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  1. jpginny

    October 2018 Sleevers

    I had my surgery the 22nd too!!
  2. I am having my surgery October 22 and hoping to be back at school ASAP. I’m prenursing! Am I over zealous that I will be back at school so fast? I have a way I can park close and have someone helping with my books. I can probably arrange transportation if I need to. But am I being realistic?
  3. October 22nd! Is the first day of the rest of my life!!! So excited and terrified!
  4. I just got approved for my surgery. I’m excited and my sister thinks that I will be completely flab and will be totally hideous! But I wonder what everyone does during swimsuit season. I have a family cruise planned for April and will probably have my surgery this October. So am I worrying about nothing?
  5. jpginny

    Swimsuit worries

    I did not take it as discouraging at all ladies! I appreciate the hard honest truth! Did you all work our religiously on your journey? Muscle tone? Does any of that make a difference?
  6. I just got my approval yesterday myself! So excited for this new journey! Congrats
  7. jpginny

    VSG candidate, boyfriend NOT onboard!

    My sister does not want me to have the surgery. But I have dieted for so long and cut out so much stuff from my diet and being more physically active and I have not had any success. Stress keeps it up. I just do not want to live like this anymore and I have to live with me for the rest of my life and I want this for me and my son so I can me more active with him and be a better example for him. I wish she would do it with me it would help her back but she doesn’t see this positively and nothing I can do will change her mind but she still loves me and is here for me. My husband is stoked though! He said he loves me either way. H just wants me to be healthy