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  1. I'm in my early 40's and have dealt with weight issues my whole life. It is now affecting my lower back (sciatica) as well as dealing with BP issues. I'm just tired of dealing with it and am ready for a change. I have dieted, Nutri'System'ed it, and Weight Watched till I'm blue in the face. I enjoy good food but have come to an understanding that enjoying good food and having it in moderation are a problem. I have surgery with Dr. Bagnato on July 27th. I have started the Sugar Busters plan and will go to my pre-op this Wednesday (July 18). I have been reading many, many threads dealing with this procedure and feel that (along with my doctor) this is the course of action to take. I have a family that is very supportive but know that I will be on here ALOT to ask and to gleam info from. Thank you all for allowing me to participate. DK
  2. Appreciate it, Frustr8 Just been super busy with work and holiday shopping. This site and those within it were a Godsend pre-op and the first couple months post op!!! Just not much of a message board person unless I consciously think about it
  3. rebchief

    Any August Sleevers out there?

    Surgery date 8/22/18. Down almost 60 lbs. Exercise is an issue because of my ongoing sciatica issue but trying to get in as many steps as possible, Can pretty much eat what I want. Just gotta make right decisions:)
  4. Sorry. Meg, just seeing this. At this point I am down almost 60 lbs. my energy level is fine. I can pretty much eat anything I want. Have to be careful with what I eat. The portion control is still there. Feel full pretty quick. Have to be wary of slider foods (carbs.) The holidays have been fine thus far. I’m cooking gumbo for about 25 people this week and it sort of pains me to think of the work that goes into it to only be able to eat probably 3/4 of a cup Normal holiday foods will be enjoyed just now it will be prioritized. Protein, veggies and then carbs. since I am on and off here periodically, I would be happy to give you my cell number since you are local and feel free to call/text with questions’thoughts. Just lemme know.
  5. Meg if you have any questions/concerns, I'll do my best to help answer.
  6. Overall, I feel much better than I did the day before my surgery. Energy level-- has increased but I have had sciatic pain even before surgery so I am not able to do as much exercise as I would like. I try to do as much as I can when I am able. I work in a doctor's office so I am on my feet a lot so by the time I get home I am wiped. Though not as wiped as three months ago Food Intake--I have had hardly any issues with food. I progressed as I was told to do and am now pretty much eating whatever I want. Obviously, the type and amount of foods have changed but I still treat myself every now and then with some Chex Mix and a few Hershey's miniatures. The holidays coming up are the first major obstacles I have had. We had our family Thanksgiving last Saturday and with all the food that was spread, my head was saying "Oh yeah!!!" but my stomach was like " Oh you better not...." All in all I did good though i did feel a little stuffed Beverages--Water, water, water with a hint of bourbon. Pretty much drink anything. I have had a mixed drink of bourbon and sprite and had no issues. I rarely though sip on anything carbonated. I had a beer this past weekend and no issues. Drank it very slow though. Coffee--no issues My surgeon said he cut my stomach to the size of a plantain. I gauge everything off of that and so far everything has been good. I will admit that if you eat carbs like above mentioned Chex mix, popcorn, or the like.....it is a slider food with drinking. Speaking of drinking, I will have a sip of water, unsweet tea, or wine with my meals. I don't have any issues with "losing" the fullness effect when doing so however I can see that being a problem if fluid consumption increased any more than that. I am enjoying pulling old clothes out of the closet that I haven't been able to wear in a long time and now they fit. Some even a little loose on me. That is most gratifying. All in all, if I had the chance to do it over again, I would do this surgery in a heartbeat. The first 3 weeks SUCKED but it was well worth it as I continue the journey.
  7. Sorry I am just now seeing this. Hope everything is going well. Heard great things about Vaughn!!!
  8. rebchief

    Any Georgia sleevers?

    Macon, GA. Dr Bagnato gastric sleeve
  9. I find ice water works better. Also flavored water. Hated protein water. HATED it. g2 and the mio water flavorings were and still are great. I am 2 months out and still to this day miss my club soda. Remember at that stage, soft scrambled eggs with cheese was a God send.
  10. I am 2 month out and can pretty much tolerate anything. Had chicken, turkey, hamburger meat, though no steak yet. Loving beef jerky.
  11. So I am two weeks and one day postop and down 28 lbs from gastric sleeve surgery. As of today my diet consists of soft refried beans, scrambled egg with cheese, yogurt, protein drinks, and soup. The doctor allowed me to have flaky fish today. I have stalled though the last two days. I’m getting my fluid intake between 58-64 ounces. I seem to be eating between 1/2-2/3 cup at a meal. Not Drinking is the toughest during a meal. does that sound about norm?
  12. rebchief

    My journey so far....

    I’d like to know about the ice cream! Lol. I’m miserable right now and cannot wait to get back to anything resembling normal!!! Either HaloTop or ChillyCow are my two favs!!
  13. So I am almost 3 weeks postop from gastric sleeve. Tonight at our local touchdown club meeting, there was absolutely nothing I could eat except for some shredded cheese. They had some roast beef and I ate about an ounce of it chewing until it was basically mush. How bad did I screw up? It didn’t hurt going down it didn’t hurt in the stomach but I think I made a foolish decision.....
  14. rebchief

    self pay option

    Mine was self pay. Didn’t have a hernia so that was out. Also meant I didn’t have to wait months to have it done.
  15. rebchief

    Hello I'm a newbie here

    Welcome aboard!! Right decision to consider sx. Had sleeve done Aug 22. Everyday is a new day and challenge but it can be done and done with a purpose of losing weight and living healthy!!!
  16. A drug rep stopped by today and brought by some samples of Glucerna Hunger Smart drink. This is new to me. I was reading the nutrition and saw where there is 15g of protein 8g fat 16g carbs 6g sugar 6g fiber In addition to 25-30% of daily allowance of all the needed vitamins, including iron. Noticed that the Labrada shake does not have iron. Anyone drink these? Thoughts?
  17. Headed to first home game of the year for my Ole Miss Rebels but feeling concerned about what I can eat from the concession stand during game. Or try to sneak in something? Thoughts? Or should I just skip all together? It would be a 6 hour drive for me one way. We have done it every year for many years but this is the first time post surgery.
  18. rebchief

    Glucerna Hunger Smart drink

    Protein2O premier protein water another can’t think name of. Can’t do the sickly sweet taste. Even if I watered it down:(
  19. rebchief

    Glucerna Hunger Smart drink

    Don't get me started on protein water.....BLEH!!! I've wasted so much money trying different ones. I am loving Gatorade Zero and flavored Mio's even though there is no real nutritional value of much.
  20. rebchief

    Is too fast good or bad?

    What is your activity level? I am 15 days out and down almost 30lb. Started back to work on Tuesday. Activity level for me is walking. Up to about 4000-4500 steps now.
  21. rebchief

    Glucerna Hunger Smart drink

    180 per 10oz container
  22. rebchief

    Cancelled surgeries

    Oh my?!?! I am so sorry you had to go through that too. Absolutely sucked but it was the best for me at the time....
  23. rebchief

    Cancelled surgeries

    Better now then cancelling after they’ve made all the incisions......
  24. rebchief

    My journey so far....

    Thank you all for your support. I was concerned that I was pushing it but have had “knock on wood” no issues except when the fullness sets in and I stop. Eating slowly can be hard when I’m so used to eating in a hurry because of work. i do enjoy a bi weekly reward at night with some protein rich ice cream. Can’t remember the name but it comes in a 1/2 pint container and has 12 g of protein. Very fulfilling.