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    July Sleeve

    Meant to say “chocolate temptations” (not temperature) Lol!
  2. Just turned 4 months this month. I had surgery on 7/12 and have lost 110 pounds from highest weight and 88 pounds from day of surgery. Started 390 hw, 368 sw, and 280 cw. I’ve had great progress but it has slowed down and have been experiencing more stalls. Some days are good and some days are bad on the vomiting side or same food may not agree my new stomach either. I still struggle with getting enough protein and supplement with a shake in the morning cut down with almond milk because it’s too sweet and can’t stand it. My water intake is improving but not meeting goals. Been buying some clothes as I have gone from size 28 pants to a size 18. I didn’t gain my weight overnight and trying to be positive ahead to meet small and big goals. Looking forward to a brighter future!
  3. Hello girls! I am so excited to report that one week past my 3 month surgery anniversary (7/12), I reached 100 POUNDS LOSS from my highest weight!!! I have lost a total of 79 pounds from the day of surgery and I am so happy with the amount of weight I have lost so far in this short amount of time. It certainly hasn’t been easy and there are days I can’t keep anything down, but despite the hurdles, I am super motivated and started going to the gym again. It’s been so much easier to hang on the treadmill for 30 minutes and will continue to test my endurance. I know it will get harder as I get closer to goal, but working on life changing habits that I can live with to transform to a healthier version of me. In the meantime, I am also rediscovering who I was before I gained all this weight. A great non-scale victory to report is that I have no problems fitting into a restaurant booth and husband says he doesn’t hear me snore any more. I am guilty of not using my pap machine as I have lost so much weight the pressure chokes me and the strap is so loose from the weight loss that’s it’s useless. I plan on getting another sleep study done in the near future and hoping to rule out the sleep apnea diagnosis. I never knew I had it prior to surgery but had to get a sleep study completed in order to qualify for the surgery. Hope all you are doing well in your journey!
  4. I am 10 weeks today and have lost 60 pounds from surgery date and 82 pounds from heaviest pre-op weight. I increased my protein this past week and noticed a jump in weight loss this week. I’ve hit a few stalls along the way, but nothing too long. I think our bodies have a way to slow down to catch up with all these changes suddenly happening at a rapid rate. I am also a B-cup and not sure what size I will be at the end of my journey. I have already gone down 4 pant sizes; from a 28 to a 20 so far! People are really starting to notice the weight loss specially in the face. No issues with gallbladder because I had it removed over 20 years ago. The surgery team is very happy with the progress I have made so far. It’s keeping me motivated and I am not too far from my first goal of reaching 299 and then a 100 pound loss when I hit 290. Small steps lead to great victories!
  5. Hi Bella, I also had a bit of vomit and nausea after surgery. It was an awful feeling. I won’t be leaving g the hospital until tomorrow morning, but will need to check on the post-op diet. I am not sure I am allowed yogurt or cream of wheat; only protein shakes, broth, jello, sugar free popsicles, water, and crystal light. I bought the Unjury protein powder in chicken broth and unflavored to add later to apple sauce or baby food. Sounds like you are doing great. I will be following you too so we can share notes.
  6. JulesUp

    July surgery

    @J San. Thank you. Best wishes on your pending date! I have one more pre op appointment next week and my pre op liquid diet starts on 6/28. Trying to stay positive.
  7. JulesUp

    July surgery

    I am new here. I am having my sleeve done July 12, 2018. It’s taken me a over a year to get here. I am so excited...yet nervous!

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