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    What were your starting workouts?

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so my workout may not be for everyone. I began with walking, elliptical, and VERY light kettlebells. I was working up to 2-30 minute sessions a day, but injured myself after about two weeks. So I've joined a gym and have been doing an hour of water jogging a day. My fitness tracker tells me it is vigorous, and it seems I have been going further each day. When I get to the shallow end I do swim, but go back to jogging with my fists closed in the deeper sections. I'm going to meet with a trainer in about a week, but not sure if I am going to change much up just yet.
  2. Plucky

    Question about calories

    I average 200 calories a day and I am 5 weeks post-op. I'm not sure I could do much more at this point.
  3. Plucky

    Calorie intake

    I'm about 5 weeks post op and I am still averaging 200 calories a day as well. My Nutritionist told me not to worry about the calories or protein count int he beginning, just worry about healing. She said I would be incapable of having anywhere near 500 calories. I eat 3 meals a day, make sure I get my protein and that's about it. I'm in a major stall, so hoping I'm not messing up too badly!
  4. Today I'm allowed my first soft foods; eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, cooked veggies, and fruit. I'm a bit nervous! Wish me luck with the next steps. Sadly I don't love eggs and hate cottage cheese but will make this work!
  5. It's been a month and I am down three pant sizes so I had to break down and buy a couple of pairs. I have some older (smaller) pants that I am reusing as well, but my jeans are really super loose. Initially, you will be a little swollen from the gas and healing but within 2 weeks I started having issues keeping them up. Good Luck with the surgery!
  6. Plucky

    Back to Work

    We all are all different. I went back rather quickly (3 days), but my job isn't teaching :).
  7. Plucky

    any sleevers in their late 50's

    I’m 54, and aside from getting sick from the anesthesia it was an easy recovery. I worked from home the day after I left the hospital, 3 days post op. The following day I started light housework. Weight loss wise I’m down about 38 Lbs and it’s been about 3 weeks. I am walking and swimming as much as I can to help along. Good luck!
  8. I think you should document the behavior, and report it to the practice. If you don’t it will just happen again. The PA should not be working in healthcare with this type off attitude. Most importantly you do not deserve this treatment. Think of it this way if you were at work and witnessed someone treating a patient in this manner, would you “let it go”? You would likely speak out for the patient. Don’t you deserve the same care?
  9. Thanks for all the support! I made it to week 2 of real food - seafood. I was in Rhode Island, so perfect timing. I've been conservative and had no issues. I can't really tell when I am full right away, so just stepping away before it is completely finished.
  10. I survived breakfast! 1oz of Greek yogurt with a tiny dab of peach/blueberry compote I made. It's staying down I think
  11. Plucky

    Surgical Glue.....

    I'm at day 10; It appears as if I have glue and stitches, the doctor told me it is healing nicely. The glue is beginning to flake off and I am starting to get the "healing" itching on the smaller incisions. I'm just going to let it work itself out for now. But if you are concerned reach out to your doctor!
  12. Plucky

    Hair Loss

    I've been taking a medicine for the last 2 years that does the same (can't wait until I get a few months out with this), and this is what I have learned. I take prescription folic acid, and biotin; and improvement is minimal. You can use Rogaine but it will just fall out when you stop using it. I have the same pattern you describe and work with my hairdresser to minimize the appearance: I highlight my hair with foils- gives more volume, and lighter hair makes the thining less obvious like you I baby my hair when I can I do keep it short, I find towards time for my cut it's more obvious Good Luck!
  13. I was sleeved on 7/24, I was very ill from the anesthesia so I earned an extra day in the hospital. My doctor, of course, encouraged me to walk, and I am trying. I got home Thursday and walked very little (I was still a little iffy). Friday I was able to only get about 2k steps in, and the same for Saturday. Saturday evening my incision pain went from a 3 to a 9, it was extremely sharp, almost knife-like so I called my PCP. I was told to just avoid the pain meds (afraid vomiting would make it worse), lay low on Sunday, and use the heating pad as much as possible. I worked on Monday (I work at home, and it's mostly at my desk), but made sure that I did move a bit during the day, and followed up with an evening "shuffle" of about 3200 steps. I'm concerned that I am going to fall behind due to not being able to get my walking ramped up. What is the logical walking goal during recovery? I have rheumatoid arthritis and not been taking my treatments because I need my immune system to heal :). Is this normal? Should I just suck it up and walk more? Thanks !!!
  14. Thanks for all the great advice. I did get an under-desk elliptical but was waiting a week before I even attempt it . I guess slow and steady will have to do it for now!
  15. Hi I was sleeved 7/24 and am trying to get prepared. I will be traveling on a mini vacation during what should be the beginning of the puree phase, I go to the doctor and the nutritionist in a few days, but I'm trying to plan ahead. The first 4 days will be staying with a relative, so I'll have access to a kitchen and am not worried. The second half will be at a small hotel with a microwave and fridge. Would it make sense to buy a portable blender, and a strainer or two? Eat in my room while my hubs and parents get real food :)? Any gadgets that will make life easier? Thanks in advance!
  16. Thanks! My only concern was that my surgeon was letting me know that the more I walk of course the quicker it will come off. I'm going to try and do a little bit more today and just slowly increase, hopefully, it will build up over time
  17. Plucky

    unprotected sex a week before surgery??

    I just had my surgery and am post menopausal, and they made me do a pregnancy test the day of surgery.
  18. Plucky

    To tell or not to tell

    My surgeon warned us that you will get all of that unwanted input. He put it this way, in any other part of our life we would, of course, take the "easiest" approach; how many folks actually say let me try doing task XYZ using the most difficult way. He feels it is more accurate to identify this as the most statistically successful way to lose large amounts of weight... I haven't told my dad, but I am sure at some point he will find my method and we will be having this conversation :). Hold your head high, and keep using the tool
  19. Plucky

    Hospital bag

    I overpacked. I barely used anything I brought and I was kept an extra day. It was nice having my own jammies but I couldn’t put them in until the 2 nd day. I used deodorant, dry shampoo, tissues, my long charging wire wasn’t enough so packed a battery cell which I used. Slippers. The rest stayed in the bag
  20. Plucky

    To tell or not to tell

    My circle is small for now. One of the folks who inspired me let his Facebook friends know well after the fact, once he reached goal. I may do that but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.
  21. Thanks for all the responses to my initial question! sharing my outcome in case someone wants to know how it went. I ended up having trouble keeping liquids down. I'm allergic to NSAIDS and react badly to opioids. I believe right after the surgery I was dosed with some painkillers, and it made me sick. So I earned an extra day at the hospital. So day 3 I went home, still a little queasy (could have been my husband's driving as well). I was back working day 4, the day after I got home with the following caveats. I'm not on any pain meds, and I am working from home. I'm mainly just catching up on emails in between resting, walking, and drinking. We are each different, but that has been my experience. I suspect Monday I'll be back on my game mentally. Thanks for all of the input.
  22. Prefacing this with my past experiences. When I had my children I had a C-Section, and 5 weeks later I had an emergency laparoscopic gallbladder removal. I managed my recoveries fairly well and was able to care for two infants with little or no help on about 3 hours sleep. Of course, I was 20+ years younger. I work from home, no lifting required. I assume I might be able to at least do a few hours starting let's say day 4? My surgeon states plan for a week, but how quickly you return to work seems to have a relative relation to how much you love what you do. Business owners he stated usually go back as soon as they are out of the hospital. I'm sure this was a bit joking, but I'm guessing a week at most for me. I also have a low key trip planned what will be the beginning of my third-week post surgery. I'll be visiting my sister, she lives a couple of hours away and she is a doctor. My husband will be going along as well, and he will take care of me as well. How unrealistic are my expectations? The folks in my support group looked pretty lively after 1-2 weeks, so hoping this will all work.
  23. Plucky

    Fighting the Negativity

    One thing my surgeon brought up, and that it is only women who will do this to other women, we will encounter pressure from other women either not to do it, or later on how you are losing too much weight. Just thank her for her input, and stay the course! I'm very selective about who I have told because I know many who will try to dissuade me.
  24. Thanks I guess I have no control over the draw!