLee

    Non Scale Victories

    I am pumped! I completed my first 5K race yesterday. I ran the whole course and felt great! I was so emotional when I crossed the finish line. I've always wanted to run but I was hindered by my weight. Along with hip, knee and foot pain. WLS is the best thing that has happened to me. My ultimate goal is to run a marathon. I can't wait!👏
  3. DeeberLee


    Day 11: Haven't been posting much, but I have been reading the comments. Listened to my favorite music, as I was running this morning. I've been trying to increase my distance. Trying to increase to 4 miles 4x a week. My heels started to ache , so I may need to stay at 3 miles for a bit longer. Glad it was a stretching day, took some Tylenol and rested the heels.
  4. My biggest issue continues to be getting the protein in. I never was a big meat eater, so I'm relying on other forms of protein. Eggs things like that. Even post surgery I get nauseous looking at a protein drink🤐! I drank one time with a meal, it was awful! I won't go in to all that happened! Needless to say haven't, done that again! I have forgotten the vitamins at times. Now I keep them in my purse, lunch bag etc. I rarely eat out anymore. The portions are too big. I can't believe I even said that! Presurgery I would have eaten everything on the plate!!
  5. Just what I needed to read. I am normal!
  6. DeeberLee

    BFF acting strange

    It's interesting how are weight loss affects others. Some of my friends are very happy for me. They know how I've struggled for years. Unfortunately, other family members and friends have not been very supportive. Last weeks comment was, "eat something, are you sick?" As one of my relatives put a big bowl of macaroni and cheese in front of me. When I turned it down she got offended. She told me you used to eat it. Then told me I sure have changed. Really!😒
  7. DeeberLee


    Goal #1- Stay focused on me. I'm a problem solver. I tend to try and solve all of the family problems. Then I get "lost" in there, not taking care of me. Goal #2- Learn to accept the compliments on my weight loss. I still get uncomfortable, but I'm getting better. Goal #3- Get to goal of 135. Not going to stress over it. I had about a 4 week stall. Went crazy over it! Then decided not to worry about it. Lost weight! Go figure!!😄 Side question. I'm definitely a Meadowlark. I'm up every morning by 0400. In bed by 7:30 -8:00pm!
  8. My second week post surgery, I was back to walking. I walked a lot pre surgery. I had no issues. Hard to believe, now I'm running 3 miles 4 times a week.
  9. DeeberLee

    The Maintenance Thread

    I just noticed last week that I made my goal that I set when I first started my journey. I was stalled for so long, I decided not to worry about losing. I stayed consistent with my exercise and changing up what I ate. Then the scale moved! I'm going to set a new goal, 5 lbs less and see what happens.
  10. DeeberLee

    Venting about my husband

    You definitely have to look out for yourself. I learned that the hard way. I was trying to "fix" my spouse's bad eating habits. I thought that since I was eating better, he would also. That didn't happen. I made sure I took care of myself and try to set the good eating example.
  11. DeeberLee


    I really like this challenge! Can't wait to see some definition in💪 my arms at the end of the month. Status still losing, even if its slowly. Current weight 141.9. I keep hovering over my goal wt. I'm determined to reach it by the end of this challenge.
  12. DeeberLee

    Losing slow but I’m happy

    I'm losing slower now also. In the past I would panic, comparing myself to others etc. I had to let that go. We all have different shapes and metabolisms. I run 4 times a week and strength train 3 times a week. I feel fantastic. I'm wearing smaller sizes now than when I was this weight in the past. One step at a time. We will all get there.
  13. DeeberLee

    Non Scale Victories

    Just returned from vacation. DRUM Roll, please! Did not gain any weight!!😆. This has NEVER happened before. My last vacation I gained 10 lbs.! I ran or walked every morning on the beach. If I really wanted something food wise, I tasted a couple of bites and that was it. The best vacation ever!!
  14. DeeberLee

    June 2019 challenge

    My favorite quote is, " Always do what you're afraid to do." I have this posted practically everywhere in the house! I don't have my weight to "hide" behind anymore. So I'm making myself do things that I've never had the courage to do before.
  15. DeeberLee

    June 2019 challenge

    Day 8: Ready for the day. Going to get a run in. Doing high knees now to warm up. The small things that get me excited: Being able to get up and get a run in without aches and pains.👟
  16. DeeberLee

    June 2019 challenge

    Day #6. Up early getting a quick walk in, then to do situps. My least favorite exercise! I have a baby stomach! She does not like sit ups!😂 Identify things that deplete your energy: Negativity and worry. Two big issues with me. The negative people who say in a " kind" way. Most people regain their lost weight. Thanks for that vote of confidence. Then I worry that it's true. I keep telling myself, prove them wrong.
  17. DeeberLee

    June 2019 challenge

    What my ideal day looks like: Being thankful for how far I've come on this journey. I love a beautiful sunrise and sunset. I sit and watch the sun and reflect\meditate. Okay enough meditation, got to get on the floor and do these pushups!
  18. DeeberLee

    June 2019 challenge

    Hello everyone, I didn't do well in the May challenge. I let work and personal issues get in the way. Ready for the June challenge! Goal #1. Get to my personal goal weight of 140. I've been at 144 for about 3 weeks now. I'm not going to stress over it. I had my employee physical a couple of weeks ago. I was within range for BP, waist circumference, glucose etc. I was pumped!! I haven't been in range for those goals in years! So I must be doing something right!🤣 Goal #2. Increase my jogging to 4 times a week. Goal is to participate in a 5K run\walk before the summer is over.
  19. DeeberLee

    NSV's Spring 2019 Edition

    Had a physical for employee insurance. They are using waist circumference instead of BMI. My waist was 26 inches. Last year my waist was 44 inches!
  20. Asking HR for advice is a good idea. I took two weeks of "vacation." The surgery was a personal, private issue for me. I did not tell any of my co-workers. Only my immediate family knows. To me it cuts down on the questions, speculation etc.
  21. DeeberLee

    that horrible stall

    Hang in there. I know that's easier said than done. I've slowed down to about 1 lb loss per week or less. I'm looking at other changes than just weight. In some clothing I can wear a size small and I'm 147 pounds. I definitely lost a lot of inches. I'm hoping since I've added jogging to my exercise routine, it will jump start my weight loss. Don't give up.
  22. DeeberLee

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    Day #6- I don't have a garden, but the grass is beautiful from all of the rain. Did my 6 pushups and my jogging. Feeling great!
  23. DeeberLee

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    It's beautiful. I can say that since I don't live there!