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  1. Hi everyone, Tomorrow is surgery day, and I guess I'm going through the roller coaster of emotions that everyone does. I've been on the liquid diet for 7 days now, I cheated once and I had really mixed feelings afterward. Part of it was guilt, and a much larger part was a sense of entitlement that I felt that I had deserved it since I had done so well not cheating(ironic I know). I guess I'm really anxious because I live so far away from my surgeon and her support staff, it's almost a 4 hour drive each way. I've met her once and was given a long list of things to take care of on my end, the GI clearance, Cardiac clearance, blood work, etc., and I never really bonded with anyone. Now my life is about to completely change, and I'm fine one minute and then it hits me and I almost feel like I'm drowning. Been reading the comments here, and feeling better for the most part. Also realized I need to get a few things that I wasn't aware I'd need like lip balm, dry mouth spray, and a few other things. Truth is I'm scared to go through with it now, and I'm scared not to do it. I turned 40 this past February, and I don't believe I can shed this extra weight with diet and exercise alone anymore. I'm scared that I'll get so big that I'll be trapped in my body alive but not living, and struggling just being. Wish me luck!!
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    Tomorrow is the big day

    Hey everyone!!! I'm home, got back late yesterday surgery went great no issues, no complications. I'm just working on getting all my liquids in and sleeping quite a bit. I'm also walking every hour, feeling okay, not in that much pain(I've only had one dose of pain medicine in about 36 hours), and nausea hasn't really been an issue either. I just wanted to thank everyone for all their kind words and support. It honestly did help me get over some of the jitters I was having about this.
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    Tomorrow is the big day

    That's awesome!! Best of luck!!!
  4. Dave2255

    Tomorrow is the big day

    Frustr8 thank you for your support. I will happily take all the payers I can get, so thank you for that. Also best of luck with your upcoming procedure. I hope it goes well for you and you have a speedy recovery. Orchids&Dragons thank you. I tried not to really punish myself for cheating on the liquid diet, I just had a moment of weakness and gave into the urges. I promise if I ever have to deal with dumping due to overeating it'll be the last time I'll have to deal with it. Usually one good smack is enough to make a believer out of me lol.
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    Tomorrow is the big day

    Thank you Ocean & Rob, my girlfriend is going with me. She is awesome, and is supporting me as much as she can. I think my nerves just have me on edge, my journey took a long time due to job changes ,moving, and now that it's finally here I'm a little freaked out.
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    June sleevers

    Hello everyone, June 11th here. I'm constantly bouncing between being super anxious to do it, and waves of fear about what I'm about to do.