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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Hi I had the band for about 5 years and had it removed after it slipped. 4 years later I got the sleeve. My doctor said I had a lot of scar tissue and it was a difficult but successful surgery. I had authorized him that, once he had me on the table if the scarring was too much he could do a mini bypass but my first choice was sleeve. It took about twice as long and he sent me a video of when he started to cut my stomach and i couldnhear and see how tough it was. He kept me in hospital 5 nights because he wanted to be absolutely sure there were no leaks or other issues. I’m 2 months out and very happy with my recovery and results.
  2. ExpatTR

    1week post op

    I felt the same 1 week post op. Big time buyers remorse even though I had mentally prepared myself that that would happen. For me it’s been 2 steps forward one step back. But I am moving forward and you will too.
  3. ExpatTR


    I hope you reach the turning point soon!
  4. ExpatTR

    6 weeks post sleeve

    Great job! I’m at 3 weeks post op and I’m waiting to start feeling normal again. I feel like I’m constantly aware of my insides if that makes sense. I am full on basically 2 tablespoons of soft foods. I really struggle to get enough fluids and protein. I’m so encouraged seeing your update.
  5. Well in 9 hours or so I’ll be going into surgery! We are planning on a vsg by my surgeon and I have worked out a plan for a mini bypass if I have too much scar tissue from a slipped lap band 4 years ago. Honestly I can deal with either and just want to wake up and get well a soon as possible to get back to my kids. Best wishes to anyone else having surgery this week.
  6. ExpatTR

    August surgery ppl

    Hello I’m joining your ranks. Vsg scheduled for August 27th. I was on this board under a different user name 8 or 9 years ago when I got banded. It slipped in 2014 and I had it removed then. I’m very nervous but also motivated. No liquid pre op diet from my surgeon but he wants me to do a low carb low fat high protein diet in the 2 weeks leading up to surgery.