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    Stall right out of the gate?

    I have the exact experience as yours... I went to my first post-op appointment (10 days post-op) with 13 lbs down. 3 weeks later i'm still only 15 lbs down. Buuuuut, I've noticed a change in my body, I can see that my neck and shoulders look slimmer, my upper belly has gotten smaller, so have my thighs. So, don't worry about the weight, just keep focused on your protein and water intake and really do make an effort and get some walking into your day, it made all the difference for me. Good luck!
  2. Hello I've been following this message board for a while now, but never gathered the courage to participate I'm now a month post-op and I hate to admit that I started eating real food (well, almost) half way through my soft/pureed food phase. I got some minor pains, but was very manageable. I thought if i puree it in my mouth, then it'd be ok lol but obviously it wasn't. So, anyway... my weight has stopped going down at half of week 3... nothing. Is it because I haven't followed the rules? I'm feeling pretty down... and i'm so ashamed to go to my doctor and let him know that I haven't followed the diet I should've been following. Anyone had a case similar to mine? how did you get past this? Thank you so much in advance, any comments are welcome
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    ESG 4 weeks post-op and weight stall

    Thank you Shea, that's very helpful. I really appreaciate it
  4. yara.dabbagh

    ESG 4 weeks post-op and weight stall

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  5. Hi Pat I've read many articles that liquids go down pretty easily and that liquid emptying doesn't really change from before the surgery. I had an ESG, but I too could handle liquids very well when my sister who had the same procedure last year, wasn't able to keep down any liquids.