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  1. Pearldrop

    Hard time getting to solid diet

    From what I’ve been reading everyone is different. I’d call your team and check in with your doctor for peace of mind and to make sure everything is ok.
  2. Pearldrop

    Back to work?

    I am planning on going back after 2 weeks. My surgeon has told me I’ll spend 5 days in hospital and then go home. I’ll see how I feel at the end of the 2 weeks. I can either return to work, work from home or take another week off. I’m lucky I have a flexible work place and a job that can be done from home.
  3. Pearldrop

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    It’s been tough for me too. I’ve been trying to drink as much water and taking in as much protein as I can. Almost there, one week to go
  4. Pearldrop

    2 week diet hard

    I’m struggling, more out of wanting to chew and knowing some foods I’ll likely never want/have again. I’m worried I’ll backslide over the weekend without work to distract me
  5. Thank you for putting this together
  6. I’m on day 2 and it isn’t easy. During the day at work is easier than the evenings. My husband cooks all the meals, and to make it easier for me he’s been cooking stuff he knows I don’t like. Bless him, he is being so supportive. The optifast soups are so bland, not sure I’ll buy more after this 2 weeks.
  7. Pearldrop

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    Had my final pre surgery consultation today. Everything is on track for the 4 June. it feels really far away and really soon at the same time. Very excited!!
  8. Thank you. I’m going to order some now
  9. How is the protein powder dissolving in tea? My current protein powder is very lumpy
  10. If you are ready go for it.
  11. Hello I’m in Canberra. I was the skinny one in the family til about 10 years ago when the weight increase started. I’m scheduled for the 4/6 and have started the pro-op diet today to reduce my liver size Do you have your procedure dates?
  12. Mine too. Today was an interesting day with lunch, I forgot to take my shaker and the protein powder didn’t quite mix as well as it could have. Made for a chewy soup lols
  13. I hope you manayto kick the vape, or find an alternative that your team is ok with. Giving up is really hard. I gave up on the 6th April and it’s been really tough. I was ready to quit, but it is still hard. Smoking is so insidious how it gets into your mind. I hope you find a way through
  14. I’m worried too, I think it’s natural to worry that you’ll be the one it won’t work for. I am hoping I’ll have the discipline to not weight myself more than once a week, if I can’t stop, I’ll ask my husband to hide them for a month or so lols. i do have a pair of pants that I would like to fit into at 1 month post surgery, another at 2 months ect.... at the moment I can’t zip up the 1 month pair, and can’t button the 2nd month pair, so they are doable goals
  15. Thanks frustr8 & brown eyes didn’t think of the gas impact or the accidental swallowing. Hmm will have to think of something else post op.
  16. Pearldrop

    I fell off my wagon :/

    It looks like you are back on the wagon now, another 5lb loss is great progress. Be kind to yourself as you work your way through this and provide love & care to your daughter.
  17. Pearldrop

    Can it be a secret?

    Hey there. I’m not telling anyone, only my husband knows. I have started laying down the ground work for when people start to notice. Rejoined the gym, walking at lunch and have told people I’m dieting. I suffer from reflux now, my surgeon is fixing this as part of the procedure.
  18. Is anyone using chewing gum to help satisfy the desire to chew? I’m planning on doing this when I start my pre liquid phase tomorrow in preparation for my 4 June date
  19. Hello. I’m a June sleever. I’m starting my optifast Monday 21 May in preparation for the 4 June. Very excited and a little nervous. The process seems very comprehensive in the US compared to the process I did here in Australia. The pre-work here was to attend a group information session and have my doctor to write a referral. My Insurance doesn’t require anything additional. Health insurance is very different in Australia though as it is based on the type of insurance you want and the amount you pay.
  20. Pearldrop

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    Thanks deardraya there will be a few of us going in on the same day.
  21. Pearldrop

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    Starting optifast Monday. During the day it will be ok cause I’ll be distracted by work. I’m a little worried about the weekends though. Anyone got any tips?
  22. Pearldrop


    I have a birthday booking 4 weeks post my surgery at my favourite restaurant. I know I won’t be able to indulge like I used to, but I also won’t look like a split sausage in my jumpsuit either! It’s going to be really tough as they serve the best oysters and I doubt I’ll be able to eat even one at that stage. I am mourning that loss.
  23. Pearldrop

    Post-op hunger

    Did any of you suffer from reflux pre-surgery? I have it now due to a hernia that my surgeon is going to fix with my procedure.
  24. Pearldrop

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    I have the 2 week pre-op starting on Monday. I think it’s part for the liver reduction and part to retrain my brain to prepare for less food. Seems to be the standard in Aust to do 2 weeks on optifast how much time post surgery are people tayoff? I’ve planned for 2 weeks, I’m lucky cause I can take paid leave.
  25. Pearldrop

    Update: i had the sleeve May 10th

    That’s great news. Please keep us up to date on how you go and how your feeling