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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    14 weeks post and I’m able to drink coffee again.
  2. KRush88

    Non Plain Water Drink Choices

    I dislike hint water. I’m currently drinking g2, Powerade zero, nature twist, decaf tea and coffee and Lipton diet teas. I also do water packs all Flavors.
  3. I was sleeved 8/6. Highest weight 262, surgery weight 257 and my current weight is 230. I’ve gone from soft foods to solid foods ( meats, eggs, cheese and beans). I went from struggling to get a protein shake down in 24 hours to drinking 60-100 fluids a day. I had to learn that my mind and stomach are not on the same page but that my stomach is in control. I’m 6 weeks out ( tomorrow) , I can gulp about 5-6 times before I feel pain or satisfaction. I can eat about 2-4 oz depending on what it is and how moist the meat is. I struggle with my vitamins, protein and weighing myself everyday. I am now trying to weigh in only at appointments giving myself weigh ins at home 1-2 times a month. (Different scales will give you different results, all that matters is that I’ve lost and that I’m doing as Directed by my surgeon & nutritionist). Even if the scale don’t move it don’t bother me to much because my clothes show me I am losing weight as well. This has been a learning experience that I am so grateful for! Advice to you : take lots of pictures, face, body, feet, etc. it will definitely show! Good luck to you all.
  4. KRush88

    6 weeks post sleeve

    Thank you! I definitely see a change in my clothes if not on the scale. However, the scale is moving gracefully I gave no complaints. I do have a goal weight in mind but I’m not devastated if the scale don’t move. You got this... We got this!
  5. KRush88

    6 weeks post sleeve

    I’m so glad to be encouragement! I’m 6 weeks out yesterday 9/20 down 31 pounds. Trust me you will learn what works and you will get it. The best feeling is stepping on the scale and seeing my weight down week after week!
  6. Honey the only thing that is going to help you be successful is you! Their is nothing you can buy or bring with you to the hospital that will help you to prepare for this journey. I took a bag of unnecessary stuff because I wasn’t able to get out the bed for 5 hours then I was kinda out of it. By the time I was able to get comfortable it was time to go home. GAS PAIN IS THE WORST PART!
  7. KRush88

    Beaumont Royal Oak, MI

    Maybe ask the hospital you will be housed at.
  8. KRush88

    2nd Week post op

    I was given premier chocolate shake the day I woke up from surgery. It was okay for me but your nutritionist will know best.
  9. KRush88

    2nd Week post op

    I was sleeved 8/6 I’m down 24! This is exciting.
  10. KRush88

    Actual time off work

    I’m taking 3 weeks off. Just trying to get my fluid goals down packed before going back to work.
  11. For me weighing everyday only worries me so I weigh in every Monday. I’ve been weighing in every Monday for years now and that’s also my surgery day (8/6). So far every week is going well. I would like to try to weigh in once a month but that may be a little hard.
  12. Stay away from the scale if you can. It will drive you insane. Try to look at your body in the mirror everyday instead of a number on the scale everyday. See if you can see a difference in the mirror instead of on the scale. Try weighing in every week or two. Take pictures every week with different clothes on.
  13. Awww thanks guys but this was not a post for me. Me and the scale are in love actually. 10 pounds down. This post was for the people I see on here struggling with stalls. Thanks for the encouragement though.
  14. KRush88


    Sleevers can’t have caffeine as well.
  15. KRush88

    2nd Week post op

    I don’t see my doctor again until 9/5. I see my nutritionist 8/21 and I’m excited about that. On my home scale I’ve lost 13 pounds or so. TMI:Are you pooping okay? I poop everyday and I notice I drop weight when I get my protein in as scheduled.
  16. KRush88

    NC Anyone

  17. I woke up in panic! Wanting to go home, feeling nauseous and needing to poop. I was not a happy camper. It was hard to shake the anesthesia feeling. It wore off in about 3 hours after I woke up. Even then I was still feeling like crap.
  18. KRush88

    August bypassers/sleevers

    For me head hunger is seeing food, seeing others eat and wanting it. Simply just thinking I’m hungry. True hunger is stomach hurting & growling. I haven’t had true hunger yet I’m 10 days post.
  19. KRush88

    2nd Week post op

    10 days post tomorrow... I’m drinking strained cream soups, sugar free popsicles, sugar free water packets, sugar free jello & pudding, g2, Powerade zero and broths. Oh yea I will never take veggies for granted again!
  20. KRush88

    August bypassers/sleevers

    I’m not starving from my belly it’s all in my head. I haven’t been hungry since surgery (8-6-2018). I miss food but I haven’t felt any kind of hunger actually. Getting liquids down as much as I can. 
  21. KRush88

    How long should I wait?!

    Me and my husband have a very healthy sex life. I had the sleeve on Monday and my sex drive is pretty high. It’s like I can’t even look at him without grabbing at him. Is 4 days post ops too soon?
  22. Hello, I am new to this forum! I started the process in may (not thinking I would actually get approved), I attended a weight loss seminar may 31st. Their were about 4 papers to fill out and return then wait to be called by the patient coordinator supervisor. I was contacted within hours of turning the paperwork in. I was told that I was approved and I needed to pick a surgeon. After picking a surgeon the ball rolled pretty quick. I was scheduled to see the surgeon the first week in June. I was a great candidate for gastric sleeve and could go forward with the process. I then was assigned a bariatric coordinator that got everything lined up for me. I had to do one nutrition appointment, get a EKG, lab work, upper gi study and a psychological evaluation . Everything was quick except the evacuation for some reason it took 3 weeks to get scheduled. I also had to reach out to them. After getting no response from the psychologist, I reached out to my coordinator hoping she would be helpful. I slowly realized I was getting on her nerves with my many phone calls and voicemails. After calling 3 times I finally got a hold of her getting a preop appointment for 7/26. I’m a little concerned that she will not do what needs to be done when submitting for approval. I am now done with everything and waiting for my insurance company to approve me. With a surgery date of 8/6 my concern is I won’t be approved in time. After preop with the surgery how long after were you approved for surgery? I’m guessing I will know Thursday if I’m going forward with my surgery date or not.

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