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  1. Enchanted

    Fill differences

    It's unlikely (though possible) that you will need to be filled to the full capacity of your band. They fill slowly to avoid complications - and the difference between being "just right" and "too tight" really can be the difference of .25 cc. It's frustrating (I know!) and tiring to have to wait for the perfect restriction . . . but you're not alone and one day, you'll get there.
  2. Enchanted

    what's up with gaining?!

    You may be getting rehydrated since you're now able to take in more liquids than you were previously. Also, if you're eating the wrong soft foods, you will gain. Tell your husband you need support and his comment was not supportive. Twelve pounds since mid-October is incredible. xo
  3. I only told a few people before my surgery. I have a feeling that after you start losing, you may not be so worried about telling people about it. I've head that when asked how they're losing weight, people say, "Healthy food and exercise." It's not a lie - you will be eating better foods and moving it. Good luck to you!
  4. You could try a liquid laxative like Milk of Magnesia. Or...as a preventive, you could try Benefiber. Drink lots of Water. They also make the stool softeners that you . . . insert. They are effective, but if you ask me how I know, I'll deny all knowledge. Feel better. xo
  5. You should try to follow your doc's recommendations post-op and if you find that you cannot, you should call and talk with them. Like your doctor, mine has a very strict "for life" diet. While losing weight, he wants us on two shakes and one small meal each day - it really is very impossible to do that for months on end. I don't follow it to the letter every day, but my surgery was 18 months ago. While in the post-op stages, you should be doing what the doctor says. Healing relies on it.
  6. I had a cough before my surgery, too. About a week prior, I got on some good meds to help control things and was in good shape for my surgery.
  7. Enchanted

    It's all moving so fast!

    Such a good thing! Glad it's moving right along for you!
  8. Unless you know which brands you love, I would buy in very small quantities. As for how much.... Right after surgery, I was on 3 shakes / day. I did more like two. (I believe this lasted 10 days?) Then, for a week I had 2 shakes + 1 soft meal.
  9. Enchanted

    Can anyone eat rice at all?

    The issue I would have with sushi is controlling the size of the bite. With most pieces, the tendency would be to pop the whole thing right into the mouth - that would be a huge mistake for me. Huge.
  10. Enchanted

    First fill and problems???

    Sounds like you might be too tight. Any fill of any amount can do this. I'm down to .25cc making the difference between "just right" and "too tight." xo
  11. Enchanted

    Flying and fills

    I frequently fly across the country. I try not to eat anything and have only Clear liquids the day of the flight. I can feel tightening, but it's never hurt and I always go back to normal that same day.
  12. Enchanted

    Nervous Nellie!

    After you get a fill, there is some swelling. The swelling can make you feel tighter. The liquids after are to give your stomach some time to rest and heal. Once that happens, you should be able to have soft foods and then transition to regular people food. Try super-soft foods when the timing is right. Small bites. Chew lots. Wait between bites. You'll know if you're too tight. My doc suggests that if soft foods don't go down easily, that you go back to liquids for another day or so. Of course, if you can't swallow liquids, you need to be seen right away since that would always mean you're too tight. I hope this helps. xo
  13. I've never heard of that either. I wonder if the port is about to flip if it's "crooked" I hope they are numbing you for this. xoxo
  14. Enchanted

    Still full???

    After my surgery, I was not really hungry for a couple of weeks. I know other people really suffer during this time with hunger. I count myself lucky.
  15. ROFL I thought I was the only one. Mine is named Murray. It's a really geeky story. If anyone plays World of Warcraft (I've not for more than a year), you'll know the sounds of the murlocs in the game. On days when I'm too tight, my band sounds like a murloc. Mur....Murray! So..I'm a geek.

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