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  1. On 05/13/2020 at 09:36, catwoman7 said:

    not telehealth (although I'm betting that's the way a lot of them are doing it now!), but i did have one through email. He had me send pictures of myself (with head cut off) from all four angles, and then he contacted me and gave me his recommendations plus an estimate. It was pretty easy - and I bet it would be even easier through telehealth since you guys can actually talk to each other in real time.

    Thanks. I had the telehealth visit today and it was just talking. The surgeon will see me in the office to do a full evaluation once their clinics re-open. I got to ask a few questions and will be in the front of the line when things open up for an in-person consult. So it was useful for that.

  2. On 04/19/2020 at 16:37, sillykitty said:

    Whenever I travel to cities I try to eat the local specialties. I ate a lot of chicken & wild rice Soup and walleye in Minneapolis :). I tried to survey my associates in each city for the "best" version. Lunds & Byerly was almost the universal answer for chicken & wild rice Soup.< /span>

    So this is the recipe I used. I deviated by leaving out the swiss chard & thickening it with flour


    Have you tried Walmart grocery pick up? It's pretty nice they just put it in you trunk for you. For the substitutions, you can choose to reject them, and they'll take them off when you arrive. Sometimes the substitutions are a win, for example I ordered 100 pk of Splenda, and they subbed w a 200 pk, and charged the 100 pk price.

    Thanks for this recipe @sillykitty. I used to travel to Minneapolis a lot and miss this soup. Will be making it myself now!

  3. On 02/03/2020 at 19:14, notmyname said:

    I haven't experienced it, but I had to get medical sign off from my surgeon for a work assignment in a place that has a LOT of gastrointestinal bugs. When talking to him, he said that my reaction to stomach illness would be the same as anyone else's - and he said that in the official paperwork, too. I wonder if maybe you just got a really bad version of the illness?

    Thanks for this—good to know!

  4. there is a protocol using Dulcolax and Miralax that I used last time. I literally can’t swallow the usual prep that comes in a huge jug. It makes me gag. I’m having my first post-op colonoscopy next year and plan to use this prep again—it wasn’t fun but I could get it down. Ask your GI doctor. Good luck!


  5. That’s interesting. I was never given a Fiber goal. Seems like that would be pretty here at 5 weeks post op. Are you even eating fresh vegetables and fruits yet? I wasn’t until 6 weeks PO then really small portions initially. A double dose of sugar free Metamucil is 6 g. I drink that every day because it helps keep things moving. Might help with your fiber intake.