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  1. Dee Sparrow

    Dude all Switch Surgery Forum

    I had my surgery at UNC Rex Hospital
  2. Dee Sparrow

    Trying out Genepro- 9 days post op DS

    When I left the hospital my dr said to make sure I drank 60 mg of protein a day some people can’t to start off with they say it should take you about 45 mins to drink th3 11 oz of premier protein shakes then after about y weeks you work your way up
  3. Dee Sparrow

    Dude all Switch Surgery Forum

    I don’t think they have I have had 2 EGD in 2 weeks the first time the stomach inside was so red and inflamed so they treated that then this came about I am doing better but still hurts they say I might have to have another Botox injection the dr says the magic number is 3 months so I am 3 weeks away lol
  4. I had my surgery March 7 2018 and have been I;the hospital due to infection in the stomach and this last time I had to have a EGD done due to I felt full couldn’t even drink water so they put a Botox injection in the bottom muscle of my stomach due to it was severally restricted has anyone else had this problem I am still on liquids so I drink my protein and try and eat soft stuff but my stomach still hurts??