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  1. WLS is major surgery, just cause the incisions are small doesn’t mean it is minor Im not allowed to lift anything until 6 weeks post, check with your doctor about the weights. You don’t mention what you are eating, but I’m going to assume you are on soft foods with focus on protein as that seems to be common. You also don’t mention any supplements so you may be lacking in vitamins or minerals. Put a call into your nutritionist. Your expectations need readjusting. You have lost 6.2 kilos that is a massive weight loss in 3 weeks.
  2. Pearldrop

    Frustrating, depressing, sad....

    Wow! Is your boss from the 1960? I cannot think of a single job, outside a Hollywood movie super hero role, where weight would be relevant. id get it in writing and go to HR, fair work (if that exists in your country or state) the union and a lawyer.
  3. I’m having zero issues with food at the moment, I’m 4 weeks post so haven’t tried everything yet. I’m following some simple rules, nothing from a drive through 😀, and only delicious food. I went out last week and we had a degustation menu, 4 courses of small amounts. I had Japenese style oyster, Pernod infused ocean trout, seared scallops and a small roasted potato in duck fat. All up it was about 2/3 of a cup over 2 hours with wine pairings. It was fabulous. I think I’m very lucky, I feel for those having issues. Aside from not being hungry it’s hard for me to believe I even had surgery. My nutritionist signed off on the menu, I emailed it to him the week before the dinner 🤣
  4. Pearldrop

    What's your non-scale victory?

    I’m down a bra size which is awesome. My new size feels so much better
  5. Hello Everyone, it’s been 4 weeks since my procedure and it’s going great. Ive been lucky through this process, I’m able to drink water and have no issues taking pills etc... Today was my first weigh in and I have lost 8.10 kilos (18pounds) so I am very happy. At this rate I’ll be at goal by Christmas. i hope everyone is getting closer to where they want to be
  6. Pearldrop

    TMI - Pooping at work

    Thank you for this. I’ve slowed down and the uncontrollable gas has stopped
  7. Pearldrop

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    My op was 4 June. I’m on mushy/purée phase at the moment with a daily calorie goal of 800. I have a ‘get up and go’ for breakfast, a morning coffee when I get to work. I have homemade lentil soup for lunch (1/2 cup) and homemade chicken & veg soup for dinner (1/2 cup). On weekends I have a scrambled egg for breakfast. I add protein to the soups to meet my protein goals. Im also taking additional supplements, fibre, calcium, Vitamin D, multi vitamin and zinc. I drink a lot of water, between 2-3 litres a day. I’m constantly sipping water to keep me hydrated.
  8. Pearldrop

    June 2018 losers bench

    @charlotte0606 I hope they can do something to help you heal. First week back at work has been great. I feel so energised and have heaps of energy. The purée phase is going well, my nutritionist wants me on 800 calories a day and I’m meeting that with my 3 meals and coffee. I am having to remind myself to eat as I’m not hungry and to have my lunch at a slower pace to stop the burbs lol. We have a snack bar that sits behind me at work and I no longer even want the chocolate or chips which is great. I feel like my Labrador brain has been removed instead of my stomach!
  9. Pearldrop

    Undies question....

    I was offered the paper undies but went without. I find it easier to not worry about undies until after my first shower after surgery.
  10. Pearldrop

    TMI - Pooping at work

    As a sleever I’m not suffering with the too stinky poo.....yet, it may be a gift later down the track as I’m only week 3, but my gas is bad. Its loud, not overly smelly, and I can’t hold them in. It’s worse when I’m walking fast. So embarrassing in the office!!
  11. Pearldrop

    Please mind your business

    I’m so sorry this happened. It sounds like this person wants to understand what you had done, from a parental advice giver, but to tell you what you should do rather than as a supportive person. Some people are a bit clueless! Im keeping my WLS private as well, when people start to notice my response will be that ive changed my eating habits and have returned to the gym. As to the ‘don’t loose anymore’ comments I’d do the smile and nod response, it’s hard for people to comment when you do this. I know I’m going to have to deal with this when I go home at Christmas from well meaning but clueless family/friends so I hope I do the smile and nod 😀 and ask them about themselves to change the subject
  12. Pearldrop

    Phases are confusing

    I’m a sleever. My team recommended clear liquids for the 1st week plus coffee, all liquids for week 2, and if you are tolerating well you move onto the purée/mushy phase for the next 4 weeks. After that, if you are tolerating everything move to your forever foods. They use this as a standard, but you see your surgeon and nutritionist at the 4 week mark to check all is ok and to check in on anything you’re curious about. While my insurance paid most of the procedure, it’s a $4k our of pocket co payment as well. For this you get all follow up appointments with the surgeon, nutritionist and therapist covered for the first year. They do it this way so their patients aren’t discouraged, by cost, for any concerns you may have post. Surgery. They also offer a phone service if you can’t get an appointment quickly.
  13. Pearldrop


    Congratulations on the new job. I work in IT too, it’s a challenging but awesome area to work in. Love getting involved in all the new technology and developing easy to use systems for our end users.
  14. Pearldrop

    June 2018 losers bench

    I hope it isn’t an infection, please take care and let me know how it goes
  15. Pearldrop

    Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!

    I went with soups with broth as the base rather than cream/milk. While I could have dairy, I felt most satisfied with the broth base. Are you able to try a broth based soup, something like chicken and vegetables (puréed). I add protein powder to all my soups. Is it just cold liquids? Try room temperature or warmer drinks like tea, might be easier for you to drink. I started purée today, I had some refried beans, it was ok. I’ve mae some vegetable and lentil soup to take to work so I can get my protein in. Dinners will be based on what the rest of the family is having, my husband does the cooking.
  16. Pearldrop


    This was my experience as well. I’d take both so I felt no pain. Four days out I was sent home with a prescription for Oxycodone and told to take a liquid tynanol if needed. I didn’t need anything once I was home, I had no pain.
  17. Pearldrop

    June 2018 losers bench

    I started purée today. So far the diet is going really well. I’m being careful with my pouch, but so far so good. I’m back to work tomorrow and looking forward to getting back to a routine. My surgeon closed with dissolvable stitches, prior to the op we discussed his technique and I saw a previous patients scars 10 weeks out, he is very neat. He made 5 marks, 3 of which are less than 0.5cm - there’s are the ones that have pretty much gone. The other 2 are about 3cm in length, they will take a bit longer to fade. Are you using anything? My surgeon recommended vitamin E cream and/or bio oil. It’s working a treat.
  18. Pearldrop

    Am I drinking too much?

    I’m constantly sipping. It will probably be harder when I return to work next week, I’ll need to keep reminding myself. A square of dark chocolate is ok, as long as we don’t eat the block. I start my purée/mushy phase tomorrow. Have checked in with my nutritionist and he wants me on 800 calories a day during this phase.
  19. Pearldrop

    June 4th surgery twins?

    Hey there. I’m doing great, I stopped all pain meds last week. I’m having no issues with drinking water and can drink between 2 -3 litres a day. I just sip all day, I go back to work Monday so am hoping to keep it up once I’m back in my routine. I have a shake for breakfast every day, and as it is not sweet I think I’ll continue this until I run out of the powder. I also have coffee. I have been having a lot of soups for lunch/dinner. I’ve been adding lots of herbs to give them the taste I’ve been missing. I have either yogurt or protein jello as my afternoon snack. I start the purée stage tomorrow yeah!!
  20. Pearldrop

    Am I drinking too much?

    From what I’ve been reading on the forums The liquid phase can be deceiving, and we will notice the ‘fullness’ and restrictions once we are on solids. I measure everything during this phase so I don’t over consume. I’m drinking between 2 & 3 litres of water a day on top of my meals. When do you move on to soft/mushy foods?
  21. Pearldrop

    Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!

    I’m RSVPing to your party. I’m so sorry you are going through this, I hope there is something that can be done to help you. Wishing you all the very best xxx
  22. Pearldrop

    June 2018 losers bench

    That’s fantastic charlotte0606, about the dress not the choking lols I’m doing great. Had my check up with the Dr today and he’s really happy with my progress. 3 of my 5 incision marks are almost gone! I’m a really good healer😀. I have been rubbing bio oil on my body every few hours since the surgery so I think that’s helping. Ive recovered from surgery, can’t believe it was only last week!
  23. Put yourself first and take the appointment that is offered. As to your colleague... take the high road, not as much fun as crushing her soul, but a better outcome for you both personally and professionally. Gossips always bring themselves undone. In a years time she won’t take up any room in your head, you’ll be way too busy living your healthy life to the full. Best of luck xx
  24. I made some lentil soup, it is high in protein and easy on my stomach. I find it is also really satisfying. I hope you find something that doesn’t hurt while you eat. I have found really good posture at the dining table helps me digest. Did your Dr give you anything for stomach acid? If not, give them a call and se if you can get something
  25. Pearldrop

    Notifying work

    Once I had my date I let my work know so we could arrange for someone to do my job while I’m away. I told them I was having my hernia repaired, and I’d need between 2 to 3 weeks off. I’m going back after 2 weeks cause I feel awesome! My work is pretty friendly and open, and I’ve shared different personal things before, but didn’t for this one. Love the kittens