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  1. Pearldrop

    June sleevers

    Welcome to the losers bench. The gas pain was the 2nd worse part of the process (1st being the 2 weeks on the preop diet). Hope your gas goes soon, I walked a lot and there was lots of burping and passing gas for a few days. It’s a very musical experience lols
  2. Pearldrop

    Liquid pre op diet!

    Start drinking a lot of water, sip all day to get into the habit for post op. Try and stick to your plan, but don’t derail all your progress if you slip.
  3. Pearldrop

    Decisions , decisions, decisions

    I Had heartburn prior to my sleeve, it was getting to the stage where it was pretty much constant. As part of my sleeve procedure my dr checked and then fixed my hernia. I’ve had zero heartburn since. Please note I’m only one week post op. Only time will tell if it is permanently gone.
  4. Pearldrop

    Am I drinking too much?

    I’m one week post and am having no issues with any of my fluids. I’m drinking as much water now as I was preop, about 2 litres a day on top of my smoothie, soups and jello. Liquids aren’t overly filling, I’m adding protein powder to all my fluids. I feel satisfied after my meals, not necessarily full though. Stick to your plan, and all should be ok. I’d be very careful adding ‘solids’ at this stage, it’s better to go without for a few days and add foods/textures as per your plan. It’s not just about the body healing, it’s retraining how we see food and modifying our behaviours.
  5. Pearldrop

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    Try walking more, deep breathing, and if you’re up to it maybe dance in your lounge room. Movement help. sitting up with good posture may help too.
  6. Pearldrop

    June sleevers

    I was nervous it was going to be canceled right up to entering the operating theatre! Completely irrational, but I couldn’t stop thinking it.
  7. Pearldrop

    Tomorrow is the big day

    Good luck tomorrow I wish you a swift recovery. Its hurts the first 48 hours or so, take ALL the pain meds offered. I took it for 72 hours I have a very low pain threshold. My dentist gives me Novocain when I get my teeth cleaned lols. After the 72 hours I’ve been great, no pain and no pain relief needed!
  8. Pearldrop

    November sleevers here

    Hello I’m a June 18 sleever, you are all doing great. I was wondering if any of you are able to share your hair pics? and any other information you are willing to share. I have very fine hair now, and not a lot of it, so I’m expecting to loose my hair. I’m going to invest in a wig, maybe 2 for the fall out/grow back stage.
  9. Pearldrop

    Food Waste Frustrates Me

    I used to travel for work a lot B4 sleeve and it was tough, I’m not sure I could do it now, so congratulations on trying to find a workable option. I have some ideas, that might be possible. When you travel is it often to the same places, and do you frequent the same restaurants? If so, you could have a chat with the restaurant and see what options may be available. They may be able to offer you smaller portions, and by being a regular you won’t need to constantly explain at time of ordering. A reminder at booking may be enough. Is it a requirement to wine/dine client? Is it possible to change up the location or activities? The home cooking can be a challenge, and again I have no idea of your arrangements so feel free to ignore. You could check to see if there is a shelter or a Ronald McDonald type of housing in your area. You could cook up your favourite dishes, take a serve or 2 for yourself and drop the rest off. This way families staying in short term/supportive housing benefit from a home cooked meal and the food isn’t wasted. Best of luck and let me know how you go.
  10. Pearldrop

    June sleevers

    Water & protein are my goals. I add protein to literally everything during my liquids to help my tummy heal. I keep a water bottle by my bed so I can sip whenever I wake.
  11. I did the pro op fluids, with a few detours 😬. I didn’t loose any weight. It was really hard, I was hungry all the time and mourning the lifestyle change I was about to make. Im post now and on fluids and it is so much easier! I get head hunger, but it isn’t like it was before. I see it and think ooh that looks nice, but meh I really don’t want it. Before it was I MUST have it and have it all - kind of like Labrador brain. Im not weighing myself til the 30 June, I know the weight will come off. I want to focus on the way my pants fit, instead of the scales. I think this will work better for me in the long run.
  12. Pearldrop


    You are making excellent progress, great work
  13. Pearldrop

    June 2018 losers bench

    I’m on the liquids til Saturday, I’m thinking about what to have as my first meal for lunch on Sunday. ATM it’s going to be a little pork mince and refried beans. The rest of the family will be having burritos or something to use up the rest of what I cook up. During my liquids phase I generally have a protein smoothie (aka shake) for breakfast, broth or thin soup for lunch and diner. My deserts consist of protein jello. I’m also drinking lots of water and have a daily skim latte. Im really hoping my soft/mushy phase goes as well, I’m having no issues with any fluids and feel great. I am super paranoid about drinking water though. I set myself 3 goals per day that I try to meet, 750ml before 12pm, then 750ml by 5pm and then another 750ml by 10pm. If my urine looks yellow I drink some more lols
  14. Pearldrop


    Congratulations on reaching your goal. You look fantastic, such a beautiful smile
  15. Pearldrop

    June sleevers

    I had my first outing with my sleeve today and I think I managed quite well. It wasn’t easy, as my head wanted to indulge, and I was nervous as no one knows I’ve had the surgery. We went to a birthday party with lots of delicious food and drinks on offer. I stuck to my water all afternoon and joined in on all the non food festivities and had a great time. I did think and plan ahead though. I’m still on liquids so doubled up my protein needs in my morning smoothie (aka protein shake, but the name change helps me) and added extra protein to my lunchtime broth. I was very satisfied and got all my nutrition in. I also packed a bag beforehand in case I got hungry, thermos of soup. When the hor devours were coming around I feasted with my eyes, not my mouth 😀 Even better, no one noticed I wasn’t eating and as I was the designated driver for the day, no one commented on my water intake.
  16. Pearldrop

    Down 3 Sizes!

    That is excellent! Yeah you!! 🤩
  17. Pearldrop

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    I had both done together, added a little more time to the procedure, but I was up walking the morning after. My hernia wasn’t sizeable, dr said it was small. I don’t know if size matters.
  18. Pearldrop

    June 2018 losers bench

    Mine was 4 June. My heaviest is what I was on day of surgery. Over the past 18 months I gained 20kgs (44 pounds). Im feeling great so far but am staying off the scales until the 30 June. I’m concentrating on water & protein intake for the first month. I know I’ll drop weight as I’m not eating a lot. I’m meeting with my nutritionist next week to talk about calorie & protein goals for my soft/mushy food stage. im looking forward to seeing everyone meet their goals
  19. Pearldrop


    Hi, I’m an Aussie too and had a sleeve done on the 4 June. Im on liquids til the 17th, then on to soft/mushy food for 4 weeks. I haven’t been given any goals yet, just to drink plenty of water and lots of protein. I see my nutritionist next week so assume I’ll be given nutritional and calorie goals then. I think the team wait to see how you go before they give you goals. So far I’ve been really lucky.
  20. Pearldrop


    Mine was Monday 4 June. I passed a lot of gas! I was very musical. I’ve had a few procedures over the past few years and have a routine to get rid of the gas, it sounds silly but it works for me. When I’m walking I rotate my arms in the air like sideways windmills. When I’m at home, I stand in the lounge and wave my arms in the air and have a little dance. After a few days all my gas is gone😀
  21. Pearldrop


    I sleep with 4 firm pillows to keep me upright. I started doing this about a year ago due to reflux/heartburn issues. Sleeping like this post op is natural to me. at the hospital I did laps of the ward every hour for 20 mins out of sheer boredom. Now that I’m home I do 30 mins on the treadmill each day. My gas is gone now
  22. Pearldrop

    Modesty question

    I’ve always dressed for comfort and style that suits my figure. I have an hourglass figure, that has ballooned over the last 10 years. I started treating myself with food treats, moved to an office job and got my drivers license. When I was younger I wore short shorts, minis, tiny string bikinis etc.... now, my shorts and skirts are closer to my knees than my butt, and I wear a tankini with little shorts. This will continue as I shed the weight. If I was younger... I’d go for the short shorts all over again 😀. As long as You are comfortable in what you are wearing you will rock it
  23. Pearldrop


    What brow eyes said, the only way the gas goes is by walking, the more you walk the quicker it happens. I also did a few arm exercises (NO WEIGHTS) this helped me.
  24. Pearldrop

    Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!

    How are you feeling? Take what you need to recover and welcome to the other side
  25. Pearldrop

    Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!

    How are you feeling? I took advantage of ALL the pain relief for the first 72 hours after surgery really made a difference for me. I haven’t needed anything since, but it was great skipping the argh I’ve been hit my a truck phase.