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  1. Hi Everybody! New to the game. Had my revision surgery(Hence, "band to bypass" title)Monday August 6th, 2018. Doing well overall. Thought I was Super woman for a few days and over did it on the walking and consuming of liquids. Foolishly thought more was good(I mean aren't we suppose to get moving and increase dietary intake?). Paid for my aggressive start with VERY uncomfortable bloating and soreness.:( Had to regroup and scale back my regime and diet. Oh well, you live, you learn...hopefully.;) So i'm looking forward to a much healthier lifestyle with one of my first short term goals being able to decrease(or eliminate altogether) my need for insulin. Off to a great start already, no short term units needed and no high readings since leaving the hospital Wednesday! Yay me! So I wish all of us much success in our personal journeys and I hope to make some kindred friends along the way! Til we chat again, Take care of u!
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    Hi Matt Z. You are my very first "commentor"! Now I really feel officially part of the gang.: Congrats on your weight loss and I have no doubt you will reach your 200lbs goal too! My first big goal weight is 199lbs. After that, everything else will be a very pleasant "bonus prize"! I'm feeling better and stronger each day and can't wait to finally CHEW on something again! LOl. So it's very nice to "meet" you and please let's keep in touch!