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  1. lzucks

    Food Stuck ~help

    Maybe try cottage cheese or Greek yogurt? Those were easier for me to tolerate early on. Or smooth soups.
  2. I get most of my protein from dairy—Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Fairlife milk. Plus eggs, protein shakes, protein bars. If you eat dairy, you should be fine.
  3. lzucks


    I’m a big fan of Siggi’s. Not too sweet or fruity. It’s almost like plain Greek yogurt with a hint of flavor. Have one almost every day.
  4. lzucks

    B12 yuck

    I actually like the taste of Bariatric Advantage B12 sublingual black cherry flavor. I buy it from the store on this site.
  5. lzucks

    October 2018 Sleevers

    What a transformation in progress. Keep up the great work!
  6. lzucks

    October 2018 Sleevers

    @Georgetown—I’ve never heard of a program that RECOMMENDS daily weighing. That’s strange. Usually the recommendation is weekly or less. If it’s not working for you, I’d say don’t do it. Go to twice a week or once a week and see if that is more motivating.
  7. lzucks


    I was allowed all fresh veggies and fruit at 6 weeks
  8. lzucks


    I couldn’t eat fresh fruits and veggies till 6 weeks post op. But every program is different so check with your nutritionist.
  9. lzucks


    Fresh fruits and veggies were 6 weeks post op for me
  10. lzucks

    Baby food

    I never ate baby food either. Lots of yogurt, cottage cheese, protein shakes. The only thing I puréed was canned peaches since I wasn’t allowed fresh fruit yet.
  11. I have one for breakfast at least 3 days/week. I like that it’s something I can take with me in the car on days I’m in a hurry. Sometimes food doesn’t appeal in the am but the shakes go down easy.
  12. lzucks

    Eating Alternative

    I was more constipated on the liquid diet than I am regular foods so not sure that would be the answer. I am 6 months out, trying to eat more fruit & veggies for fiber, but still take a stool softener every day. When things aren’t moving for a couple days, I start using Miralax 1-2 times a day and that really helps.
  13. @NIKKIBEVERLY thank you!!!
  14. My experience is the same as @chrissymcm08. I’ve lost 83 lbs and rarely have knee pain now. Before the sleeve, I was told I would benefit from knee replacement. I was referred to Bariatrics by an orthopedic surgeon because my BMI was over 40. My BMI is now 30 and still going down. Knee replacement is the last thing on my mind now. So much happier!
  15. I need the recipe for the jerk chicken stuffed poblano please. That sounds amazing!
  16. lzucks

    Sold Foods

    I was really craving pasta and bought one by Free to Eat at Kroger. They have multiple varieties but the one I got was Lentil, cauliflower & parsnip. Still has carbs from the legumes, but no simple flours. Decent amount of protein too. I ate about 1 1/3 cup, which is less than one serving. I loved it. I plan to try the other flavors too.
  17. lzucks

    Fried Chicken

    Sorry the app glitched on me. I was not trying to comment and don’t know how to delete the previous comment.
  18. 500-700 calories seems very low. I’m 5 1/2 months post sleeve and eating about 900 cals/day (ranges from 700-1100), at least 70 g of protein. Still losing about 10-13 lbs/month.
  19. I’m happy with my weight loss but it’s coming off in some areas and not others... Sleeved 8/20/18, down 76 lbs since pre-op diet (HW 265, SW 255). 39 lbs from goal of 150!! However, my calves and lower abdomen are still fat whereas my thighs/butt have almost disappeared. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!
  20. Yep I get the hiccups often when I’m full. 5 months post sleeve.
  21. lzucks


    Yes! In the car, at the movies, sitting anywhere really. Anyone have a good solution?
  22. lzucks

    Drinking alcohol again????

    I’m waiting till I hit goal to incorporate a glass of wine here and there. I do miss it. 5 months since I was sleeved.
  23. Thanks, everyone! I expected the abdominal area to be stubborn but not the calves... New problem that I never imagined having—finding skinny jeans that fit my skinny thighs and not as skinny calves! 😂
  24. My life is less about food than ever. I’m not always thinking about eating. Food is more about fuel than pleasure at this point (5 months post surgery, 76 lbs down).