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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. This is what convinced me.... the risk associated with both surgery are equal, and the risk of complications after are equal.... BUT... if your sleeve leaks, it’s worse than a bypass leaking. Here’s why.... the sleeve leaves the esophagus and intestines attached... but your system is built for a certain sized stomach. When they make the stomach smaller, it creates a high-pressure environment. This is why food and bile pushes up. If you leak with this high pressure environment, the consequences are more severe. With the bypass, it is a low pressure system. Everything needs to be adjusted for slow system. (The speed in which you eat and drink also needs to slow down - or you get dumping). The risk of leaving after a sleeve was my deciding factor and my surgeon said it was best for me. Good of luck with everything!
  2. This was happening to me when I was adding too much water to the shakes. Now I am really careful to keep it at 300ml and the shakes are thicker. They actually caused constipation and I add benefibre to stay regular. But when I was trying to get ore like 500ml out of a shake it was going right through me. And... one day I tried the veggies and I had severe cramps and was running to washroom. I've been on the shake for 17 days now... and only had veggies twice and was cramped and sick both times. Hope that helps!

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