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    I can't make a decision

    Hi:...I too had these same questions...this is normal...everything we do daily revolves around food. I’ve spent hours reading and trying to understand why I could take the weight off, but couldn’t keep it off. I wasn’t heavy growing up, but put on a lot of weight after quitting smoking. I think I finally started to understand why it’s so hard to keep weight off after reading “A Pound of Cure” by Matthew Weiner, MD, FACS, a Bariatric surgeon. He talks about your metabolic thermostat and resetting it. Spend some time collecting the facts. List all the pros and cons. I think this will help with your decision. I hope this helps.
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    July surgery

    July 30...s/W Florida
  3. Hi...I’m a summer surgery buddy...my surgery is scheduled for July 30. Started process in April....have completed my psych, sleep study, endocrinologist, stress test and EKG. I found YouTube and Pinterest to be very helpful. It’s so nice to see what has or has not worked for others. I too am excited to hear from others who are on the same timeline. It’ll be fun to share ideas.