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  1. Ugh, I need to find out wtf is wrong with my digestive system already. This suucks!

  2. UPDATE: I went to have an upper GI done on Tuesday and my whole abdomen, stomach, colon all were still full of barium contrast from 2 MONTHS ago when I had a CT scan!!!! It was all stuck to my insides. My surgeon had me drink magnesium citrate for 2 days and basically poop my insides out (that's what it felt like, anyway.) I saw him yesterday and he's concerned. He has scheduled me for another upper GI and he said that if things didn't improve he would refer me to a colorectal surgeon to check if my colon is functioning correctly. I asked about the pelvic exam and he's scheduling that too. I'm not gonna lie I'm scared but at least my surgeon is aware and treating me and I trust him completely. Wish me luck you guys. Thank you all for all your kind words. <3
  3. Should I try that Garcinia Cambogia patch on here? Anyone used anything like that before?

  4. "Wellness Week" at work free lunch today: Nachos. Like ... what? Who is in charge of this menu??

  5. Work Email: It's Wellness Week! Join us in the break room for some free healthy snacks and food!
    Me: *Goes to break room hoping for maybe some salad or even fruit and find the only snack is .... BAGELS*     FML.

    1. Leia


      Ooo, donuts with out frosting! lol very healthy.
      Had I walked into that room actually hungry, that hungry would have turned to 'hangry' right quick.

    2. kat__p


      I was pretty hangry! LOL

    3. Leia


      Maybe the break room needs a new sign. "Bagels = just naked donuts" 😂

  6. I definitely will. I'm tired of not feeling healthy and just feeling shitty everyday when this should be one of the happiest times in my life. I'll try anything for this to stop, seriously.
  7. Have barely any appetite these days so I think I'm lowkey just starting lazy keto for real, since I figure I don't want food so I'll be less likely to crave carbs?

  8. Thank you, they'e always just scanned the stomach so I'll definitely ask my doctor about doing a pelvic ultrasound.
  9. That actually sounds like it could explain a lot. I've had sciatica on my right side also, so I feel you on that pain. Thanks!
  10. At this point, I'm willing to consider anything. They seem to have checked other things off the list and now are considering the bypass so we'll see.
  11. They have but they’ve never been able to see my appendix in a CT scan even though I have one (idk how that happens) but since I didn’t have elevated white blood cells or a fever they’ve ruled it out.
  12. Hi all, I dunno if any of you have read any of my posts before. I recently ranted about an ER visit due to this issue I'm having and I'm hoping maybe someone else has experienced it? I had RNY Gastric Bypass in 2009, Galbladder Removed in 2010 and a Hernia repair in 2013. I've regained weight for several reasons but I'm getting back on track and you can find more background on that on my other posts. I just need to see if anyone has experienced something similar. For a few months on and off now I've been getting this pain om my lower right quadrant. It starts dull by my belly button then slowly goes to the side and it starts getting so unbearable, reminds me of when I used to get gallbladder attacks. Sometimes I also feel it on my right mid to low back as well. The pain gets so unbearable I've had multiple ER visits and every time the CT Scan comes back clear and they just send me home (with an attitude because apparently everyone is a drug seeker now , but I digress). I even saw my surgeon's resident at the ER on Monday but instead of a CT she did an X-Ray and she said she couldn't see anything weird and I'm probably just constipated and make an appointment with my bariatric surgeon in a week. I will. But, has any of you ever experienced anything like that? The pain comes in waves it's never fully gone but it can be bearable. As of this week I'm really not into food at all and have just been living off water and protein shakes or coffee and the occasional cheese stick. If you've had this happen did anyone ever figure it out? Did it get better? Did I break something they can't see? This is maddening? Please feel free to comment with any idea you may have even if you haven't experienced this. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you, I hope so too. I'm barely even eating now from the pain and I'm just exhausted all the time. It's hard putting on a happy face at work.

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