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  1. mercmerc

    Dating in Columbus Ohio

    Am I the only one who thinks finding a great christian guy in Columbus Ohio is hard.. I hope it gets a bit easier after surgery this summer 2018 😐
  2. Hi everyone!!!! I am 37 pounds down since surgery july 25th!! I feeel and look great( not to toot my own horn)!!! Birthday girl pic is a month before surgery! And flowers and black dress is just this past saturday/sunday!!! And the stripes before is 2 weeks after surgery and the stripes after is last thursday!
  3. mercmerc

    Before and After Pics

    Was able to fit into goal shirt today (pink) and the birthday was before surgery the rest are 6weeks post op and 30 pounds down
  4. Whats a true restriction? What was yours like?
  5. Can carbs keep you from loosing weight? Cause I think im eating too many carbs?? And not loosing
  6. Yes but I have not lost in about 2-3 weeks so it's hard for me!! I'm just going to try to change up my eating and exercise don't worry we're eating totally different than before Our body has to loose weight
  7. Ellie .. i'm about 6 weeks out and 28 pounds since surgery
  8. Thank you!! I think i'm going to start weighing my self saturdays and eat tuna during the week and salmon .. yogurt for breakfast with really light snacks in between and going to start 60 minute cardio .. with some boxing and insanity to see if things change! In a week.
  9. Yes i do see my clothes looser and my leg muscles are starting to show my arms are more jiggly lol and people are seeing it my stomach is flatter and al but the scale wont budge
  10. Yeah im a little scared that i'll never loose
  11. :( super hard to not see the scale move , and be discouraged just hope that in a month or so Im a bit less than now and not hovering over the same weight
  12. Yeah since surgery and still thats so little. Thooo i should be loosing more and faster
  13. Yeep I go to the gym and drink so much water
  14. Still waiting to loose weight... lol like😭😭😭 what am I doing wrongggg. Gained a pound again and im so lost as to whats going on its 6 weeks out and im only down 28 pounds :(
  15. Hey ya'll im a month and about two weeks out almost and today my family is going to the lake ! Can i go in???
  16. Hopefully!! Uhhjuhahsjsbsn the process is hard
  17. Like the day before yesterday but just stepped on the scale and lost it. Hopefully its down from there again :(((
  18. Yes! But my school is super easy there is no stress there im more stressed about not loosing weight and thinking this surgery isn't going to work
  19. I eat chicken, beef, tuna, salmon, i mix it up every day but i'll try to go less or do some HIIT maybe some insanity?