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    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Godd luck!
  2. Ready_4_Change🐝

    What is your why?

    Along with many of the reasons listed before but because I have MS I recently read that having 2 or more comorbidities increases the likelihood I will have another relapse. My First relapse caused me to lose feeling From my belly button down to my foot on the right side. I lost the ability to walk and spent over two weeks in the hospital. That was in 2013, and it took to 2018 to get back, mostly, to where I was pre-relapse. I am deathly scared of what second relapse will do to my body . So I consider this surgery a preemptive strike to keep any potential relapses away. of course, I also have my eye on this really cute swimsuit for when I go to the pool or the beach later this summer.🏄🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️
  3. Ready_4_Change🐝

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Good luck tomorrow!
  4. Ready_4_Change🐝

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Good luck. Sending positive thougjts. Hey maybe if you're extra sweet to the nurses they'll let you keep that fashionable nightgown from surgery😁
  5. Ready_4_Change🐝

    Herbals After Bypass

    I talked to my surgeon about this topic. I have MS, and it does wonders for the painful muscle spasms I tend to get. We are a medical marijuana state, so it’s legal. He just said, stop using about a week before surgery and wait about six weeks to start back and definitely not while on pain killers. They also don’t want me vaping. Odds are you will not be the first person to ask you doctor. The are your best source of info about this. But I agree with @Creekimp13 . The munchies are definitely not your friend (or mine) during the losing phase. Best of luck.
  6. I’m on the 4th day of my 14 day pre-op diet and been trying to google/research everything I can about the gastric bypass. I came upon an article that essentially said that older and menopausal women are slow to lose and not as great results. I figured this was the place to find out the deal from my peers. I just turned 50, so this article definitely got my mind thinking. What are your experiences or thoughts? I would love to hear.c
  7. I am so amazed by the many many success stories on this thread. You all have definitely showed me that my goal is attainable. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on getting to your goal.
  9. Congratulations on your success and thank you for your story. When you’re nervous about something, common sense tends to go out the window. Thanks for reminding that everyone is different and the finish line is what’s important.
  10. Thank you and congratulations on how well you’ve done. I’m just so worried that somehow this will fail like all the other diets. And although I’d prefer fast weight lost, I’ll take slow if it means I’ll get to my goal.
  11. Thank you and congratulations on your success. My plan is to follow the instructions I was given by my team. They certainly know better than me. Exercise not a problem, I have a personal trainer three times a week and a dog I have to walk a lot. I plan on working this tool as much as possible and as hard as possible. Doesn’t make much sense to do anything less. Thanks for the positive words. You’re right the power is in my hands.
  12. Congratulations on your success and thanks. I love hearing success stories of people who are around my age. Success is great at any age, but more relevant to me when I can see commonalities with others.
  13. @learn2cook Congratulations on the 30 and the learning to cook again. OMG, I used to hate those surprise visits by Aunt Flo. Luckily I had my girly bits removed several years ago due to fibroids, so thankfully I will not be getting that surprise . When is your surgery date?
  14. Ready_4_Change🐝

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    @WanderingHeart I am allergic to the pre-surgery soap, so I’ve told to get antibacterial Dial soap and use that night before and morning after.
  15. Ready_4_Change🐝

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    @cherylanne22 - we share a surgery date.
  16. I know it is a while until April 7, I’m just super excited to have a date to put on my calendar🙂
  17. Ready_4_Change🐝

    I "snuck" having WLS

    My surgery is not until April 15, but compIetely understand the “you know what you should do” dynamic. I have a few in my circle like that also. My mom and BFF are the only ones I’ve told for the same reasons as you. You gotta do what’s best for you. I have no intentions of telling anyone else. It’s need to know. I’ll just tell them I’m having a hernia repair if pressed for an answer.
  18. Ready_4_Change🐝

    Any Bypassers for April 2021?

    My appointment scheduler called after I posted and rescheduled me because m original date was during my Surgeon’s vacation. So I’ve been moved to the 15th. But I don’t care. What’s an extra week for an issue I’ve been fighting for years. So I went ahead and did a thing....I got braces😁. I’ve looked into for about a year. I figured there are several restriction on food that coexist with WLS restrictions. Also, my mouth is so sore I have very little desire to eat period. I should have gotten these years ago. May have helped with weight loss🙂.
  19. Ready_4_Change🐝

    refilling after years

    I also had my band put in in 2010. After a year (exactly a year a week) and abysmal weight loss (@25lbs) my doctor discovered my tubing had kinked. He said he needed to go back in to fix it but it happened right after the bliss insurance expired (it is only for 12 months) and I was a cash purchase becuase my insurance doesn’t cover it. He could some how massage my abdominal wall and manipulate tube and get it to fill, but it was always a chance it wouldn’t work. And he wouldn’t fill too much because he was worried he wouldn’t be able to go in and let some out if the kink got worse. Then one day I noticed I would choke/vomit up everything solid, mushy and liquid. I even tried just sucking on ice cubes to stay hydrated. Nothing worked. Ended up at emergency room, doctor was called and greatly reduced band fill. Told me to get upper gi to check for damage and see him in three weeks. He forgot to leave script, came in mail about week later. When I called to schedule my appointment for upper gi a few days later (I was in no hurry since he wouldn’t refill for at least 6 weeks) I was told there was a problem with the script and to call doctor back for correction. When I called back I found out my surgeon had left for a tour with doctors w/o borders to Sudan. WTH. Went to a new recommended doc for a fill in a couple months after and she couldn’t fill it because of the kink. so here I am 8 years later and ready to start again with fills not even knowing if it will work. I called a new surgeon to make an appointment yesterday. I of course haven’t told them about the kinks or my upper gi appointment. That never came to pass. I would prefer a revision, but Medicare will not pay for revision unless there is a problem. Best case scenario is the kink worked it’s self out, it with additional weight gain I doubt it. Or next best for me is there is a band problem and Medicare will pay for revision. It’s kind of sad that my second best option is hoping for problems. Sorry for the length. I just know this is one group of people who understand the frustration. Sorry this was so long.