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  1. Hi sorry for the delay in responding. From my research pre op diets just like post definitely differ from surgeon to surgeon. Mine was a 10 day plan. Basically includes 2 protein shakes, 2 servings of non fat Greek yogurt 1/2 cup), 2 servings of berries that I typically add to my yogurt and 2 servings of cream soup (no chunks) 1 cup each. And 64oz of water. Add in 2 servings of glutamine as well the day before is just clear liquids which is the day I travel there it will take me three flights so will be a long day have you picked a doctor and gotten it scheduled?!
  2. Hello its called Millies. I have a Thai one and Lemongrass. I will also bring protein powder and glutamine to add to my liquids and I should be good for the time at the quarantine hotel. My surgery is on Thursday, fly there on Wednesday. On day 8 of my pre op diet. Excited bit nervous but feel prepared! did you book your surgery?!
  3. Which Canadian port will you be quarantine at? I asked my doctor about what I will need for my 3 day quarantine stay as I was worried about this as well and they said just protein powder, water and broth which I will have with me so will not need to rely on the hotel except for bottled water. Made me feel way better. I bought broth that comes in the form of a tea bag type so can just add to hot water. I have a mini hand mixer to add the protein powder to.
  4. Hi i am getting a revision from sleeve on may 27th!! I will be going to Limarp with Dr. Pompa and highly recommend. I had my original sleeve done there and had no complaints. Well except for the horrible dry heaving for 20 hours after but that was not there fault. The care and service was great which is why I decided to choose them again. The revision will be $7000 which includes everything except my flights. let me know if you have any other questions
  5. As mentioned the wait list time is unreal. Once I started to look into it and chat with some people that had it in Mexico I decided it was a better alternative. No matter what in Canada you would be waiting years. At this point I also would. To qualify I don’t think for it to be covered here due to a lower BMi even though I am still in the obese category.
  6. I will be going to Limarp in Mexico with Dr. Pompa. I had my original surgery there and they were great to deal with, highly recommend!
  7. Charlie2018

    *March 21-28* TJ surgery

    Hello i will be travelling from Canada to Mexico. My revision surgery is also scheduled for May 26th! I will be going to Limarp which is where I had my vsg in 2018. They were great. have to say not looking forward to the extra 3 night quarantine hotel stay when I land back in Canada and then another flight to get all the way back home.
  8. Hi Well I have booked my surgery for next month so it looks like I will be spending an additional 3 nights in a quarantine hotel, then have to take another flight to get all the way home. I am not looking forward to this delay, the extra cost or the additional 10 days quarantine once I arrive home. That being said since it is so uncertain when things will improve and remain I did not want to delay longer. Definitely adds another layer of stress onto the situation. Will you be moving forward with your surgery??!!
  9. Hello, I am looking at scheduling my revision surgery. I will be travelling from Canada to Mexico and wanted to get some feedback from those that have done so recently during the pandemic and really recently with the mandatory 3 day hotel quarantine when you re enter Canada prior to continuing home for the rest of isolation? Any issues, what 'protein' did you bring. Anything hidden surprises or things you wished you had known. I am feeling comfortable with my decision for a revision and the Doctor but I am getting stressed about the added complications of the travel and the costs. Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated. I

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