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  1. ScoutCR

    Gallbladder Sludge

    Thanks! 😀 Hopefully all will be good from now on!
  2. ScoutCR

    When NOTHING sounds good

    I had no appetite for about 5-6 months and it is gradually coming back a little bit. I still feel like it is a pain to eat! Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?
  3. ScoutCR

    Gallbladder Sludge

    Getting it out will help! I am 3 days post op of getting my gallbladder removed. I am 10 months post bypass surgery. I did not feel good when I ate anything for 6 months but my surgeon did not think I had ulcers or anything serious. When I ate I would have pain on my left side below my ribs and I also just did not feel like myself or generally I felt not well. On Super Bowl Sunday I had a severe gallbladder attack. I went to UPMC where I had my bypass and they found severe sepsis blood infection caused by my gallbladder backing up bile in my liver ducts. My liver was also inflamed. So I had 7 days in the hospital and another 14 days of in home IV antibiotics. Then they finally took it out on Feb 28. I can say that I feel more like my old self than I have for a while. The operation went well and I was released home on the same day as the surgery. Good luck but getting the gallbladder removed should improve your health.
  4. ScoutCR


    I mostly go with Greek Dannon light and fit. I sometimes put in hemp hearts for extra protein and some crunch. Gives it a nutty taste.
  5. Its been a total pain for me. I was so used to drinking with my meals. Even now close to a year out from surgery I have to make an effort not to drink for 30 minutes after I eat. BUT the few times thatI broke that rule I paid for it with dumping or discomfort that made me remember to not drink for the30 minutes after eating.
  6. ScoutCR

    How’d you Choose? Sleeve v.s. Bypass?

    I initially chose sleeve but after my endoscopy they found I had Barrett’s esophagus and sleeve was no longer an option. I had bypass on 4/27/18. My results have been good but not without problems. I am just now out of the hospital from getting my gallbladder removed last Thursday. I also spent 7 days in the hospital with severe sepsis blood infection early in February because of my gallbladder. My weight loss has been great. 228 lbs on day of surgery to 162 lbs now. No sleep apnea, no diabetes; no high blood pressure, and no kidney disease. I had all-of those before the bypass! Bypass for me has been a blessing. I have relatives who had the sleeve and have regained most of their pre surgery weight back. I know I am not a full year out but my opinion is bypass is the best option. I also considered DS but my surgeon didn’t think I should go that route.
  7. I am writing this from my hospital bed at UPMC. I had a major gall bladder flair up on Superbowl Sunday with extreme pain all night. Toughed it out until Monday morning. Found out today that my gall bladder is weak and letting sludge build up. This has caused blockage and inflammation of my liver and 3 different blood toxins {infections). The plan is IV antibiotics until the infection is gone. Then wait a few weeks for the gall bladder and liver to be less hot and have the gall bladder removed.
  8. I do the same as greentealael and drink as much SF water flavors as I can between meals. This really helps and so far I can say that 9 months out I have not had a real hunger attack. That being said I do rarely have a few Just Cheese brand or Sonoma Creamery Cheese brand crackers and they do not seem to affect my weight.
  9. Hi Matt, I have not been on the board for a week or so and I missed your great date. CONGRATS! it is not the easy road with Gastric Bypass, but it works! I wish for you and Missouri Lee who posted her success all the best and continued success!
  10. ScoutCR

    Sleeve to Bypass

    Agreed, this is the worst part of the surgery! I had so much pain after surgery that they hooked me up to a EKG machine to monitor my heart, but in the end they said it was trapped gas from the surgery. It took about 14 days to finally let loose and feel no pain between my shoulder blades. I wish you luck and know that it will pass and relief is only a matter of time.
  11. Hi, So I can totally relate to what you are going through but if you are going to have WLS then your only real option is RNY. I also started out to only want the sleeve surgery but during my EGD they found Barrett's. I had suffered with GERD for years and my surgeon wanted me to do the RNY from the start. After they found Barrett's my insurance company would only pay for the RNY. By this point I knew the sleeve was no longer an option. BTW, I have done great with the RNY and I do not have GERD but I do take meds for the GERD. I also have been told to have a EGD every year. My surgeon says that a year after my WLS that he will recommend another surgeon who can repair my esophagitis at UPMC.
  12. ScoutCR

    United health care

    At UPMC in Pittsburgh my surgery was covered 100% by UMR
  13. ScoutCR

    Liquid amounts question ?

    I was told by my NUT that liquids do not stretch your pouch. They pass through. I drink a huge amount of flavored water (72-84 oz) each day. I enjoy the flavor and it keeps me feeling satisfied. That said I think protein drinks would be a little different because of all the calories that would be consumed. More information on this can be found at this link: https://primesurgicare.com/can-drinking-water-stretch-stomach-after-gastric-bypass/
  14. ScoutCR

    Sneezing and Other Weird Signs Your Pouch is Full

    Ever since I started on solid food and eat just a little too much I first have small burps, and then even if I have stopped eating I get a runny nose. It is definitely my sign!
  15. ScoutCR

    GAS X Strips

    I found them on AMAZON before my surgery in April of this year. They did not really relieve my gas. Only time has made my gas problem better. 7 months out and it is soo much better than the first 3 months. LOL