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  1. lzucks

    Zero carb bread

    I tried eating it once. Had intense stomach pain for about 4 hours. Worst thing I’ve felt since surgery, which was over a year ago. I can tolerate the Flat Out wraps and corn tortillas fine but not trying the Zero Carb bread again!
  2. lzucks

    First support group

    They might all be different but at mine everyone introduces themselves. After that, talking is optional. I am shy too and really enjoy support groups at over a year post op. You’ll be fine. 😀
  3. lzucks

    I met my goal!

    Congratulations!! 🎉
  4. lzucks


    This is my first photo post on BP! I read this forum almost every day and find it so helpful but never had the nerve to post a picture. My one year surgiversary was last week and I’ve lost 118 lbs total. Hit my goal in less than 10 months and been maintaining since. Before this summer, I don’t remember the last time I wore white pants, but now I have 3 pairs! 😊
  5. lzucks


    I ate very little fruit until maintenance mode. Now I eat some fruit most days. Never had any issues tolerating fruit.
  6. lzucks


    No issues here either
  7. I was able to add fresh fruits and veggies 6 weeks post-op. No issues with salad except limited capacity. I still try to eat the protein first, or most of it, almost a year post op.
  8. I’m like kcgirl— a year out and usually cold. On the bright side, I used to sweat like a pig and now rarely do. I’m even cold at the gym sometimes!
  9. lzucks

    Chinese Food Puree

    My puréed Foods were things like yogurt, ricotta cheese, applesauce (unsweetened), non-chunky soups, thin cream of wheat... I never actually puréed anything except canned peaches and pears.
  10. lzucks


    It’s your stomach digesting. Lots of noise and movement going on in there. At least that’s what I have!
  11. I lost all my excess weight in 10 months. 115 lbs down. I’ve been maintaining for a month now and so far so good. Logged everything every day, focused on protein, limited carbs, go to the gym. Nothing magical but doing it all works!
  12. lzucks

    Week four update

    Sounds like you’re doing great—congrats! The energy comes with time. After 3-4 months, I had more energy than I can ever remember.
  13. lzucks

    Weekend Weight Loss

    That was exactly my pattern. Weight loss almost always happened on the weekend. I have no idea why but it became predictable.
  14. I have people tell me often that I look younger after losing 115 lbs but I think I look older. Either way, I look and feel so much healthier that it’s worth it. And I’m a size 8, which is crazy to me!
  15. lzucks

    Tennis shoes??

    I agree with flip flops. You’re not going to want to bend over to tie your shoes or deal with socks. Definitely slip on shoes.
  16. Olive oil, avocado, nuts, 2% or 4% yogurt or cottage cheese
  17. @summerset—tzatziki recipe please!
  18. I’ve gone from 44DD to 34C. Band and cup sizes both go down!
  19. lzucks

    Grilled cheese alternative?

    Be careful with the zero carb bread. I’m 10 months out and tried it about 3 months ago. I felt like a balloon was expanding in my stomach for 4 hours. It was awful! I’ve had good luck with Flatout Wraps. The chipotle flavored one is smaller and just like 60 calories I think. Or I do half an original one.
  20. lzucks

    Evening sweet tooth

    Swiss Miss reduced calorie hot cocoa (35 cal) made with Skim Milk has been my go-to evening snack.
  21. lzucks

    Single DUE to surgery

    @Hop_Scotch excellent article! Thanks so much for sharing.
  22. Yep I have this. I’m almost 10 months post sleeve.
  23. lzucks

    Hunger at Night

    Is it possible you’re thirsty in the middle of the night? I’ve noticed I sometimes confuse the two now and a glass of water, Gatorade Zero, etc can really fill me up when I think I’m hungry. Maybe try drinking 8-16 oz at 2 am and see if that helps??
  24. lzucks

    Weight loss pre-surgery

    Depends on your insurance requirements and surgeon’s requirements. Make sure you understand both.
  25. lzucks

    Soft food/ puréed recipes

    The Baritastic app has some simple recipes. Ricotta bake was one of my favs.